I’m going to laugh at this story about the Real Housewives of New York being trapped on a cruise from hell because if I focus on real news, I’ll become stabby

Because I kinda can’t bear the news about right-wing monsters claiming the teenagers who have found the strength to speak out about gun violence are crisis actors or think about those trolls have just come out and made fun of them — I MEAN IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF INHUMAN PIECE OF TRASH YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE TO ATTACK VICTIMS OF A SHOOTING, OH MY GOD THERE’S THE RAGE AGAIN — because I can’t really wrap my head around that without bursting a few vessels, instead, I’m going to focus on this story about the Real Housewives of New York being trapped on a shitty Colombian “yacht” in rough seas, vomiting and screaming in terror, which is just, frankly hilarious, doubly so for the fact that Sonja Morgan — who is never mentioned in the article — is clearly the source of the story.  Can not wait to see this on the show when it returns, and have it distract me from the fact that our country is filled with people who would rather attack children who have been shot at rather than actually part with their precious toys.

Here are some pretty exciting Game of Thrones set photos that suggest some interesting developments for King’s Landing next season. Spoilery!

Sterling Brown and Bill Hader will be hosting Saturday Night Live next month, along with Charles Barkley for some reason.

Get well soon, Wendy Williams.

A federal judge says that AT&T can not see communications between the Department of Justice and the White House about their potential merger with Time Warner, because “the company had not demonstrated that it had been unfairly treated by regulators.” Did AT&T’s lawyers not submit Trump’s tweets railing against CNN as evidence?

President Oprah just donated $500,000 to The March for Our Lives, following President George Clooney and President Amal Clooney’s lead. Meanwhile, the kids behind the movement aren’t sure they want the celebrities to distract from their message, and maybe they aren’t wrong? The minute George Clooney shows up, the cameras are going to pay more attention to him and not a bunch of 16-year-olds, but guess who is more sympathetic to the average American. These kids are smart. Do not underestimate them.

Time’s Up

According to a recent survey, 94 percent of women in Hollywood have experienced sexual harassment or assault. While that is a shocking number, based on the questions asked, I think that 94 percent number is applicable to the general population of women, too.

How to Get Away With Murder‘s Karla Souza has alleged that she was raped by a director early in her career.

Andy Dick’s girlfriend has sought a restraining order against him and the most surprising thing about this story is that Andy Dick is still a thing.

Paul Marciano is stepping aside from Guess amidst allegations of improper behavior brought by Kate Upton and others.

Steve Wynn is being sued by his company’s shareholders. GOOD.

Meanwhile, the Weinstein Company is trying to distance themselves from him, claiming they had nothing to do with his behavior. You know, except for hiring people whose jobs were expressly to facilitate his behavior, protecting his behavior and to writing into contracts that they knew about his behavior. Good luck with that, guys!

Tavis Smiley is suing PBS over his firing.

The Arrested Development cast — or, at least a “number” of them — are standing behind Jeffrey Tambor, according to David Cross.

Natalie Portman regrets supporting Roman Polanski. No doubt she does.



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  • Legion is returning to FX on April 3. OR IS IT?

  • Lost in Space is coming to Netflix on April 13.
  • The Push asks whether you can be manipulated into becoming a murderer. It debuts on Netflix on February 27 and it looks SO ANXIETY-INDUCING.


Billy Graham, Evangelist


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