‘Supernatural’: God was never on your side

April 25, 2019

“Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well… isn’t that kinda the whole point?”


Y’all. This is the penultimate “Carry On.” Let’s just take a moment, shall we?

mariah crying clapping

Man, kudos to the editor of THE ROAD SO FAR (Nicole Baer, perhaps?) for making this season look like it actually had an arc and that Michael was an important part of it. That’s some sorcery level skills right there.

Also, Dean was featured so heavily that I began to fear he wasn’t going to survive the episode.

We begin where “Jack in the Box” ended, with the screaming klaxon and Jack emerging from the gloom of the destroyed storage room.


Jack is cross—SO CROSS—that his dads lied to him. He hits them with a sonic scream sending Sam and Dean crashing into the few bookshelves that are still standing. Cas is sent flying through the open door, which hardly seems fair. He didn’t lie to Jack or try to lock him in a box.

Dune put your hand in the pain box

Jack wings away leaving Dean and Cas to slap fight over Dean’s preferred Plan B of finding Jack and killing him. DIE DIE DIE MONSTER DIE! Their staring intensifies and then they kiss.


It doesn’t say much about my investment in this episode that, in this moment, the thing I care about most are the books and files. Were any of them damaged by the small fires that Jack ignited? Do the boys have digital backups? Off-site copies? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO THEY EVEN HAVE AN EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND RECOVERY PLAN FOR THE MOL ARCHIVE?

Anyhoo, Dean tries to get Sam right with his plan by telling him that Jack isn’t Jack anymore, ergo he’s not family anymore. Dean says it won’t be easy. They’re going to have to do the hard thing. The ugly thing.

Although, wouldn’t forgiving Jack and trying to help him find his way back—like the boys have been doing for each other since ever—be the hard thing?

This episode. Mommy needs a drink.

jessica chastain wine snl drink

Jack wanders down a busy pedestrian mall, growing increasingly agitated by all the lying lies he overhears. His eyes flash and he says, “STOP LYING.”

Sam gets Rowena on the horn and convinces her to cook up another soul bomb. Rowena agrees despite calling Dean’s plan dangerous and insane.

And also completely unworkable?

The soul bomb they were going to use on Amara in Season 11 required Billie raiding the veil to collect enough energy to power it, and Dean to carry it—and blow himself up in the process. All things that episode writer Andrew Dabb should remember BECAUSE HE ALSO WROTE “ALPHA AND OMEGA.”

Ultimately it’s a red herring and doesn’t matter because LOL! nothing matters on this show anymore.


The boys pull up to the headquarters of Mirror Universe, a tech company that builds facial recognition software and has contracts with every law enforcement agency on the planet. Who better to help them track Jack?

Dean casts a disparaging glance at the lobby full of “nerds” and Sam calls him out. He says it takes one to know one. Sam points out that Dean knows every word to every Led Zeppelin song, he can discuss in detail every major rock drummer active between 1967 and 1984, and he watches Jeopardy! every night.


Fascinating fact about me—I was on Jeopardy! in 2004 during Ken Jennings’ $2 million run. In fact, I loaned him 10 cents at lunch the day our episode taped. But that’s not important. What is important is that Dean almost certainly saw my episode and was TOTES rooting for me.

rooting for you tyra

Dean concedes Sam’s point but says he’s nothing like this gaggle of Zuckerbergs. He spies the pretty receptionist and tells Sam he’s got this. Dean smiles as he approaches her, pulls out his badge, and introduces himself.

“Hi, I’m Dean Winchester and I’m looking for the Devil’s son.”

ivanka what confused trump dummy

Dean tries again.

“Hi, I’m Dean Winchester I’m looking for the Devil’s son, this badge is fake.”

im befumbled confused bachelor dumb

Two employees walk past Sam. One says he’s sleeping with the other’s wife. The other says he knows and he’s kind of into it.

Stricken looks cross their faces.

Dean rushes up to Sam and asks who his favorite singer is. Sam may claim it’s Elvis, but Dean says they both know that’s crap.

“It’s like you said, it’s Celine Dion.”


But is it, though? I’m just going to pretend that’s a shout out to Television Without Pity and Celine Demon. RIP TWoP.

Anyhoo, Sam tries to explain to Dean what Dean already knows.

“We can’t lie.”

A man in a gray hoodie bursts out of the kitchen and demands to know from the room at large who ate his yogurt! Another man in a red hoodie pops up out of his chair and raises his hand. Gray knew it! THAT WAS THE THIRD ONE! He immediately sets upon red, taking him to the floor.

The orgy of truth-telling that erupts next is one of the funniest and most delightful scenes I’ve seen on Show in a long, long time.

“Double? You make double??!?”


“I’m the stapler queen. I am the stapler queen! I AM THE STAPLER QUEEN!!”


Sam and Dean slip into a conference room as the open work space devolves into chaos, recriminations, and office supply theft.

The large TV in the room is tuned to a news channel. The anchor reports that a speech intended to be about infrastructure week farming subsidies instead became a two-hour disclosure by Donnie Smallhands of his entire tax history, deep ties to Russia and North Korea, and a demon deal he made “with someone named Crowley.”



“I need to go to Hell.”

Castiel is standing in an alley in front of a thick steel door.

The demon behind the door isn’t sure why the angel needs her help. He’s been to Hell. More than once. Cas explains that he needs time to see Lucifer’s cage and study it. Because reasons? To reverse engineer its magic to bind Jack’s powers like Crowley bound Lucifer in Season 12? That’s a really good idea! One that maybe should have been explored 6 episodes ago.

But then, if you send Cas to Hell to examine the cage, you also have to address the fact that Michael and Adam are still in it.



And why do any of that when you can just bring God back?



“Wow. Yeah. You guys are screwed.”

Sam uploads Jack’s photo to Mirror Universe’s system while the sound of angry voices filters through the room’s frosted glass walls. Dean is on his phone. He says when people can’t lie the Internet gets real quiet. He forgets that when people can’t lie, they can’t hide their enjoyment of mommy blogs.


“I’ll stop talking.”

“Probably a good plan.”

I don’t imagine Dabb intended this scene to have any depth, but to me it’s incredibly telling. Maybe following a mommy blog is a way for Dean to safely give in to a want that he can’t even allow himself to think about having.

It’s like an electronic version of a Dickensian orphan pressing his grubby nose up against the window of a warm, happy home.

As depressing as that thought is, the scene is still a lovely (albeit probably unintended) call back to the conversation the boys had in “Baby” about the possibility of having something more.

SPN_Sam Dean Baby backseat

“See, this is why people need to lie.”

Chuck and Cas stand amidst the cacophony of truth and pain at Mirror Universe. Chuck says lies are good. They keep the peace. Castiel thinks that’s an odd stance for God to take, but Chuck just shrugs. He says he’s a writer.

“Lying is kind of what we do.”

The boys are surprised to see Cas and nonplussed by the appearance of Chuck. He says he knows what they’re thinking—it’s been a while and he still looks pretty good.


No, says Sam. That’s not what they were thinking at all.

Dean glowers at Chuck and flatly asks where he’s been. Chuck gets comfy in a very expensive Herman Miller Sayl task chair and says it’s a funny story. One that reminds him of a song. He picks up the acoustic guitar that wasn’t sitting next to the chair just a moment ago.

Dean snatches the guitar from Chuck’s hands and smashes it on the floor.


Dean roars at Chuck to ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION. He gets an equally aggressive DON’T in answer, punctuated by an angry point. Dean takes a beat, remembering that this isn’t the shlubby writer of middling genre fiction.


This is God.

And apparently, if you’re an actor who’s having trouble finding the right mix of anger, godly intimidation, and righteous pissed offedness, the solution is to go “full Dean.”


The room goes still. Team Free Will holds its collective breath. Chuck leans forward and affably says it’s getting a little cramped in the conference room. He snaps them back to the Bunker’s war room.

“So! How’s things?”


Angry, confused, still grieving crickets. Chuck changes tack. They have questions? Great—go! Sam picks up the baton from Dean. Where has Chuck been? Chuck says it’s hard to explain … everywhere and nowhere? To the edge of the universe and beyond.

“And I saw Springsteen on Broadway. Man’s a genius.”

Amara has been with him, of course. Chuck says it’s been nice reconnecting after the whole, “try to murder me and end all existence thing.” She’s in Reno now playing Keno.

And Chuck is here because Jack.

He reminds them that’s he’s a free-range parent. They want to fight Leviathans? Cool, they’ve got that.

(Well, the didn’t want to fight Leviathans. They kind of had to after Cas broke open Purgatory—even though Dean told him not to do the thing.)

They want to go up against the BMoL?

“Okay. Little weak, but okay.”


But, Chuck explains, when things get really bad, like the Apocalypse—or the other Apocalypse—that’s when he has to step in. Because if they haven’t noticed, Jack said ‘stop lying’ and the world went insane.

With a wave of his hand, Chuck flips on the Bunker’s short wave radio. He scans through the channels, skipping from one report of rioting, fear, and destruction to the next. Also, it’s been confirmed that the Queen of England, is in fact, a lizard.


Can Chuck fix it? He sighs a heavy, put upon sigh. Another snap of his fingers and the world is set right. Chuck says it’s like it never happened. They’re welcome.

No one in the room is feeling particularly grateful.


Chuck says the point is, Jack did all that with two words. The situation is “him” level bad. Rather than asking if Chuck can fix Jack, Sam asks if Chuck can stop him. Not exactly … but Chuck says they can. With the shiny magic gun that has just now appeared on the map table. Chuck says he’s thinking of calling it—*jazz hands*—The Equalizer. Or, The Hammurabi …


Chuck says the magical weapon he has just now created will kill anything … including the person who wields it. He explains that it uses balance, not bullets, so whatever happens to the person you’re aiming at, also happens to you.


Cas finally pipes up to ask why Chuck can’t just restore Jack’s soul. That’s why Cas called him in the first place. Chuck says he can’t because reasons. Souls are complicated. And even if he could, would they want that? After the accident?

Are you getting the sense that Chuck is a little too invested in the DIE MONSTER DIE option?

Castiel continues pushing back, insisting that there has to be another way. He reminds Dean that Billie was wrong when she said the Ma’lak Box was the only way to defeat Michael. He implies, but doesn’t say, that maybe Chuck is wrong, too.

Chuck ughs at the mention of Billie. He says this new Death is always sticking her scythe where it doesn’t belong. He liked the old Death better.

“He was all about fried pickles and tickle porn.”


Dean shuts down any further discussion of Jack’s fate because free will is an illusion and nothing matters anymore. Dean knows Cas doesn’t like it; he doesn’t really care. He tells his angel he can either get on board or walk away. Castiel chooses to walk away.

The weight of what’s to come settles on Sam and Dean while a ghost of a smile plays across Chuck’s face.

Wait … is … is Chuck enjoying this?

buffy angry eyes

Later in Dean’s room, the boys have the same conversation they have every season when one of them decides there’s no other choice than to blah blah sacrifice themselves for the greater good blah.

Sam says Dean pulling the trigger isn’t the only option. They have a choice. Isn’t that the point of everything they’ve ever done? Team Free Will?

Dean simply says that Jack killed their mother.

Sam hears Dean and validates everything he’s feeling, because Sam feels it, too. He says a part of him wants Jack dead, but they haven’t even tried to save him!

Dean is not trying to hear this redemption arc. He’s still too raw from their conversation with Jack, and the blame the boy placed on Mary. Sam shoots back that Jack doesn’t have a soul!

“And whose fault is that?”

Sam owns that and acknowledges that Jack burned through his soul to save them. Holy crap, did Andrew Dabb read my recap of “Jack in the Box”? As much as it gladdens my heart that they’re having this conversation, I wish they’d had it two episodes ago.

Sam tells Dean that he’s already lost too much. He won’t say he’s okay with losing his son and his brother at the same time, because he isn’t.

He walks into the library to find Chuck admiring the archangel blade. Wait, have they had that the whole time? Did they get it back from Michael when he died? Sam says they found this one in another world. As Chuck strikes poses with the blade, Sam asks him how many more there are.

Chuck says he lost count of the other worlds and realities he created—most of them are boring. One’s in reverse. In one there’s no yellow. One of them’s just all squirrels.


Sam repeats Michael’s belief that these other worlds are just failed drafts that Chuck tossed away. Was that a lie … or is that what Chuck is doing to them now? Chuck puts on his extra sincere expression and says, no. Would he do that to his most favorite versions of Sam and Dean? They’re just so interesting! Like what happened at the office earlier? That was crazy, right?

The comment pings a realization in Sam’s brain. Does Chuck watch them? God gets a sheepish look on his face and admits, yeah. He does.

“I mean, you’re my favorite show.”

And I think Dean said it best in Season 5’s “The Real Ghostbusters”:

“The ‘Dean and Sam’ story sucks. It is not fun. It’s not entertaining. It is a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nuthouse … their pain is not for your amusement!”

Sam gets shouty, asking why the weight of the world always has to fall on their shoulders? Because reasons. Chuck simply says that Sam and Dean are his guys.

Contrast this scene with Dean’s quiet call out of Chuck in “All in the Family” in Season 11. Dean had the same question for God—why does he sit by and do nothing? But Dean was more focused on the suffering of others. His peace is helping people; he couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t be driven to help them, too.

It’s also interesting to think about Sam’s reaction to meeting God in that episode. He was so excited! His faith had been rewarded and he had so many questions! Now, Sam still has faith, but he’s coming to the crushing awareness that Chuck may not be worthy of it.

But that’s not a conversation Chuck is really interested in right now. He says they need to stay focused on Jack. Dean’s already left by the way, so.

Castiel drives to some cemetery somewhere to be in his feelings. Is is the cemetery where Mary is/was buried, where they all gathered to say goodbye in “Alpha and Omega”?


Jack appears and he and Cas have the conversation they should have had four episodes ago. Also, there is hugging. Yay! Hugging!

Jack tells Cas he thought he could make the world a better place if people couldn’t lie. When that went horribly wrong, he thought a visit to Kelly’s parents would cheer him up.

But his grandmother was really mad about the lies Jack told her when they first met (IRONY!).

And also the whole her daughter being dead thing. That became an issue, and Mrs. Kline got shouty, but Jack somehow managed not to burn her to ash. So, yay? Progress?

Jack says his grandmother blames him for Kelly’s death. He agrees that he’s responsible, just by being born. Jack admits that he used to hate himself for it. We saw the graphic evidence of that last season in “The Rising Son” when Jack stabbed himself repeatedly with a giant, honking kitchen knife.

But Jack doesn’t feel that way anymore.

“I don’t feel anything.”

Alexander Calvert is lovely in this scene, and I get why the boys were so quick to make him part of the family. I want to just wrap him up in a blanket and feed him soup. Jack was created to be a woobie, but Alexander has always been able to make the character sing with his charm and humor. Well played.

Cas and Jack sit together on a bench in a shot that calls back to Castiel’s confessions in “The Man Who Would be King.” Jack says all he ever wanted is to be good. And now “good” seems like something that is beyond his grasp.

“Now I’m just … empty.”

Jack says he knows that Cas is here because he loves him, and Jack wants to love him back … but he can’t.

“You can’t yet.”

Which is another really interesting idea that Show could have explored this season and didn’t. Can someone without a soul develop the capacity for emotion? For love and empathy?

Cas did.

The angel thinks it’s possible and says Jack just needs time somewhere safe where no one can find them …

Too late! Because here’s Dean and he’s got his very serious resolved face on.

Also, how did he get there? Did he walk? Uber? Because they left Baby parked in front of Mirror Universe when Chuck poofed them back to the Bunker. Did Chuck poof Baby, too?

Anyhoo, Dean tells Cas to step aside, Cas tells Jack to run, and Jack backhands Cas out of the way with his mind because he’s done running. That seems like an outsized reaction and isn’t really making Jack’s case for him.

Dean takes a breath and draws down on Jack. Jack gets on his knees and looks up at Dean with sad, resigned puppy dog eyes. Dean said he would be the one to kill him, and if Sam and Dean are the North stars by which Jack sets his compass, then this must be the only way.

The surrender catches Dean off guard. His arms slowly lowers, but then he steels himself. He walks closer to Jack, aiming at the boy’s head. Sam arrives and races across the cemetery calling Dean’s name and shouting for him to stop. Sam runs and runs and runs some more, his hair flowing and shining in the sun.


Dean stands over Jack, finger on the trigger. Jack quietly says he understands. He knows what he’s done.

“You were right all along. I am a monster.”

Chuck appears next to Sam. Sam breathlessly tells him to do something. Chuck is fully engrossed in the drama unfolding before him. He can barely hide his smile of enjoyment. He shushes Sam. NO TALKING DURING THE SHOW HOLD YOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE COMMERCIALS.

Dean cocks the hammer and stares down the barrel at Jack … and then he lowers the gun, releases the hammer, and tosses the weapon aside. Somewhere deep down, Dean told himself not to do the thing and DEAN LISTENED.

Yay! Dean passed the test!

Oh, wait. He didn’t? This wasn’t a test?

The smile slides off Chuck’s face. He blurts out, “NO.” Sam jumps at the sound of his voice. Chuck shouts at Dean to pick it up. This isn’t how the story is supposed to end! Cas is like, the fuck you talking about??

Chuck sets the scene for them: the gathering storm! The gun! The father killing his own son! Chuck says it’s Abraham and Isaac … even though God stopped Abraham from killing Isaac, but whatever! Chuck is on a roll! IT’S EPIC!

Dean is like, the fuck you talking about? Sam says it’s just another chapter in the story of their lives that Chuck has been writing for his own amusement. Their entire lives. Mary, John, all of it.

Chuck tells Dean that Sam is stupid and crazy and Jack is still dangerous, so PICK UP THE GUN. Pick it up, pull the trigger … and Chuck will bring Mary back. Dean looks at Chuck with disgust and takes several steps back. He says no. He shakes his head and says it again.


It’s the expression on Sam’s face that makes this moment poetry. It’s pride and love and the ghost of a smirk as he cuts his eyes at Chuck all like, THAT’S RIGHT, DEAN’S NOT GOING TO DO THE THING.

Dean says Mary was his hero. He misses her. He will miss her every second of his life but she would not want this. Dean’s grief gives way to anger. He says it’s not like Chuck even cares. Why the games? Why doesn’t he just snap his fingers and end it?!


Chuck tries to defuse the situation, but Sam cuts him off. All the bad they’ve been through and died for … where was he? Just watching them suffer and fight and lose people they love, over and over?

And you know, given that my favorite episodes are the angstiest ones—“The End,” “Abandon All Hope,” “Dark Side of the Moon,” “The Executioner’s Song”—I’m feeling a little called out right now.


Sam demands to know when it all ends.

Chuck ignores the question and tries again with Dean, but Dean cuts him off. He says they’re done talking, because this isn’t just a story, IT’S THEIR LIVES.

So God or no God, Chuck can go to Hell.


So this. This is the part where Chuck tells them they passed the test, right?

Yeah, no. This is the part where he snaps his fingers and burns out Jack’s grace, EEP! Chuck walks away while Jack writhes and moans on the ground with Cas by his side. Sam snatches up the gun and shouts after Chuck.

Honestly, it kind of reminded me of Flounder yelling, “Hey Niedermeyer!” at the end of Animal House.

Chuck turns and Sam fires, hitting them both in the shoulder. So, either Sam is a shitty shot or he realized that killing God would end the world again and he was just trying to make a not very well thought out point. Either way, it’s the last straw. Chuck reaches that moment as a fan when he decides it’s time to fire the show he once loved.

“Story’s over. Welcome to the end.”

In a blink, Chuck is gone and so is the sun. Darkness falls over the cemetery. The wind whistles through the trees. Sam and Dean picks themselves up and join Cas next to Jack’s still smoking carcass. The blackened imprint of his wings fan out on the ground beneath him.

“Then God said, ‘Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.'”

Well. That seems to suggest that, this time, the kid is well and truly dead.

Dean has a confused. He though Chuck said the gun was the only thing that could kill jack.

“He’s a writer. Writers lie.”

The camera pushes in on Jack’s empty, eyeless sockets as Motorhead’s “God Was Never On Your Side” begins to play.

If the stars fall down on me / And the sun refused to shine
Then may the shackles be undone / May all the old words cease to rhyme

If the sky turned into stone / It will matter not at all
For there is no heaven in the sky / Hell does not wait for our downfall

Jack wakes up in the Empty. He’s approached by the T2 and SON OF A BITCH. Will we never be rid of Lucifer??!?

But wait!

The T2 raises its hand and draws an arc in the air. A smile appears on its otherwise blank face. This could be the Empty, but there’s also been speculation that this could be Gabriel. I’m not sure how that works given that he died in the A!V, but who cares! Nothing matters anymore! Team Gabriel!

Jack has a confused. He wonders out loud what’s happening and a voice answers him.

“Yeah … about that.”

SPN Reaper Billie sup

Billie is standing behind Jack holding her scythe. She says they should talk.


I will be spending the hiatus with fingers crossed that Billie is a major player in Season 15. Billie playing spoiler to Chuck would be a satisfying full circle back to Death Prime’s comment that one day he would reap God, too.

In the cemetery, there’s the distant sound of an explosion. The ground shakes and then begins to belch souls from the depths of Hell into the air.

Let the voice of reason chime / Let the friars vanish for all time
God’s face is hidden, all unseen / You can’t ask Him what it all means

On an empty stretch of road, a driver stops to pick up Constance Welch, the Woman in White.

A mom answers the door for a late arrival to her son’s birthday party. John Wayne Gacy grins back at her.

Two friends goof around playing with costume jewelry. Bloody Mary watches them from a mirror.

Why is He silent? Is He blind? / Are we abandoned in the end?

Glowing cracks open up in the Earth as the damned race through the cemetery looking for vessels. The tombstones explode as the dead rise.

The gladius drops into Castiel’s hand. Dean pulls two iron fence pickets free and hands one to Sam. Team Free Will squares up and stands back-to-back as they’re swallowed up by a horde of revenants.

He was never on your side / God was never on your side
Let right or wrong alone decide / God was never on your side

God was never on your side.

Well. Alrighty then. I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted a Supernatural season inspired by the world of Mike Carey’s Felix Castor, where monsters are out in the open and everyone knows about them. Could that be the direction of Season 15? Dare I hope?

Yeah. Probably not.

Resurrecting the monsters that Sam and Dean have already defeated just feels so … hopeless. Like nothing they ever do will be good enough. And I thought Season 12 was a joyless slog! Not to mention, it’s been done before—and to better effect—by Crowley in Season 8 when he started killing people the boys saved in Season 1.

And how does that even work? Is it just the damned human souls they’ll have to deal with, since we know all the other monsters go to Purgatory? Is Show going to continue pretending that Seasons 6 and 7 don’t exist and just LOL!whut? that bit of canon?

Will they find a way to bring John back again. Because reasons?


Maybe Kaia Ren figures out how to open up a space vagina to the Bad Place and brings the monster back to eat all the zombies.

Land of the Lost Grumpy Trex

Or maybe Dabb will follow his established pattern of losing interest in a plot and have Billie resolve the risen damned story by Episode 3.

And we can’t talk about souls without talking about their power. Pure energy. Beautiful little nuclear reactors. Shouldn’t someone in Hell be bothered about an energy drain of that magnitude? Is there anyone even in a position to be bothered?

Sam had a big damn hero line in Episode 14.01 where he said anybody who wanted Crowley’s old job would have to come through him. Which seemed like it kind of made Sam de facto boss of Hell.

Another interesting idea that was never spoken of again.

The one idea that this episode seemed intent on hammering home was that writers lie. But do they?

In American Gods Episode 2.07 “Treasure of the Sun,” Mr. Ibis has this great line that “stories are truer than the truth.” One of the things I’ve always loved about Supernatural is that they spend all season telling you what’s going to happen and then it happens. No tricks. No bait and switch—the thing happens. That’s the big shocking twist!

By contrast, this season hasn’t told us anything. Maybe that’s the lie. That any of the plot points that were thrown against the wall were going to stick into something cohesive.

I mean, think about “Do You Believe in Miracles” in Season 9. Show telegraphed all season that the Mark of Cain was going to claim Dean and it was a pretty good bet that he was going to become a demon.

But even if you suspected it was coming, the black-eyed reveal of Demon Dean was still a gut punch. The ending felt authentic because Show spent all season getting there. That’s a swerve that earned.

But now the twists seem to come out of nowhere with no build-up or foreshadowing. Which may be why I don’t care for Chuck’s heel turn.


Although, to be fair, maybe I should have believed Chuck in Season 4 when he said he was a cruel, cruel, capricious god.

I just have a hard time squaring how the distantly benevolent Chuck of Eric Kripke’s “Swan Song” who seemed to be rooting for the boys to defy destiny is now the petty and manipulative Chuck of Andrew Dabb who just wants his characters to shut up and do what he tells them.

Oh, wait. I think I just answered my own question.

And finally, if Episode 1 of Season 15 doesn’t open exactly like this, then what even is the point of watching?

Supernatural airs Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) on The CW. Whitney also watches The Magicians. Follow her on Twitter @Watcher_Whitney.

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  1. I’m not going to say too much lest I spoil anything, but there is a wonderful little indie horror film called “Resolution” that reminded me very much of this episode — or at least one part of it. It’s well worth the $3 or whatever to rent it on YouTube or iTunes or whatever. The filmmakers made another film that is a sorta sequel — I hesitate to call it that because you can enjoy it without having seen “Resolution,” but it is SO MUCH BETTER IF YOU HAVE SEEN IT — called “The Endless” which is on Netflix. Anyway. Good movies, highly recommend.

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