Late night celebrates the brave teens who are leading the fight against gun violence

After taking a Presidents Day … er… Week off, most of late night was back last night, and they have a lot to say about last week’s horrific school shooting, and the teens who are stepping forward to change our gun policies.

Jordan Klepper of The Opposition sat down with a pair of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, Carly Novell and Delaney Tarr, to discuss their #NeverAgain movement. The two young women explain that they have a platform to speak out against gun violence, and they are going to us it. Their goal: to make schools safer for their younger siblings, to make the country safer for everyone. They also swat down the right’s suggestion that we just add more guns to the problem. They are smart and inspiring. The March for Our Lives is on March 24. Let’s make this happen for them.

Stephen Colbert earnestly celebrated the children of Parkland, Florida who are doing more about gun violence than the grown-ups in charge. “Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them. And there’s reason for hope.”

Trevor Noah adds to Fox News’ ridiculous ideas for stopping school shootings, and notes that the Parkland teens are NOT MESSING AROUND.

James Corden reminds us that these sorts of mass shootings are not normal in the rest of the world, and applauds the students who are refusing to accept nothing more than ‘thoughts and prayers.’

In non-gun violence news, Colbert also took on the new Mueller Investigation news, and it ain’t good for Trump:

Jimmy Kimmel addresses his role in the Fergie National Anthem fiasco:

Colbert catches us up on Trump’s sex scandals. This might take a while.

James Corden notes that the woman who accused Trump of kissing her without her permission has some similarities to Vladimir Putin:

Last Week Tonight is back, and John Oliver explored all the ways in which Trump is diminishing America’s power throughout the world.

(Programming note: I probably won’t be able to do more late night roundups until next week thanks to the Olympics. THANKS, OLYMPICS.)

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