‘The Winchesters’: All the doors that were closed to you.

The Winchesters
“Legend of a Mind”
November 15, 2022

THEN: “You’re ready for the war against the Akrida.”


Spending a lifetime of hunting monsters takes its toll. There comes a time when you gotta let out that pain inside you. If you don’t, it’ll eat you alive.

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‘The Winchesters’: Violence is always a choice.

The Winchesters
“The Art of Dying”
November 22, 2022

THEN: “I’m going to find a way to open all the doors that were closed for you.”


Hunting has a way of changing a person. After a while, right, wrong, good, evil, they all start to look the same. And then it starts to make you wonder, who’s really the monster here—them or me?

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‘The Winchesters’: Seeing past the darkness.

The Winchesters
“Masters of War”
November 1, 2022

THEN: None of this works without Mary. I need her.


Hannibal Park Hospital, St. Joseph, Missouri. [Electricity crackling softly]. A distressed man rushes out into the hospital’s hallway. He shouts back at an unseen group of people that they’re all vultures. He seems slightly dazed. He quietly mumbles that they’ll never know what it’s like.

As the man walks, rubble and tattered clothing appear on the hallway floor. A woman’s voice singing a song in French floats through the air. An air raid siren begins to wail and a voice shouts, incoming! The man flees from the flash of multiple explosions and the smoke that begins to fill the corridor.

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‘The Winchesters’: I don’t know who I am.

The Winchesters
“You’re Lost Little Girl”
October 25, 2022

THEN: I’m never going to let you walk out that door again without telling you, I love you. 


Lawrence, Kansas. A precious little girl with a shooting star barrette in her hair sends out an urgent call on her CB radio. Twinkle Star is trying to reach Big Rig Mama, a long-haul trucker who’s 10 in the wind and halfway to Hog Town.

Carrie says she can’t find Bernice anywhere. She pleads with her mother to come home and help find her. The sense of loss that this young actress conveys through her voice … push it too hard and it turns into whining. But she’s in the sweet spot of, ‘Yes, I will tear this house apart for you, and will not rest until Bernice is found.’

Well played Avangeline Friedlander. Well played.

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‘Big Sky’: Momma drama.

Big Sky
“Flesh and Blood”
October 19, 2022

Previously on Big Sky … “They’re gone.”

Walter’s cabin in the woods. He wonders why Paige didn’t scream for help while Buck and Sunny were there. Paige—correctly—guessed that she wasn’t likely to find much aid if she did. Walter confirms this when she asks what would have happened if she did scream.

“Nothing good.”

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‘The Winchesters’: And know they love you.

The Winchesters
“Teach Your Children Well”
October 18, 2022

THEN: I’ll keep picking the music.


The ties that bind a family together can be complicated. Parents raise you, teach you what’s right and wrong, and in some instances, how to kill monsters. But no matter who you are, there comes a time when you have to break from them and make your own way. And if you’re not careful, things can get pretty ugly.

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‘The Winchesters’: I’ll keep picking the music.

The Winchesters
October 11, 2022

THEN: March 23, 1972, you walked out of a movie theater–Slaughterhouse-Five. You loved it, and you bumped into a big Marine and you knocked him flat on his ass. You were embarrassed, and he laughed it off, said you could make it up to him with a cup of coffee. So, you went to Mulroney’s and you talked and he was cute and he knew the words to every Zeppelin song, so when he asked you for your number, you gave it to him, even though you knew your dad would be pissed. That was the night that you met John Winchester.

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‘Big Sky’: The monsters always win.

Big Sky
“Carrion Comfort”
October 12, 2022

Previously on Big Sky … I didn’t know that a girl like you could make me feel so sad, Rosanna.

A woman dances around her dining room while she cleans up dishes from dinner. She knocks over an empty wine bottle and it smashes on the tile floor. She does not put shoes on her bare feet and that’s just asking for a sliver. She grabs a dustpan and gets down on her (bare) knees to sweep up the glass. Again, SLIVER. She picks up one of the pieces and slices her finger.

See. SEE?

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‘Big Sky’: Such a Disappointment

Big Sky
“A Brief History of Crime”
October 5, 2022

Previously on Big Sky … SIX DAYS?

Luke is crouched down by a stream trying to wash off the unusually large amounts of blood that are smeared on his arms and down his leg. He turns at the sound of a shutter click. He looks at Emily. Emily looks at the unusually large amounts of blood and whips out her knife. She shouts at Luke not to come any closer. Luke knows the conclusion Emily is jumping to, and not wanting to escalate the situation or frighten her further, he charges up the trail towards her.

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‘Big Sky’: How Not to Die in the Woods

Big Sky
“The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep”
September 28, 2022

Previously on Big Sky … Hello, friend.

“My sweet boy … do we have a problem?”

Reba is holding the plate of warm s’mores, her flashlight still trained on Dead-eyes. His dead eyes get shifty. How did she know? Reba tells him a mother always knows … and reminds him that he can’t be there. He has a place, and as long as he stays there, everything is peachy keen. That’s their deal. Dead-eyes Walt simply says he needs to show her something.

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