‘Fear the Walking Dead’: No Country for Old Zombies

Fear the Walking Dead
September 27, 2015

Meet your new favorite character: Victor Strand. Strand is a sharply dressed, smooth talking fellow who is caged in the medical facility along with Doug and Nick and the other prisoners patients who don’t require immediate attention — or a bullet to the brain — from the staff. Strand amuses himself by yammering about insurance and “wolves coming to the door” (wrong show, friend) before assuring Doug that with a figure like hers, Mrs. Doug will do just fine without Doug in the zombie apocalypse. Upon hearing this, Doug freaks so hard he has to be taken away by the soldiers. Bye, Doug, bye.

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: I have no idea what I’m doing

Fear the Walking Dead
“Not Fade Away”
September 22, 2015

It’s been 9 days since the National Guard has arrived and locked everyone inside a “safe zone,” and in those 200 some-odd hours, people have found ways to fill the time: Nick chills in the neighbor’s’ pool, Travis goes jogging, and Travis’ Dumb Teenage Son, Chris, climbs up onto the roof, turns on his video camera, and tapes the whole quarantine scene while waxing all high school junior poetic about it. As he turns his camera out into the world that lay outside the National Guard’s fencing, he catches a glint of light, seemingly being deliberately shone in his direction from a building in an area the military has assured everyone contains no signs of life. Huh. Continue reading “‘Fear the Walking Dead’: I have no idea what I’m doing”

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: All dogs go to heaven

Fear the Walking Dead
“The Dog”
September 13, 2015

At Madison’s house, Nick continues his detox by snorting more drugs, and Daughter continues wondering what the heck is happening, since no one seems to be in a particular hurry to tell her. To kill some time until Travis can return, Madison pulls out a Monopoly game, and we watch people play Monopoly for 10 minutes.

Remind me again why people aren’t into this show as much as the original?

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