‘Game of Thrones’: The ties that bind

“Game of Thrones
“The Dragon and the Wolf”
August 27, 2017

Complicated family reunions! Secret weddings! Surprise assassinations! Wight shows! Sibling break-ups! Ice dragons! Aunt on nephew sexytimes! The Wall FINALLY coming down! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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‘Game of Thrones’: Dragon ex machina

“Game of Thrones
“Beyond the Wall”
August 20, 2017

New rules for killing wights! Witty banter! Out-of-control sibling rivalries! Blue-eyed ice dragons! Super-sonic ravens! Fabulous coats! Tons of eye-fucking! And more deus ex machinas than you can shake an ice spear at! Let’s go!

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‘Game of Thrones’: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Game of Thrones
July 16, 2017

Dragons, giant ice zombies, mass murder, bedpan montages, the Hound calling people “cunts,” Ed Sheeran, Lil’ Lady Badass telling dumb men what’s what, Brimund … IT’S ALL HERE! GAME OF THRONES IS BACK, Y’ALL! BE EXCITED!

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