‘Supernatural’: I’d miss more time with you

“Unhuman Nature”
November 29, 2018

THEN: “I can’t go out.  I’m sick.”

Mean Girls Cough Im sick.gif


Sam and Dean fret and worry in the hallway outside Jack’s room while Cas examines him.  Cas has no idea what’s wrong with the Boy of the Camellias, but whatever it is, it’s now causing seizures.

What an angel of the Lord can’t cure, maybe mod’ren med’cine can. To the ER! They burst into the crowded waiting room with Dean shouting for a doctor; however, since Jack is still semi-ambulatory, not bleeding from any orifices, and has all his limbs intact, he can—medically speaking—take a cold tater and wait.

Dean tries to impress the urgency of their situation on the intake nurse, who has seen worse and is not having it.  Name?

Will and Grace Just Jack

The boys struggle through remembering Jack’s last name and doing the math to come up with a plausible year of birth.  Moving on to family medical history.  Father?  Dead.  Cause of death?

“He was stabbed through the heart and he exploded.”


Jack decides now is a good time to collapse.  Probably should have led with that.  Also, I’m pretty sure vomiting blood skips you to the head of the line, too.

Cue the montage of medicine while Jack’s three dads pace and fret again some more outside the exam room.

ER opening credits

Jack’s body is shutting down as he goes into full organ failure, but the doctor says they don’t know why.  The boys realize that hey, maybe Jack’s condition is better suited to a ‘their kind of thing’ solution than a medical one.  Rowena is already on her way by the time they get Jack up, dressed, and on his feet.

Jack leaves the hospital wearing Castiel’s trench coat.



SPN Cas Jack Trenchcoat.gif


Rowena arrives at the Bunker, purloined Book of the Damned in hand, ready to heal her boo.


Sam is like, yeah … Dean is fine, we need you to heal Lucifer’s son.  He might die without her help! Rowena declares this a splendid outcome.  From what she knows of the father, the world might be better off without the son!

Standing behind her, Jack allows that she might be right.  Rowena tries to resist him, but her shields crumble when Jack thanks her for saving them all by keeping the rift to the Apocalypse World open. 

Seriously, Jack’s whole juju is beyond puppy dog eyes.  It’s like uranium enriched earnestness.  Weaponized adorable.

Whatever it is, Rowena is powerless to resist it.

SPN Rowena Bollocks

After firing up a spell, Rowena explains that Jack’s grace is what held his human and angelic natures in balance.  Without it, his cells are in chaos, devouring each other.  Cas offers up his own grace, but unlike when he was briefly human in Season 9, just any old grace won’t do.  Jack needs archangel grace.  Without it, he will die.

Dean’s vision suddenly goes fuzzy around the edges. Rowena’s voice echoes in his ears from a great distance away. 

Oh. Oh, that’s not good at all.

Dean brings Jack a sandwich and finds the boy packing his bag for Vegas, baby! Or maybe Tahiti.  Jack has confronted his mortality, and in the time left to him, he wants to live.  


KUWK Can I Live

Jack tells Dean he doesn’t want to argue, but Dean is on board with the last hurrah train.  Sam and Cas are concerned but accede to Jack’s wishes.  Jack is like, bye losers. We’re going to have fun!


They pick up burgers at a roadside stand and Dean tosses Jack the keys.  Jack and I are both like, what?  After telling Jack that, “R is not for race,” the boy eases Baby onto the road, becoming only the 8th non-Winchester to drive her.  To wit

  1. Andy Gallagher (when he mind roofies Dean in “Simon Said”)
  2. Bobby (when they *shudder* road haul the ghost in “Yellow Fever”)
  3. Meg (when she drives it through the Roman Industries sign in “Survival of the Fittest”)
  4. That random hunter girl Tracy (during a confrontation with Abbadon in “Devil May Care”)
  5. The valet parking girl in “Baby
  6. Kelly Kline in “The Future
  7. Random henchman in “A Most Holy Man”

When I first saw the preview for this episode, having Jack drive the Impala just felt wrong.  Bad and wrong.  I mean sure, let him have sex in the back seat, but drive?  What madness is that? But dammit if Jensen and Alexander don’t just sell the hell out of this scene.

Jack declares it the best! day! ever!

You’re not wrong, kitten.  You’re not wrong.

SPN Dean Jack Baby Open it Up

Back at the Bunker, Cas remarks that Dean seems to be taking Jack’s condition particularly hard. Sam agrees and chalks it up to Dean’s lingering guilt over how he treated Jack after he was born, on which I call bullshit. 

Yes, it was jarring and painful to see how cold and closed off Dean was, especially in “The Rising Son”, but he’s more than made up for it since then.

And wasn’t Jack the one just five episodes ago declaring that, when it came to defeating Michael, Dean’s life didn’t matter?  

BuckLeming are the worst.

parks-and-recreation-Jean-Ralphio-the-worst-worst-woooorst-1372637673p (1)

Sam mentions the people they’ve already lost, and Cas answers his own question.  He says this feels different because they’re losing a son. 

Three men and a baby, 1987

For Dean, this will be the third kid he’s lost.  So, yeah.  He’s taking it hard.

Dean and Jack enjoy their burgers while sitting on Baby’s hood.  When was the last time Sam and Dean had a Baby bonding moment?  They’re overdue.  Dean offers to take Jack to a bar with “high hook-up potential”—*cough* sex in Baby’s backseat—but Jack has another idea.

He wants to go fishing.

“Bait and beer.  You are a cheap date.”  They sit together on the rocks by the side of a rushing stream.  It’s lovely and I want to go to there. Jack says he got the idea from Dean and a memory of fishing with John.  It’s apparently Dean’s happiest memory—not that there are a lot to choose from.  It is a nice callback to Season 4’s “The Rapture”, and Dean’s simple, peaceful lakeside dream.

Their stream isn’t Tahiti, but Jack explains that that’s not what he’ll miss if he doesn’t make it.  He would miss spending more time with Dean.  Moments like this.  The small, quiet ones.

Jack, who’s been on this Earth for 10 minutes, says he’s had a good life.  Oh, honey.  Have you though?


And I know this scene is supposed to make me feel something.  BuckLeming are trying as hard as they can to force meaning into this scene, but it’s not landing for me.  For one, there is absolutely 100% zero chance that Jack is going to die.  And even if he does—SPOILER ALERT—Team Free Will can just wish him back from the Empty.

I also kind of question that, of his three dads, that Dean is the one Jack would want to spend his final moments with.  Personally, I totally get it and Dean would be my pick, too.  And we’ve seen Jack mirroring and imitating Dean in the past, but isn’t Cas Dad #1? Jack imprinted on him in the womb.  Jack brought him back from the Empty.  They share a profound bond.

Which makes me wonder if this, combined with Dean catching the vapors, is all some clumsy set up for a confrontation between Michael and Jack.  I don’t know.  I doubt it Dabb knows yet, so stick a pin in it for later.

For now, let’s just pause and enjoy the moment.

SPN Jack Dean Fishing

Castiel takes off in his very sensible compact dad car to meet with a shady shaman who comes highly recommended by Ketch.  What could possibly go wrong? The best part of this scene is how completely over it Cas is.  Also,

RIP Pimpmobile

SPN Cas Low rider Hooptie

Cas returns to the Bunker with a spell and a vial of Gabriel’s grace.  Hey, do you think if we wished really, really hard we could bring Gabriel back?  Or Gadreel?  Or Balthazar?  You know, the angels that people still care about?

Anyhoo, Jack consumes Gabriel’s grace. Rowena reads the spell.  Jack’s eyes flash with flowing, golden power.  And then he collapses to the floor, worse off than he was before.  Good work, Ketch.  Aces.  The BMoL, the gift that keeps on sucking.

Meanwhile, Show has remembered that Nick is a thing.  He’s been steadily murdering his way through anyone with a connection to his family’s death until he finally reaches the truth.  His wife and child were killed by a demon called Abraxas, presumably to prepare Nick as a starter vessel for Lucifer.

When the final body falls, Nick offers his confession to the air.  He admits that he committed these acts not to purge himself of rage and darkness, but to embrace it.  No consequences.  No pain.  No sorrow.  He wants that back.

And as he prays, in the Darkness, Lucifer wakes up.



Why?  WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are we bringing Lucifer back?  Why?  The character has run his course.  The writers have well established that point over the past 2 1/2 seasons.

And bringing Lucifer back totally undercuts the story that’s been told so far.  Dean’s sacrifice in saying yes to Michael?  Totally meaningless.  Gabriel’s death?  Ditto.  Sam’s peace of mind in knowing that his torturer and tormentor is dead and gone?  Lol!nope.

Oprah cut the bullshit

Now, what could be interesting is if Lucifer wakes up all the OTHER angels in the Empty, raising them as an army to fight Michael. Let’s bring back Hannah and Uriel and Samandriel the angel of hot dogs, and a few naked huggie man baby cupids for good measure. Plus, all these formerly dead angels could repopulate Heaven and make sure the lights stay on.  

But just please, in the name of all that is good and holy, let’s not have Mark Pellegrino do that terrible Empty voice that Misha created. Can we agree on that?

If bringing Lucifer back is how we maybe get the other angels back, it will be the best idea Andrew Dabb has ever had.

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