‘Legacies’: It’s on all of us

November 29, 2018

Ric decides to give his students a greater voice in their school, courtesy of some nudging by Josie and Lizzie.  He announces the formation of an honor council, composed of one vampire, one witch, and one werewolf, each elected by their peers.


Rafe convinces Ric to let the honor council decide if Landon can remain at the school.  But first, he has to be tested for any supernatural abilities.  Hope is vexed—VEXED—that she’s put in charge of running Landon’s 23 and Me.  Ric simply says that if Landon can convince her that he belongs, he can convince anybody.

Instructions are in Ric’s office.  “Try not to kill him.”

Landon already has one vote against him.  Jed the dick Alpha tells Rafe to consider it punishment for not respecting his authoritah when he first arrived.  When Jed refuses to reconsider, Rafe challenges him for leadership and beats the Alpha off of him.  

MG commits the vampire vote and Lizzie says she’ll be happy to help if Rafe will be her date to her birthday on Friday.  It’s not blackmail, it’s black tie! Rafe agrees and Josie dies a little inside.

MG works on lining up his own constituency.  Kaleb is in vampire jail drying out from all that cheerleader blood.  MG says if he’s elected to the honor council, his first act will be getting Kaleb released.  Kaleb tells him to send the other vampires his way and he’ll get them in line.  

MG walks away happy, thinking he’s a lock for the council.

Narrator: He is not a lock.

Dorian has been holed up in a tumbledown farmhouse fending off the monsters that come, one by one, to claim the knife.  He calls Ric in when he traps one that can talk.  The dryad says she’ll answer their questions once they prove themselves trustworthy by bringing her beloved Oliver to her. 

The good news is, Bonnie Bennett used the dryad’s ring to locate and summon Oliver.  The bad news is, Oliver has no idea who the dryad is.  Whatever magic erased the creatures of myth and legend from memory has taken the dryad from Oliver, too.

But Ric and Dorian fulfilled the bargain, so the dryad tells them as much as she can.  She was attacked the night she and Oliver were to run away.  She woke up in the Empty an endless darkness.  She could feel the presence of others but not see of hear them.

Just as suddenly she found herself not far from the farmhouse with an urge to possess the knife.  She doesn’t know why or what the knife is, only that she must have it.

The dryad scratches out a sigil in the arm of a chair. She doesn’t seem to be aware that she’s doing it. She tells them there is a dark pit beneath the earth.  Locked away.  A voice in her mind says she’s meant to take the knife there. If she does, she will find peace and finally be free.

A gust of wind blows through the open window and breaks the containment circle.  The dryad sends out tendrils that wrap around the knife.  Dorian shoots her in the chest with a crossbow.  She pleads with them to take her home and Dorian carries her to a field of daffodils.  

As she dies, the dryad remembers one last detail.  The black pit is called Malivore.

Landon fails the tests of strength, speed, and agility.  He also has zero magic in his bloodline.  School counselor Emma finds this curious.  She says most humans have some trace of magical blood.  They need to know more about Landon’s past.

Hope gives him a supernatural lie detector test, but there’s not much he can tell her.  He knows his mother’s name is Seylah, he was put up for adoption when he was young, and he’s never met his dad.  The test also confirms that Landon has been telling the truth when he says he doesn’t know why he took the knife.

The council votes are tallied and announced.  Rafe wins the werewolf seat to the cheers and acclaim of his pack.  Lizzie whispers to Josie that she’s always wanted to be part of a power couple.  MG loses the vampire vote to Kaleb, which comes as a surprise only to him.

Lizzie also loses her seat—to Josie. A win engineered by Josie’s vexsome ex Penelope. She later explains to Lizzie the method of her toxic madness—it’s punishment.  Punishment for Lizzie never leaving room for her sister. For taking her sister’s time and energy and love and never giving any in return.  

Or leaving any for Josie to give to anyone else.

Lizzie sits in front of the fire clutching a meditation bowl trying to rise above the magical rage aneurysm brewing inside her.  Josie offers to step down, which would be a great idea and one that Lizzie has already explored.  Only it turns out, Lizzie wasn’t the runner-up either.

Landon and Hope play trust issues bingo and begin a rapprochement.  He asks her to look out for Rafe if things don’t go his way.  As much as Landon wants to stay, he says Rafe needs to.  He’s finally found a home he deserves.  Landon won’t take that away from him.

Dick Jed is in his feelings about being trounced by Rafe.  He airs his grievances on Landon’s face and ribcage. So, that’s a no on supernatural healing. 

Landon brushes off the savage beating.  He tells Hope he’s dealt with bullies before.  She warns that the Salvatore School is full of people like Jed.  Some are nicer.  Some have more control.  But all are capable of doing what he did.  

Does Landon honestly think he’s safe there?

Hope finagles a seat on the council.  She’s a tribrid.  She tells Ric no one can represent her interests but her. And her primary interest is protecting Landon. 

The council meets.  Emma, voting on behalf of the lower school students, casts for inclusion.  Rafe is naturally also a yes.  He says Landon is the only reason he’s alive.  Hope blurts out that Landon has to go.  She says it doesn’t matter how much they want him stay—look what one mad wolf did to him.  The school is dangerous for him and Landon knows it.  

“If he stays, it’s on all of us.  It is all of our responsibility to protect him.”

Hope and Kaleb vote no, leaving Josie to break the tie.

Josie notes that since Landon walked through the school’s doors, she, her sister, and her father have almost died.  She says they don’t know enough about Landon to know if he’s a danger. 

The school is family. And Josie is not putting her family in danger again.

Hope walks Landon to the bus stop and hands him a ham sandwich and a ticket to New Orleans.  She tells him he’s expected by a witch who’s going to help him find his mother.  Vincent can get the answers for Landon that Hope couldn’t.  

She also gives him a chunky and fantastically ugly wrist cuff to wear.  One press and her equally ugly bracelet will lead her right to him.  He gives it a test as Hope is walking away.  And then they kiss.

Landon settles in on the bus and pulls out a photo of his mother taken when he was an infant.  She’s wearing a pendant that matches the sigil the dryad scratched out.  The sigil of Malivore.

Legacies airs Thursday at 9/8 p.m. on The CW.

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