‘Chernobyl,’ ‘The Society,’ ‘Lucifer,’ the series finale of ‘Veep’ and everything else you don’t want to miss on TV this week


Chernobyl: A miniseries examining the Chernobyl disaster. Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson star, and it looks terrific, but this isn’t going to be light. Series premiere. 8 p.m., HBO

The Biggest Bachelorette Reunion in Bachelor History Ever!: A whole other kind of disaster. 7 p.m., ABC

E! Live from the Red Carpet: The Met Gala: Famous people wear ridiculous things.  4 p.m., E!

The Resident: Season finale. 7 p.m., Fox

Man With a Plan: Season finale. 7:30 p.m., CBS

Into the Badlands: Series finale. 9 p.m., AMC


Texicanas: Basically The Real Housewives of San Antonio. Series premiere. 9 p.m., Bravo

Foster: A dramatic look into the complicated foster care system. 7 p.m., HBO

Frontline: A look at Trump’s trade war with China. I’m sure everything is fine. 9 p.m., PBS


Lucifer: The devil is back and on a considerably sexier platform. Season premiere. Netflix

Empire: Season finale. 7 p.m., Fox

The Goldbergs: Season finale. 7 p.m., ABC

Schooled: Season finale. 7:30 p.m., ABC

Modern Family: Season finale 8 p.m., ABC

Star: Season finale. 8 p.m., Fox

Single Parents: Season finale. 8:30 p.m., ABC


Paradise Hotel: Like genital warts, this trash is back. Series (re)-premiere. 7 p.m., Fox

Klepper: Jordan Klepper tries again with this new series that focuses more on his remote pieces. Series premiere. 9:30 p.m., Comedy Central

Mom: Season finale. 8 p.m., CBS


Wine Country: Amy Poehler directed and stars in this movie about a bunch of ladies on a girls’ trip getting their drank on. Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, and Rachel Dratch co-star — yes, please. Netflix

The Society: A bunch of teenagers find themselves alone in a town. Lord of the Flies hijinks ensue. Series premiere. Netflix

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Wait, is Coulson alive or dead? I don’t know, I don’t watch this show. Season premiere. 7 p.m., ABC

Sneaky Pete: One of Ricky Jay’s last performances was on this season of Sneaky Pete, a perfect fit for the magician/con man. Season premiere. Amazon

Jailbirds: Like Orange is the New Black, but for real. Series premiere. Netflix

Wu-Tang: Of Mics and Men: A docuseries chronicling the rap group’s career. Series premiere. 8 p.m., Showtime

Last Man Standing: Season finale. 7 p.m., Fox

MacGyver: Season finale. 7 p.m., CBS

The Cool Kids: Season finale. 7:30 p.m., Fox

Proven Innocent: Season finale. 8 p.m., Fox

Blue Bloods: Season finale. 9 p.m., CBS


Saturday Night Live: Emma Thompson and the Jonas Brothers. 10:30 p.m., NBC

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Based on a podcast of the same name, Jamie Morton and his co-hosts, James Cooper and Alice Levine read the “lost” chapter of Morton’s father’s erotic novel series. Premiere. 9 p.m., HBO

Homekilling Queen: I mean, I could tell you what this was about, but it would only diminish a perfect Lifetime movie title. 7 p.m., Lifetime



Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: The bravest man in comedy is back with his third season. Netflix

Our Cartoon President: Too real. Season premiere. 7 p.m., Showtime

The Simpsons: Season finale. 7 p.m., Fox

Bob’s Burgers: Season finale. 7:30 p.m., Fox

Family Guy: Season finale. 8 p.m., Fox

Shark Tank: Season finale. 9 p.m., Fox

Now Apocalypse: Season finale. 9 p.m., Starz

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