Give Jason Momoa a glitter cape and have him host ‘Saturday Night Live’ every week, please.

Saturday Night Live
Jason Momoa & Mumford & Sons
December 8, 2018

It turns out, Jason Momoa, the actor who is best-known as the violent and sexy warrior chieftain Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones, is a delight. A goofy, funny, charming delight. His infectious energy lit up Saturday Night Live’s stage last night, clearly genuinely enjoying himself and single-handedly saving some mediocre sketches from themselves. The writing this season still is lacking — woefully lacking, in fact — but I have to be honest: Jason Momoa twerking in a glitter cape goes a loooooong way in making up for some lazy sketch ideas.

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Claire Foy reigns over a better (but still not great) ‘Saturday Night Live’

 H.Saturday Night Live
Claire Foy & Anderson .Paak
December 1, 2018

Aside from the last bit of the night (and maybe the tribute to George H. W. Bush), there wasn’t anything about last night’s episode that any of us will remember a month from now, much less a year. But I guess I’m so starved for a good Saturday Night Live, that I’ll take anything, because I didn’t hate last night’s episode. In fact, I didn’t even notice until my sister pointed it out that there were three — THREE — separate instances where people broke into song, which I usually hate. But maybe it was the charm of Claire Foy, maybe it’s the holiday season, maybe it’s that the lyrics of the “All I Want for Christmas” parody made me feel seen — whatever it was, I was left feeling like this was one of the better episodes of the season so far, maybe even the best. Of course, it doesn’t have a whole lot of competition, so take that as the non-compliment that it is.  Continue reading “Claire Foy reigns over a better (but still not great) ‘Saturday Night Live’”

The otherwise delightful Steve Carell is saddled with the laziest ‘Saturday Night Live’ of the season.

Saturday Night Live
Steve Carell & Ella Mai
November 17, 2018

Despite his recent turn into Serious Actorhood, Steve Carell is still one of our funniest comedic actors in the business. He is a natural fit for host of Saturday Night Live (which he has hosted three times previous to this appearance, he’ll be ushered into the Five-Timers Club in no time). He is goofy, game and giving (h/t Dan Savage). And it is because Carell is so funny that this episode receives such a low grade: it’s the expectation gap.

But I don’t blame Carell — he gave his all to unfunny material. No, I blame writers who think the word “kern” is inherently funny, and are too lazy to write a monologue or come up with anything for a sketch beyond, “So Steve is a dad and …” On behalf of all middle-aged parents, THERE IS MORE TO US THAN JUST BEING YOUR MOM OR DAD, YOU DUMB MILLENIALS. ~shakes angry fist at the ceiling in the direction of where her teenage sons are playing video games~ Continue reading “The otherwise delightful Steve Carell is saddled with the laziest ‘Saturday Night Live’ of the season.”

In which Dan Crenshaw takes over ‘Saturday Night Live’ and I have a few things to yell about it

Saturday Night Live
Liev Schreiber & Lil’ Wayne
November 10, 2018

I have no idea why Liev Schrieber was hosting Saturday Night Live this week. Ray Donovan is in its sixth season and returned on Showtime … ~checks notes~ … three weeks ago, so why? Why is he here? He’s not funny, he managed to botch many of his lines and he’s the celebrity and acting equivalent of of oatmeal: he’s fine, but I’m not going to recognize him if he knocked on my front door.

And so it is completely unsurprising that Schreiber’s hosting job was overshadowed by a right-wing eyepatch-sporting congressman — MY right-wing eyepatch-sporting congressman. And yes, I have one or two thoughts about it.  Continue reading “In which Dan Crenshaw takes over ‘Saturday Night Live’ and I have a few things to yell about it”

Jonah Hill earns his place in the Five Timers Club on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live
November 3, 2018
Jonah Hill and Maggie Rogers

Look. This week, this month, these past two years have given you plenty of reasons to drink, but I’m going to give you one more: You’re old. How old are you? You’re so old that Jonah Hill — the kid whose break out film was Superbad — has hosted Saturday Night Live five times.



Can I buy you a glass of box wine?

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This week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ owes Seth Meyers an apology.

Saturday Night Live
Seth Meyers & Paul Simon
October 13, 2018

I had high hopes for you, episode. In fact, I wanted to love you. What’s not to love? Seth Meyers was hosting and I love Seth Meyers. You are Saturday Night Live, and, well, OK, I don’t love you. In fact, you and I are like an embittered old married couple just tolerating one another until the kids are out of college and we can finally go live our own happier and separate lives. But I really thought there was a chance that Seth, sweet, intelligent, used-to-be-the-head-writer Seth, would elevate your game. To make you the show you were not that long ago. Sure there would be misses here and there, there always are — but I had hoped maybe Seth Meyers would lend some of his experience and writing know-how to make you a better version of yourself.

Long story short: I was wrong.

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Awkwafina’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was awkwafine. Not great, but awkwafine.

Saturday Night Live
Awkwafina & Travis Scott
October 6, 2018

Awkwafina, for those of us firmly in the grasp of middle age, is an actress and rapper who is hosting this episode because she had a role in Crazy Rich Asians this summer, but really because the writers and staff have loved her since “My Vag” was released and were looking for a reason to bring her on. (Look up the video on YouTube, but maybe with your earphones on if you’re in the office). Anyway, she’s funny, charming and cool, and it’s a shame that the writers didn’t give her more funny, charming and cool things to work with this week. It wasn’t a terrible episode — and to Awkwafina’s credit, she was the strongest thing in several bits — I just wish it had been a better episode.

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