‘Supernatural’: Wherever the story takes us.

“Inherit the Earth”
November 12, 2020


“I know. I know how you see yourself, Dean. You see yourself the same way our enemies see you. You’re destructive and you’re angry and you’re broken. Daddy’s Blunt Instrument. And you think that hate and anger—that’s what drives you. That’s who you are. It’s not.”


Don’t think of it as the penultimate episode, kittens. Think of it as the last time Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming can hurt us with their shitty, shitty writing.

Sam and Jack walk through the empty streets of Hastings in a daze. Everyone is gone. Every one. Every where. The Impala rumbles up to the corner and stops. Dean is nonplussed by the sudden emptiness of the world, but he seems remarkably collected, emotionally.

Remember the last time Cas died?

Sam says he couldn’t save anybody. He blames Billie, but Dean tells him to lay that burden at Chuck’s feet. Jack finally realizes that Dean is alone and asks the excellent question,

“Where’s Cas?”

Dean has buried that pain as far down as seven hours on the road will allow. He can’t say it. Not at first. He tells them that Cas saved him. His jacket is still stained with the angel’s bloody handprint. He says Billie was coming after them and Cas summoned the Empty. There’s almost a note of pride under the grief for his angel’s courage.

“It took her … and it took him.”

“Cas is gone.”

The three men stand dumbstruck in the middle of the intersection. Sam reaches into his pocket for his phone and starts making calls. He gets Jody’s voicemail because BuckLeming are terrible and want to make sure this hurts.

They walk into what had been a busy diner. Dean turns off the tap that’s spilling (Family Business) beer all over the floor. He points at a TV over the bar. It’s tuned to an empty football field. “It brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘sudden death’.”  Sam wonders if they’re all that’s left. Dean is pretty sure they are.

Jack is outside leaning against a large concrete planter. He looks up at the sky through his tears and begins to pray. He gets as far as Castiel’s name and falls silent. Which is good, because I was going to FLIP ALL THE TABLES if we got to see the kid be in his feelings about Cas and not Dean.

Jack walks away and every living thing he passes withers and dies. So … what’s that about? Is Jack the new Death? Is this one final lol!canon retcon from BuckLeming for the road?

He joins the boys inside and asks what they do now. Well, Dean has started drinking and Sam has climbed up on the cross of guilt. He blames himself for not giving Chuck what he wanted. His grand finale. Yeah, how dare you not want to kill, or be killed by, your brother. What?

He says they tried to rewrite the story and the whole world paid the price.

That night Sam and Dean drive someplace … else? And they wait. For Chuck. He doesn’t need them to tell him he’s won. He says he always does. “Me being me.” But the boys are offering more. Sam says they’ll give him what he wants. Cain and Abel. Dean will kill Sam. Sam will kill Dean. They’ll kill each other. Dealer’s choice.

But first, Chuck has to put everything back the way it was. The people. The birds.


As much as Chuck appreciates the white flag, it’s a no for him. It’s too little, too late. He says he’s kind of enjoying this story now—the two of them and their pet Jack rotting on a lifeless planet. Knowing it’s this way because they. wouldn’t. take. a knee.

Eternal shame.



Chuck says that’s deep. That’s sophisticated. That’s a page-turner.

Time passes. How much? Who can say. Sam wakes up to another endless day of bleak emptiness to find Dean passed out on the library floor surrounded by beer and whisky bottles. He nudges his brother with his foot. Both of these responses seem on brand.

Jack wanders in and tells them he feels … weird. He’s sensing a presence. He’s not sure how, but he feels it. There’s something out there besides them.

They stop along the way at a service station and Dean finds a dog.

He is yellow and shaggy and so very lonely. Dean is giddy with delight at this unexpected sign of grace. He bends down to scratch the very good doggo’s ears, wondering how Chuck missed him.

(Oh, dear …) 

And this just reinforces my head!canon that Dean actually loves dogs and found a stray once that he begged his father to let him keep it and maybe even went so far as to point out that he never asks for anything but he’s asking for this please, which made John feel like a piece of shit but he shut his dutiful son down anyway so, as a coping mechanism, wee!Dean decided that no, actually he doesn’t like dogs at all because John Winchester is the worst.

Dean names this dog Miracle. 

Sam buzzuhs at the sight of his brother toting a dog in his arms like the very ground isn’t good enough for Miracle to walk on. He is further stunned when Dean says Miracle is coming home with them. He’s going to let a dog sit in the Impala?

“Relax, I’m not giving him shotgun … unless you’re cool with that?”

Sam gives Miracle the stink eye and walks away to get Jack. Dean gets the dog settled into the backseat, reassuring Miracle that Sam will warm up to him. He loves on his good doggo, telling Miracle that he’s the best thing that’s happened these last few days.

(Oh, no …)

The dog evaporates.

Dean’s face falls. He looks like he’s been kicked in the chest. He looks up to see Chuck standing off in the near distance.

“Hey, the rules are simple. You don’t take a joint from a guy named Don, and there’s no dogs in the car!” 

And I say this as a compliment to Rob Benedict—Chuck makes me want to do violence. Chuck makes me want to pummel him bloody every time he’s on screen.

The boys drive on into the night, Dean still stewing about the dog. He can’t even save a dog! Sam moroses that maybe that’s the point. There’s no one left to help. No one but them.

They finally pull up in front of a church. Whatever Jack is picking up on is inside or very nearby. The archangel Michael is both surprised and not to see that Jack and the Winchesters have survived. He says he took refuge here in the church—his namesake—when the Rapture first began. He’s been laying low, avoiding doing anything that may draw his father’s attention … and his wrath for siding with Team Free Will.

Sam asks about Adam. 


Michael seems to regret the loss of his human. Dean rues that his brother never caught a break. He’s not wrong. Michael asks how they managed to avoid extermination. Dean bitterly snarks that Mike’s old man thought it would be hilarious to watch the three of them on an empty planet. 

Sam remarks on the books scattered open on the pews. Michael admits he was curious about the Earthly perception of God and Heaven. He’s amazed that believers love the Almighty and have for thousands of years. Michael supposes that his efforts were more effective than he’d hoped. 

Michael explains that when God left Heaven he was certain of his return. So he made sure that all the angels and prophets burnished God’s image on Earth.  

“The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring God.”

Michael is nonplussed by how effective his PR campaign has been. Dean mocks the angel, calling him Daddy’s boy. Michael chuckles at the irony of that statement coming from Dean. But now, after seeing what Chuck has done …

“Tell me what you need me to do.”

Two things about this scene. One, can we just talk about how good Jake Abel is as Michael? So good! I wish we could have spent more time with him this season. And two, the lighting in the church? Stunning.

They return to the Bunker and Sam drops Chuck’s death book in front of Michael. Again, the lighting. They’re all gathered around the map table, warmly illuminated from below. The use of light and shadow in both of these scenes is just lovely.  Kudos.

Dean explains that the book will tell them how to kill God—but Death is the only one who can open it. Maybe an archangel can, too? Michael’s eyes flare blue and his hand shakes with effort, but the tome doesn’t budge. Not even a little.

And that’s not going to ping on Chuck’s radar. 

The boys retreat to the kitchen. They sit together on opposite sides of the door marinating in defeat. They’ve run out of options. Sam wonders where that leaves them.

“Where’s it leave us? Screwed.”

Dean’s phone rings and he answers it reflexively. There’s no one left on Earth—although I guarantee the robocalling bastards who call me 15 times a day about Apple Care Support would keep trying. Dean fishes his phone out of his pocket and checks the screen.

The call is coming from Cas.

Hope flares. Dean isn’t sure if he should believe it, but it’s the angel’s voice he hears when he answers. “Cas” says he’s there and he’s hurt. Can Dean let him in? Dean doesn’t think. He jumps up and races for the door, taking the stairs to the catwalk two at a time. He has presence of mind to hesitate before he opens the door.

Lucifer is standing on the other side.

Really? Him? Again??  I was done with Lucifer in Season 11. He has well and truly worn out his welcome since then. Although I will admit the look of bug-eyed shock and terror on Dean’s face is a chef’s kiss to Jensen. But that’s it. That’s all I’m giving this scene.

Lucifer claims that he’s there on an errand for the Empty. She wants God’s death book and boy is she cranky about how loud Jack made it when he went splodey. Never a dull moment! Lucifer says he anticipated that the boys would not be on board with a team-up, so he brought what he calls a token of good faith.

He snaps his fingers and a young woman appears. Her name is Betty. She is gagged and bound in chains.

That is … that is not at all what good faith means.

Also, Betty isn’t human. She’s a reaper.

Lucifer tells them to watch as he jams a gladius into her gut. The boys think Lucifer is just killing her for funzies, having apparently completely forgotten the first reaper to die after Death becomes the new Death.

But hey, look at BuckLeming remembering a point of canon! Well, even a blind squirrel can find a nut. And I guess this means Jack killing all the plants is just a sad horticultural quirk?

Betty’s grace flares out and she collapses to the floor. Moments later she gasps back to consciousness. She pulls herself up to her knees. She looks disoriented and confused. Dean cautiously approaches her and removes the gag. This is actually a lovely continuation of Dean’s affinity (so to speak) for death in all its forms.

Gratitude washes over Betty’s face … and then she headbutts Dean in the nose.

Betty stands, breaking and shrugging off her shackles. With a whoosh, a scythe appears in her hand. Death’s ring is on her finger. Betty seems deeply satisfied with her glow-up.

She is also not here to play with these boys. She wants the book and it’s not a group project. Betty is salty! We like her. She can stay.

While Betty peruses God’s story, Michael and Lucifer have a contentious reunion—Lucifer mocking and Michael insisting he acted based on what was right, not to win their father’s love. Betty interrupts to announce that she knows how God ends. And yes she’s sure; she’s Death.

“You’ve been Death for an hour.”

Betty opens the tome and begins to read. She gets all of ten words in before Lucifer snaps his fingers and turns her to ash. Because that’s something he can do because lol!BuckLeming? The still open book flies through the air and into Lucifer’s waiting hands.

Just as Chuck intended it to.

Michael’s face goes rigid when Lucifer crows that he’s kind of the new favorite now. His eyes flare blue when Lucifer laughs and says their father called him a cuck … which honestly is some high key incel energy that I’m not comfortable with so THANKS FOR THAT BUCKLEMING. 

Lucifer blah blahs at Jack, trying to win him over to Chuck’s side, which only succeeds in giving Michael time to sneak around behind him and stabby stab stab him with the archangel blade. Lucifer drops the book—which conveniently lands open and face down—before flaming out in a blaze of grace.

Yay! Lucifer is dead! Again! 

Watching him die will never not get old.

Jack is strangely overcome by the burst of energy. Is he absorbing Lucifer’s grace?

Dean checks in on Michael who is moping in the kitchen. He says he’s a bit winded—it’s been several centuries since he was in a battle like that. Dean grabs a beer (for himself) and tells Michael he’s glad the archangel was there. He says Chuck is getting desperate but still wouldn’t take the chance of showing up himself.

Michael is still processing how far he’s fallen in the Heavenly pecking order. His father didn’t even reach out to him … but yet he brought Lucifer back from the Empty. Dean asks if Michael wanted Chuck to reach out. Michael says of course not! 

Maybe he says it a little too quickly.

And besides, the book is useless to Chuck without Death to read it, right? Dean says Sam is going to use the Book of the Damned as a decoder ring to try and figure out the end.

“And by that I mean, The End.”

Book of the Damned? Dean is just casually talking about Sam using the Book of the Damned? That … that seems like a terrible idea. Have they forgotten what happened last time?

Michael joins Dean and Jack in the library to oh so ever so casually ask if Sam has made any progress. Cue Sam from stage right to announce that it was slow going, but he was able to piece together the spell that will release an unstoppable force that will finish God.

To the second location!

They drive out to a lake that I’m pretty sure was also the backdrop to Castiel wondering if his erectile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow at the end of Season 12.

Sam casts the spell sending three glowing blue streams of light streaking into the air. The spell flares out and Chuck appears. He hand waves the boys out of the way so he can speak to his son. While Chuck appreciates Michael giving him the heads up, he says it’s kind of late in the game. The archangel sided with the Winchesters and that is something Chuck can’t forgive.

So Chuck burns Michael out from the inside until the archangel explodes in a concussion wave of grace.

“And you two …”

Chuck says eternal suffering sounds good on paper, but as a viewing experience, it’s just kind of *meh*. So they’re done. Cancelled. Sam accepts their death sentence by punching Chuck in the face.

“One for the road.”

The blow barely musses Chuck’s lush beard. He smitey smites the boys’ innards and raises his hand for the final Thanos snap but then thinks better of it. What the heck. He can get his hands dirty. 

Pummeling the Winchesters. Pummeling the Winchesters. Pummeling the Winchesters.

The boys go down … and they get back up. And they keep getting back up, again and again and again. 

Sam drags himself to his feet and helps Dean to his. Bloody and broken they stand arm in arm, defying God to his face. Chuck demands to know why they’re smiling?

“Because … you lose.”

I thought at first Sam was speaking metaphorically, pyrrhicly, that Chuck could never win—never beat them—because they would never submit.

But no, Sam is being literal. Because while Chuck was ignoring Jack, Jack was having a glow-up.

Chuck turns and cautiously approaches the boy. Jack doesn’t move. There’s something about the way that the wind blows his hair that makes it seem like slow motion. Like time and space move around him differently now. Chuck snaps. 

Nothing happens.

He snaps again. And again. And keeps snapping and nothing keeps happening. 

God begins to panic.

Jack calmly steps forward and claps his hands to Chuck’s face. Jack glows with energy. He raises his hand and a flicker of fear passes over Sam and Dean. But when Jack snaps his fingers, it’s to heal their injuries.

“What did you do?”

“We won.”

Chuck is sprawled out on the ground. Sam drops his book in the dirt in front of him. The pages are all blank—to the human eye. Only Death can read it. And here’s where apparently the actors were given a PowerPoint presentation instead of a script, because it feels like they’re being forced to read off a bulleted list.

Chuck seems strangely exhilarated by his defeat. He says this—THIS—is why they’re his favorites! For the first time, he has no idea what happens next. He could never think of an ending where he loses. But after everything he’s done to them …

To die at the hands of Sam Winchester.

Of Dean Winchester, the ultimate killer.

Chuck laughs. He says it’s glorious before curling into a ball, anticipating Dean’s killing blow. But it doesn’t come.

“Sorry, Chuck. That’s not who I am. That’s not who we are.”

Chuck is stunned. What kind of an ending is this??!? 

It’s the one where Chuck’s power isn’t his anymore. It’s the ending where he’s just like them. And all the other humans he forgot about. It’s the ending where he grows old. He gets sick. He just dies.

“And no one cares. And no one remembers you. You’re just … forgotten.”

It’s the slightly judgey look on Jack’s face that says, AND THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A DICK, that makes it poetry.

The boys leave Chuck facedown in the dirt and drive back to Hastings? Because reasons? Because they’re following Vizzini’s Law that when a job goes bad you go back to the beginning? Anyhoo, they get out of the car and Dean asks Jack if he really thinks he can pull it off.

Jack takes a deep breath, smiles with the certainty of someone secure in his oneness with the Universe, and closes his eyes. As the jangly notes of The Youngbloods’ “Get Together” begin to play, Jack puts things right. 

I hope that includes all of the food that’s just been sitting out for days? Weeks? Otherwise, for his next act, Jack will be curing millions of people of food poisoning.

And the scenes of life returning to cities around the world is fine, but it bugs me, and I think I know why. Supernatural isn’t a show about “the world.” It’s a show about two-lane blacktop, diners, gas stations, and cheap motels. All of this b-roll just feels out of place.

Sam and Dean watch the people of Hastings go about their lives, none the wiser that they had only recently been erased. Even Miracle doesn’t seem to remember Dean, which, aww. I’m going to assume Jack made sure Dean knew the dog was okay out of general principle. 

Dean is exuberant while Sam is still a little off step. Without actually saying the ‘G’ word, Sam is like, … so you’re God now? Jack doesn’t answer, but pretty much. I felt fairly certain this is where Show was heading this season … and I strangely don’t hate it. I’m fine with Jack being the new Almighty … even if it is a little shitty that Amara’s story ends with her remaining all absorbed up inside of Jack. 

I hope the kid at least indulges her by wearing lovely fabrics and cunning shoes.

And while in my head!canon Chuck will always be the distant but benevolent God of “Swan Song” and “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” I’m satisfied with how this version of his story ends—forced to live in the beautifully broken and imperfect world he created, not knowing what’s going to happen next or how it’s going to end. That’s the kind of symmetry that Season 4 Chuck would have appreciated.

That’s poetry.

Dean strides off to the car promising Jack a big screen TV and recliner for his room … but Jack isn’t coming home with them.

“In a way, I’m already there.”

Jack says he’s still himself but he is also everything and everywhere. He is the sound of one hand clapping. He is the dust in the wind. He’s in the sand and the rocks and the sea. And if people need answers, they can look for him there.

Which kind of sounds like Jack is saying humanity can go pound sand?

But no. He explains that people just need to know and trust that he is already a part of them. He is as close as their hearts.

Jack says that he learned from them, and his mother, and Castiel that, when people have to be their best, they can be. And that’s what to believe in. 

Back home in the Bunker, the boys share a beer and a moment. Sam says it’s pretty quiet. Do we think Jack brought the monsters back, too? It seems like he could have done the boys a solid by not. Dean offers a toast to everyone they lost along the way.


And what about Eileen? Did Sam call her? Did he at least let her know WHERE HER CAR IS? 

Y’all I need to see some Chuck damn reunions next week or there will be tables flipped.

But the past isn’t on Sam’s mind—only the future. He says they get to write their own story now. Just the two of them … going wherever the story takes them.

“Just us.”

“Finally free.”

Jensen Dean reaches over and puts his arm around Jared Sam and gives the back of his neck a reassuring squeeze. They walk out of the library together, revealing that Cas and Jack’s names have been added to the table next to the SW, DW, and MW monograms.

And then whatever emotional depth this episode lacked gets unleashed full force by the glorious montage edited by Jessica Chandler and John Fitzpatrick. It is a gift. It is a delight. The boys drive down a road bathed in warm sepia light as Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” plays and we see …

Sam and Dean’s “Easy there, tiger” inaugural reunion in the Pilot.

The snapshot of the wee!chesters with John that I think is also from the Pilot.

“Driver picks the music; Shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

Dean’s Big Damn Hero moment saving Lucas in “Dead in the Water.”

Coach Dean in “After School Special.” The whistle makes him their god.

Dean clicking his heels after being de-aged in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.”

The boys holding their FBI badges up to a door’s peephole.

Dean mowing Mary’s lawn in the Djinn!verse in “What Is and What Should Never Be.”

Jess and Sam kissing at dinner in the Djinn!verse.

Dean giving Sam a thumbs up after his memory is restored in “Regarding Dean.”

Sam offering Dean a glass of eggnog at the end of “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

Sam being honored at Biggerson’s one-millionth guest in “Bad Day at Black Rock.

Sam eating car snacks in Baby in “Baby.”

Two ghosts vanquishing each other in “Red Sky at Morning.”

Bela pulling off her wig in “Bad Day at Black Rock.”

Chuck tossing aside a draft in “The Monster at the End of This Book.”

Death Prime enjoying a slice of Chicago deep dish with Dean in “Two Minutes to Midnight.”

Dean pulling himself out of his grave and checking out the handprint on his shoulder in “Lazarus Rising.”

Crowley (CROWLEY!) holding the Colt in “Abandon All Hope.”

Dean killing Zachariah in “Point of No Return.”

Anna Milton in (maybe) “Heaven and Hell.”

Michael burning in holy oil in “Swan Song.”

Michael and Sam falling into the Cage in “Swan Song.”

Sam and Dean reuniting the second time in “Lazarus Rising.” Hugging! Yay hugging!

Sam and Dean realizing they’re on a TV set in “The French Mistake.”

Sam tipping his hat in “Frontierland.”

Becky marrying Sam in “Season 7, Time for a Wedding.” JUSTICE FOR BECKY.

Donna (DONNA!) enjoying a powdered donut in “The Purge.”

This Chuckdamn work of art from “Bloodlust.”

Charlie Bradbury dancing in the elevator in “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” the only time that the song “Walking on Sunshine” is ever acceptable.

Kevin Tran, AP becoming a prophet in “Reading is Fundamental.”

Abaddon walking into the motel room in “As Time Goes By.”

The boys walking into the Bunker for the first time in “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

Sam and Dean cozy and at home in the Bunker in “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

Ruby opening the motel room door in “Lazarus Rising.”

Kelly Kline meeting Jack in Heaven in “Byzantium.”

Jack meeting his new townie friends in “Don’t Go in the Woods.”

Jack driving the Impala in “Unhuman Nature.”

Sam and Dean riding the tandem bike in “Changing Channels.”

Sam getting rochambeaued during the Japanese game show in “Changing Channels.”

Sam being surprised by Sully in “Just My Imagination.”

Cartoon Dean with Daphne in “Scoobynatural.”

Charlie following the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy in “Slumber Party.”

Dean getting punched by a fairy in “Clap Your Hands if You Believe.”

Bobby (BOBBY!) being greeted by Sassela Barnes, the best damn psychic in the state in “Lazarus Rising.”

Ellen Harvelle (ELLEN!) lowering her gun when she realizes Sam and Dean are John’s boys in “Everybody Loves a Clown.”

Dean and Cas looking meaningfully at each other, probably Season 4, but honestly, take your pick.

Sheriff Jody Mills (JODY!) being not at all impressed with the bullshit that two fake agents are serving her in “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.”

Rufus (RUFUS!) burying a body in Bobby’s back yard in “Weekend at Bobby’s.”

Garth being adorable, probably “Season 7, Time for a Wedding,” but take your pick.

Missouri Moseley not having any of it in “Home.”

Gabriel not having any of it in “Beat the Devil.”

Rowena (ROWENA!) not having any of it in “Beat the Devil.”

Eileen coming out of the resurrection bath in “Golden Time.” JUSTICE FOR EILEEN!

Jo and Dean flirting at the bar in “Everybody Loves a Clown.”

Mary smiling at Dean at Donna’s cabin in “Damaged Goods.”

Amara trying to consume Dean’s soul in “O Brother Where Art Thou.”

Rick Springfield taking a turn as Lucifer in “Rock Never Dies.”

Lucifer powering up in “There’s Something About Mary.”

Metatron stealing Castiel’s grace in “Sacrifice.”

Ketch standing in front of a burning SUV in “LOTUS.”

Sister Jo working a grift in “Devil’s Bargain.”

The Winchesters enjoying a final family meal in the 300th episode, “Lebanon.”

Dean riding the mechanical bull in “Regarding Dean.”

Dean and Cas in their badass cowboy best in “Tombstone.”

Asmodeus brandishing the archangel blade in “Devil’s Bargain.”

The closing curtain on Supernatural: The Musical in “Fan Fiction.”

Dean eating, take your pick.

Rachel Miner’s Meg (MEG!) in (maybe) “Caged Heat.”

Sam and Dean! Looking like children!


Dean playing Mousetrap by himself before everything goes to shit in “Game Night.”


Clean cut Mister Rogers Sam in “Peace of Mind.”

Castiel wondering if this is what going mad feels like in “Peace of Mind.”

Mick Davies in (maybe) “Ladies Drink Free.”

Dean being absolutely delighted by the life-sized Hatchet Man in “Mint Condition.”

Belphejack being a delight in “Back and to the Future.”

Dean enjoying a powdered donut with Donna in “The Purge.”

Group hug between Mary, Dean, and Sam in “Who We Are.”

Kaia Nieves dream-walking with Jack in “The Bad Place.”

Kaia, Patience, Claire, and Alex coming to Jody and Donna’s rescue. WAYWARD SISTERS. WAYWARD SISTERS FOREVER.

Dean looking like a whole ass snack in “The Vessel.”

Sam having genital herpes in “Changing Channels.”

Sam taking Bess’s family cure in “The Heroes Journey.”

Dean taking a knee to the crotch from a vampire in “The Heroes Journey.”

Team Free Will 2.0 gathered around a computer in the Bunker.

Team Free Will 2.0 marching into battle against Michael in “The Spear.”

Team Free Will 2.0 sharing a toast in the Bunker’s kitchen in “Byzantium.”

The boys driving down the highway, writing their own story.

Sam closing the Impala’s trunk in “The Pilot.”

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