‘Supernatural’: Ugh. This guy again.

“War of the Worlds”
November 23, 2017


“If I plan to do anything else stupid I will let you know.”


Jack is still at liberty and in the wind.  Castiel worries that the absence of signs or leads means Jack has been dragged to Hell by Rock Me Asmodeus or spirited to Heaven.  So he resolves to go and politely ask one of his angelic brethren if they have the kid.

Solid plan.  What could possibly go wrong?


Dean tells his angel not to do anything stupid.  It’s how Team Free Will says, “I love you.”

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‘Supernatural’: This is family business

November 16, 2017


“I just need a damn win.”


Sam and Dean are still standing in the street gawping. Cas calmly says he was dead and then he annoyed an ancient cosmic being and now he’s back. That’s good enough for Dean. He says, “Welcome home, pal,” and puts his arms around his angel. HUGGING! YAY! HUGGING!

Cas tells them he was in the Empty. Sam asks him what it was like. Cas is like, ‘Uh, empty? A great nothingness? The name kind of says it all’.


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‘Supernatural’: Angel heart

“Angel Heart”
April 29, 2015
Originally published May 12, 2015

THEN: “Promise my family will be okay.”


Jimmy Novak walks through the front door. He calls his wife’s name. Amelia rushes down the stairs and into his arms. She sobs that she thought she’d lost him again. Jimmy says Castiel is gone. He’s home now. It’s okay. It’s okay …

Claire strokes her husband’s face. Dark blood begins to seep through the sleeve of her cardigan. Jimmy doesn’t notice. He asks how Claire is. Amelia’s face crumples and she cries out.

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‘Supernatural’: I just need a win

“Advanced Thanatology”
November 9, 2017


“You and your brother keep coming back. You’re an affront to the balance of the universe and you cause disruption on a global scale.”


Grand Junction, Colorado. Two boys are recording a nighttime exploration of an abandoned mental hospital. It feels like an equal parts homage to Stranger Things and Blair Witch. They go into an upstairs treatment room and find a small collection of leather plague masks.

Doctor Who Are you my mummy

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‘Supernatural’: Hibbing 911

“Hibbing 911”
Alternate working title: “Attention CW Powers that Be: THIS is Your Spin-off”
December 2, 2014
Originally published January 18, 2015

THEN: “You betcha!”


Sheriff Jody Mills girds her loins for the horror that is before her. A deep breath. “You can get through this.”

She is standing in front of a Bavarian-style festhaus and conference center. A large banner hanging over the entrance welcomes her to the Minnesota – Dakotas Sheriffs’ Retreat. She starts for the door … and the handle of her rollie bag slides off in her hand.

I like to imagine that her inside her head voice is saying,

SPN Bobby Balls

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‘Supernatural’: Alex Annie Alexis Ann

“Alex Annie Alexis Ann”
April 22, 2014

THEN: “Vampires! Gets funnier every time I hear it.”

And then Sheriff Jody Mills and her sassy pixie hairdo kill the vampire with a fire ax because that’s how the HBIC do.


Jody is waiting outside the station when Sam and Dean arrive the next morning.  There are smiles and warm greetings, but sadly, no hugging. Boo! Whither the hugging?!

Sam asks after her shoulder. Jody shrugs. She asks how they’ve been.  Dean lies that they’re peachy. Sam winces and gives a more honest accounting. “Touch and go.”

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‘Supernatural’: It matters what you do

“The Big Empty”
November 2, 2017


Mandroids. Laser eyes.


Dean has a case – a man seemingly murdered by his dead wife. He’s surprised that Sam is interested. He wonders if they’re going to leave “Damien” in a circle of holy oil to Netflix and chill while they check it out. Sam says no, they’re going to bring EJ with. Dean balks. He calls it adventures in babysitting the Antichrist.

Writer Meredith Glynn seems to be having a contest with herself to see how many one-liners she can cram into this scene.

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