‘Supernatural’: Time to slice and dice

“Mint Condition”
November 1, 2018

THEN: We’ve got slicing and dicing, scream queens and killing machines … and racist ghost trucks. Never forget.


Dean is in his room, living his best surrounded by empties and snacks wrappers sprawled out on his bed eating cold pizza horror movie marathon life.  He’s been holed up for a week. Cas is busy with Jack.  Kaia Ren is in the wind.  They have no clue where Michael is, and—not that he’s complaining—the house is full of strangers.

I would hide, too.

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‘Supernatural’: And it’s all on me

“The Scar”
October 25, 2018

THEN: “I only go to one place– the Bad Place. It’s just… blood and death and monsters.”


Dean is back, back in the safety of his family and the Bunker, but struggles to overcome a horror that still confronts him.  Like a nightmare, it’s always just there.  Watching …

Sam’s Grief Beard.

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‘Supernatural’: Enjoy the ride

“Gods and Monsters”
October 18, 2018

THEN: “We had a deal!”


“Who goes to Duluth in October?”

Michael, apparently.  At least that’s the intel that Sister Jo/Anael provides.  Angels aren’t known for their veracity – no offense, Cas – so Sam does his due diligence.  He discovers a police report of a pile of bodies found in Duluth, all with neck wounds and their eyes BURNED OUT OF THEIR FOOL SKULLS.

Cas breathlessly says, “So, Michael!”

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‘Supernatural’: Because that’s what we do

“Stranger in a Strange Land”
October 11, 2018


Jack the nephilim emerged fully grown from his mother’s exploding vagina. Asmodeus was a thing and then he wasn’t. Donatello came back and was killed for no good reason.  Missouri came back and was killed FOR NO GOOD GODDAMNED REASON. The Empty was a thing and then it wasn’t. Billie came back. Cas came back. Kevin came back and was killed for no good reason. Ketch came back and lived for no good reason. The Wayward Sisters were briefly, gloriously a thing and then they weren’t. Rowena came back. Sister Jo was a thing and then she wasn’t. Scoobynatural was a thing and it was magnificent. Gabriel came back and was killed for no good reason.  Heaven closing up shop was a thing and then it wasn’t. Charlie was a thing and then she wasn’t. Sam was killed and then came back. Dean said yes. Crouching tiger, flying squirrel was a thing and will never be spoken of again.  Lucifer finally, finally died.  

“Thanks for the suit.”

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‘Supernatural’: Miss me?

“Devil’s Bargain”
February 8, 2018


Wait, did Cas just kill Lucifer?


No, no he did not. Because despite being stabbed in the heart, Lucifer somehow survived? And still had enough juice to wing himself from Hell’s Winter White House in Massachusetts to a small town in Missouri? Where he steals the grace of, and then rips the heart from, a perfectly lovely cupid? Who wears a nice suit and a cunning peach overcoat and is not a naked, huggie, man-baby?

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‘Supernatural’: I can’t be helpless again

“Various & Sundry Villains”
February 1, 2018


“I hate witches. They’re always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere…It’s creepy, y’know, it’s downright unsanitary!”


Cas and Lucifer spend the episode cooling their heels in warded cells and jawing at each other.  It’s mostly filler but for the part when Cas tells Lucifer that his son is a good, kind, and thoughtful boy who doesn’t look anything like his father.

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‘Supernatural’: But that’s not me

January 25, 2018


“What the cuss?!? A vampire??”


Oshkosh, Nebraska. A car pulls in to Mann-burned out Y-’s Truck Stop Cafe to fill up. The driver’s credit card is declined at the pump, so the young woman goes inside to pay. The room stills and all eyes turn to her when she walks in. The energy is not friendly. The cashier is downright slimy. After gassing up and declining a gaunt Manson looking dude’s offer to wash her windows, the woman drives away.

Some distance down the road she pulls over with a flat tire. I would drive on the rims before I stopped on a dark murder road. I HAVE driven on the rims rather than stopping on a dark murder road. She tries to flag down a passing semi, but the truck roars past.

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