‘Supernatural’: I would never hurt you.

“Gimme Shelter”
October 15, 2020


“Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you.”

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‘Supernatural’: Go save the world.

“Last Holiday”
October 8, 2020


The Mark of Cain storyline. That seems like an age ago, doesn’t it?  Good times.

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Welcome to your new nightmare.

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Some hella good news about ‘Evil,’ your soon-to-be favorite show

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Brace yourself: the conventions are here.

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Look for the helpers. But please do not run them over because you don’t understand how science works.

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‘Supernatural’: What is happening right now?

“The Hero’s Journey”
January 23, 2020


“The hero may have to be brought back from his supernatural adventure by assistance from without. That is to say, the world may have to come and get him … The returning hero, to complete his adventure, must survive the impact of the world. Many failures attest to the difficulties of this life-affirmative threshold. The first problem of the returning hero is to accept as real, after an experience of the soul-satisfying vision of fulfillment, the passing joys and sorrows, banalities and noisy obscenities of life.”


Am I high? Am I on drugs right now? What even is this episode?

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‘Supernatural’: One kind of ending

“Proverbs 17:3”
November 14, 2019


Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the LORD tests the heart.


Black Forest, Colorado. Three identical blonde girls toast to their annual camping trip. Seriously, are they sisters? Cousins? Clones? Ashley startles at the sound of rustling coming from outside the tent. After mocking Ashley for being an unemployable philosophy major, Julie goes outside to prove there’s nothing there. And also get more rum.

She is promptly murdered.

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‘Supernatural’: I don’t feel free

“Atomic Monsters”
November 7, 2019

THEN:  “Becky, it’s all real.” 



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‘Supernatural’: That’s my boy

“The Rupture”
October 24, 2019


“It’s given me clarity. It’s shown me that everything I did before. For wealth. For Magic. For myself… meant nothing. And it took everything from me. Everyone I loved. My family. Oskar… My son… I’m a flawed, petty, evil creature, Samuel. I don’t know if I can be redeemed. But I have to try. And I do wish there was another way. ”


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