Awkwafina’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was awkwafine. Not great, but awkwafine.

Saturday Night Live
Awkwafina & Travis Scott
October 6, 2018

Awkwafina, for those of us firmly in the grasp of middle age, is an actress and rapper who is hosting this episode because she had a role in Crazy Rich Asians this summer, but really because the writers and staff have loved her since “My Vag” was released and were looking for a reason to bring her on. (Look up the video on YouTube, but maybe with your earphones on if you’re in the office). Anyway, she’s funny, charming and cool, and it’s a shame that the writers didn’t give her more funny, charming and cool things to work with this week. It wasn’t a terrible episode — and to Awkwafina’s credit, she was the strongest thing in several bits — I just wish it had been a better episode.

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