Late night addresses a difficult and violent week and wonders how much Trump’s rhetoric is to blame

It’s been a long violent week here in America, and late night hosts were forced to address a mass shooting at a synagogue, multiple bombing attempts, and a President who is temperamentally unable to be presidential in the face of tragedy. Here’s how they handled it:

Stephen Colbert told the Tree of Life synagogue and Pittsburgh that we stand with them, and that hate has no place in America. He added, “Naturally, in times like these, our nation looks to its president for comfort and guidance. That’s our first mistake.”

Also, if you haven’t seen Lou Dobbs try to pronounce the name of this Mexican city, please do yourself a favor and watch it right now:

Jimmy Kimmel says that Trump’s tweets in the wake of the synagogue massacre reveal all you need to know about who our President is:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s reaction in this moment of crisis, and the President and the right’s attempt to blame “both sides.” “It’s only one side is repeating deranged conspiracy theories accusing Democrats of orchestrating an immigrant invasion and calling the press the ‘enemy of the people’ and encouraging violence.”

Trevor Noah wonders if you knew that a phrase had encouraged people to commit acts of violence why you wouldn’t stop using that phrase — unless you didn’t care or if you wanted to encourage more violence:

Seth Meyers compares Trump’s refusal to take responsibility for the attempted bombings to the first domino refusing to take responsibility for the last domino falling over.


Last Week Tonight‘s main segment was on State Attorneys General including a delightful Elvis impersonator and Texas’s own Ken Indicted Paxton:

Oh yay, the tiny voice in the back of Donald Trump’s head is back!


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