‘Supernatural’: But that’s not me

January 25, 2018


“What the cuss?!? A vampire??”


Oshkosh, Nebraska. A car pulls in to Mann-burned out Y-’s Truck Stop Cafe to fill up. The driver’s credit card is declined at the pump, so the young woman goes inside to pay. The room stills and all eyes turn to her when she walks in. The energy is not friendly. The cashier is downright slimy. After gassing up and declining a gaunt Manson looking dude’s offer to wash her windows, the woman drives away.

Some distance down the road she pulls over with a flat tire. I would drive on the rims before I stopped on a dark murder road. I HAVE driven on the rims rather than stopping on a dark murder road. She tries to flag down a passing semi, but the truck roars past.

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‘Supernatural’: Welcome to the family

“Wayward Sisters”
January 18, 2018

“Something bad’s coming.”

Something badass, you mean. Let’s just take a moment to enjoy, shall we?

Five seconds of THEN and I’m already in my feels.

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‘Supernatural’: Hibbing 911

“Hibbing 911”
Alternate working title: “Attention CW Powers that Be: THIS is Your Spin-off”
December 2, 2014
Originally published January 18, 2015

THEN: “You betcha!”


Sheriff Jody Mills girds her loins for the horror that is before her. A deep breath. “You can get through this.”

She is standing in front of a Bavarian-style festhaus and conference center. A large banner hanging over the entrance welcomes her to the Minnesota – Dakotas Sheriffs’ Retreat. She starts for the door … and the handle of her rollie bag slides off in her hand.

I like to imagine that her inside her head voice is saying,

SPN Bobby Balls

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