‘Legacies’: Who’s telling the story

“This is the Part Where You Run”
“Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn”
November 1, 2018

I didn’t want to like Legacies.  I mean, I loved me some The Vampire Diaries back in the day, until the cure and the doppelgängers and the heretics and the hey hey made it too tedious to watch.  I didn’t want to like Legacies, because it may or may not have displaced Wayward Sisters from a time slot and an order to series.  

Which is ironic, because Supernatural’s first stab at a spin-off, “Bloodlines,” felt like it would have been right at home in the TVD universe.

I didn’t want to like Legacies, but dammit here we are.

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‘Supernatural’: But that’s not me

January 25, 2018


“What the cuss?!? A vampire??”


Oshkosh, Nebraska. A car pulls in to Mann-burned out Y-’s Truck Stop Cafe to fill up. The driver’s credit card is declined at the pump, so the young woman goes inside to pay. The room stills and all eyes turn to her when she walks in. The energy is not friendly. The cashier is downright slimy. After gassing up and declining a gaunt Manson looking dude’s offer to wash her windows, the woman drives away.

Some distance down the road she pulls over with a flat tire. I would drive on the rims before I stopped on a dark murder road. I HAVE driven on the rims rather than stopping on a dark murder road. She tries to flag down a passing semi, but the truck roars past.

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‘Supernatural’: Changing the World

“The Raid”
March 2, 2017

THEN: “I have sort of been working with the British Men of Letters.”


“So where does that leave us?”

The burgers and beers sit untouched. Mary asks for the chance to explain. Sam is disappointed but willing to listen. Dean is visibly hostile. He turns and takes a few steps away from the table. He bites back all the angry things he wants to say. Where would he even begin?

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