‘Legacies’: Mombie Dearest

“Mombie Dearest”
December 6, 2018

Lizzie is having the best day ever.  It’s her 16th birthday, Caroline is coming home, and she totally had THE WORLD HATES ME EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE sex with Rafe the night before.


Ric is on the phone with Caroline wondering how he’s going to tell the girls that their mom won’t be there for their birthday party. And then Ric’s dead bride walks into his office, still wearing her blood soaked wedding gown. 

It’s not every day you get murdered at your shotgun wedding.

The crossbow Ric is holding on her is not helping Dr. Jo Laughlin’s freak-out level, which is at 11.  She says the last thing she remembers is their vows and her psycho twin brother with a very large knife. 

And then nothing. 

Jo asks how long ago that was.  She sees just how much time has passed when her daughters magic their way through the locked doors.

Lizzie is too busy sassing the “trollop” in her father’s office to realize who she is.  Josie walks over to a shelf and picks up a framed photo.  It’s her.  HER.  Their biological mother.

Jo is like, I’m the what in the who now?  Alaric explains that Jo’s coven magically implanted the girls in Caroline after she died.  He doesn’t tell Jo that he tried to make a go of it with Caroline, instead skipping to the end where she married Stefan and then he died.


Lizzie snips that her parents are still very close.  She introduces herself—named after her mother’s mom.  Josie says she’s named after … “me.”  Josie instantly warms to her mother, while Lizzie freezes her out.  She calls Jo, “DNA.” She says they can be mad at their mom all they want for missing their party, but they cannot cheat on her with “mombie dearest.” 

The birthday party is already underway when Lizzie makes her (solo) grand entrance.  She walks down the stairs expecting her escort Rafe to be waiting for her.  He’s stuck in the gym with Hope, courtesy of a barrier spell cast by Penelope.  A spell that allows MG to slip into his place and shoot his shot with the girl he’s been pining for.

They have a great time together.  It seems Lizzie might finally be seeing him … but when Rafe cuts in, MG fades into the background.  And then Rafe breaks up with her.

It’s only then that Lizzie notices her sister isn’t at the party.

Josie in the office with Jo.  She’s not bothered about being late to her own party.  She says no one will notice.  She doesn’t have a date, so.  Josie confides that there was a girl the year before … but she dumped her.  And now there’s this boy, but Lizzie has dibs.  Jo says anyone who spends five minutes with Josie would know how special she is.

Josie takes down the barrier spell so she can slip Jo into the party just for a few minutes.  When Ric finds her, Jo is alone. Her hands and arms are caked in dirt.  Josie is gone.

“Apparently her possessed biological mother buried her alive in the cemetery.”

Hope enlists Penelope and MG’s help.  She tells MG to use his super special vampire hearing to listen for Josie’s breathing, but it’s hard to hear over the snarls of the zombies that suddenly swarm them. 

Hope suggests using magic to fend them off. Penelope would rather channel her animosity towards Lizzie into killing the zombies the old-fashioned way—bashing their fool skulls in.


Killing zombies in the forest. Killing zombies in the forest. Killing zombies in the forest.  After several false starts, MG finally hears Josie.  He starts digging and hauls her—alive—out of the earth.  Hope says her birthday gift to Josie worked.  It made a quiet thing heard.

MG decides he’s a superhero now and Josie blames Penelope for being buried alive on her birthday.  She hates her.  Penelope knows.  And then they kiss.

Jo tells Ric the girls have to siphon off the magic that’s controlling her.  The magic that’s keeping her alive.  They share a tearful embrace and goodbye.  She tells him Josie thinks he’s lonely.  She asks him if he’s happy.  He tells her he is.  Right now, in the arms of his demon possessed baby mama.

And after that, he’ll be happy when his girls are grown.  Jo asks if they know what happens when they turn 22.  That one will be forced to murder the other in order to ensure the survival of the Gemini Coven. 

Because the Merge ritual is still a thing even though all the Gemini’s died after Damon killed Kai?  But it is and they don’t.  Ric says Josie and Lizzie won’t know until they’ve exhausted all options.  And that’s how Legacies works around Candice King not being on the show. She’s “following leads.”

And let’s be honest.  Unless they do a time jump, it’s not like this show is going to go 7 seasons for it even to be an issue.

Jo tries to comfort the girls and steel them for what she’s asking them to do.  She says she’s already dead.  She loves this time she’s been given, but it’s a lie.  And now she needs her daughters to help her make it right.  She tells them that she’s remembering where she came from.  She used to watch them—all of them—like in a dream, where everything is warm and happy.  She thinks she was at peace there.  

“So that’s where I”ll be.  Waiting for you.”

Jo kneels down in front of Lizzie and Josie.  She tells them they are everything she could have ever wished for.  To be good to each other.  To fight for each other.  Jo holds out her hands and then she’s gone.

Legacies airs Thursday at 9/8 p.m. on The CW.

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