Let’s spend Halloween looking at costumes and leave the really scary stuff — politics — until tomorrow

Hello, my creepy chickens. Today is Halloween, maybe my very favorite holiday, and to celebrate I’m turning off the political news for one more day to concentrate on costumes, Halloween TV stunts, and spooooooky news because I can. That said, the midterm election is in 6 days, so when I return tomorrow, it will be back to me screaming in your face about Trump. And if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

The morning shows — for reasons I’ll never entirely understand — have made it an annual tradition to dress up for Halloween every year, usually in some sort of group theme. Here is what went down on TV this morning, while you were going to your place of work:

Both The Today Show and Good Morning America had the very original idea to pay tribute to the 80s:

Here’s The Today Show (any guesses on what Megyn Kelly would have been if she hadn’t been shitcanned last week?):

And here’s Good Morning America. I have no idea who George Stephanopoulos is supposed to be:

Live with Kelly & Ryan! did a whole TV theme that included tributes to I Dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy, All My Children, and Laverne and Shirley that was well organized and cute:

The Talk did iconic singers, but I don’t know who most of these people are even supposed to be:

And The View was … all over the place. Elsa, Black Panther, Lady Gaga and The Terminator? I don’t even know.

More daytime Halloween costumes can be found here.

This weekend, all of Hollywood dressed up for Halloween. Here are some of the best costumes:

The Modern Family girls both had good couple costumes with their boyfriends (slides 11 & 12 in this slideshow) & the Riverdale girls did a good job:

George Clooney dressed as a moose. But then he was also an airplane pilot?

Gus Kenworthy because Gus Kenworthy.

Kate Hudson dressed with a group of people as cult members from the Wild Wild Country documentary. I strongly approve.

Joe Jonas dressed as his wife-to-be which is amazing:

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Lisa Rinna as Erika Jayne is also pretty great:

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Beyoncé as Toni Braxton is quite good but of course it is, it’s Beyoncé:

Here’s a whole gallery of stars dressed as other stars (although some of these are old). Nicki Hilton dressed as Paris Hilton just confuses me.

And this is a gallery that mostly consists of people who haven’t really been in anything lately. You know, just in case you were lying awake at night wondering what Chris Colter dressed as.

And Megan Amram, The Good Place writer who comes up with all those amazing food puns, asked Twitter to show her their Good Place costumes to cheer her up, and Twitter did not disappoint.

Maybe my favorite:

In case you missed this last week, my imaginary best friend Chrissy Teigen went through a haunted house with one of Ellen’s producers:

Jimmy Kimmel tested how kids would react to taking a picture with Michael Myers. That last “nope” girl is my hero:

In actual spooky TV news, the Satanic Temple is suing Netflix and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for using their copyright protected statue of Baphomet. Similarly, the Church of Satan was not cool with American Horror Story: Apocalypse‘s depiction of their founder (but they are not suing):

While on the topic of Sabrina, there was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Riverdale cameo.

And this is a good breakdown on how Sabrina expresses some fucked-up ideas about sexuality. Hey guys? Can we cool it with the gay panic nonsense?

This person is sick of seeing TV witches cut open the palms of their hands, and I don’t disagree?

Ghost Adventures‘ Zac Bagans is threatening to open this box that he claims is haunted and cursed Post Malone on his live show tonight. OOO-WWEEEEE-OOOOOOoooooo

Did you know there was once a Grinch Halloween special? I didn’t!

Still have questions about The Haunting of Hill House? TV Insider has some answers.

Wednesday Addams would TOTALLY be into Joy Division.

Today is the 80th anniversary of the time Orson Wells FREAKED OUT EVERYONE’S SHIT with his reading of War of the Worlds. Or maybe he only freaked out 50 people. WAY TO TAKE THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING, HISTORIANS. Anyway, you can listen to the original broadcast here:

And this isn’t TV-related but these skull calzones are supercool-looking and also, yum.

And now non-Halloween stuff you might be interested in:

Sex Monster News

Louie C.K. returned to the Comedy Cellar — this time in an advertised pair of sets — and the protestors were in force.

Padma Lakshmi also hosted a comedy show, which she opened with a concise: “Fuck Louis C.K.”

Zoë Kravitz has revealed that she was sexually harassed by a director early in her career.

Director Abdellatif Kechiche has been accused of sexual assault by a young actress in Paris.

Hundreds of Google employees are planning a walkout tomorrow in protest of the revelation that the company settled with an executive accused of sexual misconduct for $90 million.

Robin Wright on the whole #MeToo movement and pay parity:

“I really have been on this path of talking about, or wanting to focus on this new generation, the little boys and the little girls,” she says. “Let’s start there. Because we all — women, men — we’ve all just gone through life going, ‘That’s just the way things are.’ I’m guilty of it, too: ‘Yeah, that’s just the way it is,’ if you felt someone cross a line with you. We need to change that tape. It’s not going to be that way anymore. And when you teach the little ones the difference between right and wrong and they grow up with that, that’s going to be a whole new world.”

Sylvester Stallone will not face sex abuse charges from a case that goes back to 1987. Stallone has been accused of plenty of gross stuff, by the way.

The Ultimate Manic Pixie Dream Girl does not like being cast as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • What We Do in the Shadows will premiere on FX in Spring 2019.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine will debut on NBC (for its sixth season) in January.



American Horror Story: Apocalypse: “Sojourn.” By the way, I have not given up on this show, I’m just trying to play catch-up. Will post soon. 9 p.m., FX

The Real Housewives of Dallas: The women go to Copenhagen. Good luck, Copenhagen. 8 p.m., Bravo

Ghost Adventures Live: The Ghost Adventures goofs wander around scaring themselves for a few hours this Halloween. 7 p.m., Travel

Tell Me a Story: Fairy tales are reimagined in this psychological thriller. Series premiere. CBS All Access

Stan Against Evil: Stan is back. Season premiere. 9 p.m., IFC

Saw marathon: All seven Saw movies. Did you know there were seven Saw movies? I had NO IDEA there were seven Saw movies. 4 p.m., Starz

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Mike D & Ad-Rock, Desus & Mero, Sheck Wes Late Night with Seth Meyers: Diane Lane, Doug Liman, Cloves, Jon Theodore The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Mike Myers, Christiane Amanpour The Late Late Show with James Corden: Adam DeVine, Dan Stevens Jimmy Kimmel Live: John Stamos, Emily Ratajkowski, Trippie Redd The Daily Show: Ana Navarro Watch What Happens Live: Seth Meyers


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