‘Supernatural’: What would the Winchesters do

“Peace of Mind”
March 14, 2019

THEN: “You’re keeping the snake?”


Team Free Will 2.0 is each processing Michael’s defeat and death in their own way. Jack is dealing by wearing all black, bonding with Noah the gorgon’s snake, Felix, and moving pencils with his mind.

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‘Supernatural’: That’s it? Really?

March 7, 2019

THEN: “Michael gets out, that’s it for this world.”


Team Free Will 2.0 is hunting a monster with a taste for human flesh, artfully prepared. Between popping eyeballs like they’re marinated olives and opening up a dude’s rib cage like it’s a crown roast, this may be the most gleefully gruesome episode of Show since the couple that ate each other to death in Season 5’s “My Bloody Valentine.”

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‘Supernatural’: Who does that make us

February 7, 2019

THEN: “Dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.”


The boys pop in to Precious Pawn, but they’re not interested in what’s on public display.  The wad of cash Dean flashes at the owner gains them access to the good stuff in the back.  It’s a treasure trove of mystical objects.  Your hands of glory, gris-gris bags, dragon’s breath, creepy dolls …

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‘Supernatural’: I believe in us

“Prophet and Loss”
January 31, 2019

THEN: “Some people just can’t be saved.”


The Ma’lak Box rests on the bottom of the ocean.  Droplets of water ooze through its seams.  Dean tries to breathe through the rising panic, but he can’t ignore the groaning creak of the metal. I guess Billie’s instructions didn’t factor in the PSI of the Pacific Ocean.

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‘Supernatural’: We don’t hug

“Damaged Goods”
January 24, 2019

THEN: “They all end the same way now.  Except one.”


Sam is in the library digging back through the angel lore looking for anything that might help them with Michael.  He says he can use some help, but Dean thought he might take Baby out for a spin.  Maybe swing by Donna’s cabin and visit Mary.

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‘Supernatural’: I’m the cage

January 17, 2019


“This time, he’ll be nice and quiet for a change—buried. And he is. He’s gone.”


“Now this … just feels right.”

So apparently Michael’s finger snap wasn’t just to activate his monsters.  It was also to initiate a costume change. And it bears repeating—great day in the morning Jensen Ackles can wear a suit.

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‘Supernatural’: Impossible odds

“The Spear”
December 13, 2018

THEN: “I know what it’s like to see monsters.  I know that when they’re gone, they never really go away.”


Jack is stress eating Cookie Crisp cereal in the middle of the night as one does.  He’s worried about his mother in Heaven and fretful over Castiel’s deal with the Empty. He asks why Sam and Dean can’t know about it.  WHY INDEED, CAS? WHY. IN. DEED.

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