‘Game of Thrones’: The ties that bind

“Game of Thrones
“The Dragon and the Wolf”
August 27, 2017

Complicated family reunions! Secret weddings! Surprise assassinations! Wight shows! Sibling break-ups! Ice dragons! Aunt on nephew sexytimes! The Wall FINALLY coming down! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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‘Game of Thrones’: Dragon ex machina

“Game of Thrones
“Beyond the Wall”
August 20, 2017

New rules for killing wights! Witty banter! Out-of-control sibling rivalries! Blue-eyed ice dragons! Super-sonic ravens! Fabulous coats! Tons of eye-fucking! And more deus ex machinas than you can shake an ice spear at! Let’s go!

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‘Game of Thrones’: How to tame your dragon.

“Game of Thrones
August 13, 2017

Daenerys teaches some Tarlys a lesson in manners; Littlefinger plays the sibling rivalry card; Tyrion comes up with a hare-brained scheme; Gendry is finally done with rowing, only to have to take a few more boat rides; Jon makes a new dragon friend; and Gilly reveals the biggest most hugest non-secret of the show, but no one listens to Gilly. ~womp-womp~

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‘Game of Thrones’: The troops, the troops, the troops are on fire. We don’t need no water, let the motherfuckers burn. Burn, motherfuckers! Burn!

“Game of Thrones
“The Spoils of War”
August 6, 2017


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‘Game of Thrones’: Poison is a woman’s weapon

Game of Thrones
“The Queen’s Justice”
July 30, 2017

In this very chatty episode, Jon and Daenerys finally meet and build up a lot of sexual tension and NEED TO JUST KISS ALREADY; Bran comes home and like every teenager that spends some time away from his family for the first time, thinks he knows everything; Sea Pacey becomes our new favorite character; everyone just flies around the entire continent like they’ve got Elon Musk’s hyperloop installed on Westeros and the writers failed to mention it to us; and The Queen of Thorns is given the greatest death scene that officially ends all death scenes. There should be no more death scenes for anyone ever. EAT IT, BITCHES.

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‘Game of Thrones’: Remember who you are.

Game of Thrones
July 23, 2017

I would do a clever little intro here, but THERE’S NO TIME. LET’S GO.

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‘Game of Thrones’: The feminine mystique

Game of Thrones
“The Winds of Winter”
June 26, 2016

The season finale was filled with everything we expected: R+L = J; the North uniting; Arya giving Walder Frey exactly what he deserved; Sam going to the Citadel; Cersei having a final showdown with the Faith Militant; Tommen fulfilling Cersei’s prophecy; Daenerys on her way to Westeros to take it back once and for all; and winter has FINALLY come, amirite, Ned Stark? And something I don’t think anyone predicted — Cersei taking the Iron Throne for herself. Girl, I need one of those black leather dresses.
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