Late night takes on Trump’s unconstitutional (and absurd) plan to end birthright citizenship

Jimmy Kimmel suggests Trump’s own words about birthright citizenship — “It’s ridiculous and it has to end” — should be his next campaign slogan:

Stephen Colbert helps explain the “complicated” concept of birthright citizenship: you’re born here, you’re a citizen:

Jimmy Fallon explains that Trump believes ending birthright citizenship will prevent any babies from voting against him.

Kimmel helps explain this ridiculous Mueller sexual harassment story:

Seth Meyers explains why he doesn’t think Mueller sexually harassed anyone:

Trevor Noah suggests that the migrants seeking asylum should be allowed to play a giant game of Red Rover to gain citizenship:

James Corden is going to steal Melania’s excuse for why she’s not traveling with Trump:

More of the Tiny Voice in the Back of Donald Trump’s head:

Stephen Colbert takes a look at all the news that gets buried, like cat makeup in gymnastics:

And it’s time for another round of Jokes Seth Can’t Tell:

Donald Trump delivers a special Halloween message:


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