‘Supernatural’: Angel heart

“Angel Heart”
April 29, 2015
Originally published May 12, 2015

THEN: “Promise my family will be okay.”


Jimmy Novak walks through the front door. He calls his wife’s name. Amelia rushes down the stairs and into his arms. She sobs that she thought she’d lost him again. Jimmy says Castiel is gone. He’s home now. It’s okay. It’s okay …

Claire strokes her husband’s face. Dark blood begins to seep through the sleeve of her cardigan. Jimmy doesn’t notice. He asks how Claire is. Amelia’s face crumples and she cries out.

She wakes up on a cot in a dark hovel. Her head is on a bare, dirty pillow. Her wrists are bound in restraints. Her arms are covered in scars. A man sits on the cot next to her. He softly shushes her.

Amelia lifts her head up as far as she can and looks around. Absolute panic and terror wash over her. She pants in pain as the man makes a short, deep cut in her arm. A white wisp of energy floats into the air. The man breathes it in and then lays a gentle hand on Amelia’s cheek.

He tells her she’s safe. She’s home.

Jimmy Novak walks through the front door. He calls his wife’s name. Amelia rushes down the stairs and into his arms. She sobs that she thought she’d lost him again. Jimmy says Castiel is gone. He’s home now. It’s okay. It’s okay …

Castiel waits for Sam and Dean outside the Tulsa Memorial Hospital where Claire has been admitted. He doesn’t know how she is. He hasn’t gone in yet. He was waiting for backup. Dean says they’re always glad to help, but he wonders if he should even be there. Cas says he needs them both. They were troubled teens. They speak Claire’s language.

“Three men and a lady. Let’s do this.”

Castiel peeks around the door and side steps into Claire’s room. She goes from annoyed to combative when Sam and then Dean follow him in. Dean full body bitch faces at Cas. Why does no one ever listen to him?

Cas tells Claire the police found his number in her emergency contact list. Claire awkwards that that was a mistake. He can go now. Castiel looks to Dean. Dean eyebrows that hey, she’s his not!kid. This is all him.

Castiel adopts a stern Dad Voice and asks Claire why she was in a bar. When she says she wasn’t, Sam steps in with the assist. Why was she in an alley behind a bar? “Wrong place. Wrong time. Story of my life.”

She tells them she was looking for her mom. Amelia is the only one left alive that she can tell off for ruining her life, so. Claire reaches into her bag and pulls out the last postcard her mother sent her. It arrived two years earlier, just before Claire’s grandmother died. No one has heard from Amelia since.

Claire says she was at the bar looking for a loser named Ronnie Cartwright. According to Amelia’s diary she was going to meet Ronnie right around the time she disappeared. Before Ronnie knocked Claire down and knocked her out he remembered Amelia’s name. Claire is certain he knows something.

Castiel wonders why Amelia was looking for Ronnie. Claire says she was looking for miracles. “She went looking for you.”

The three step out into the hallway. Sam and Dean watch while Castiel has a good guilt wallow. Sam is like, yeah, that’s kind of our thing.  He takes the devil’s advocate position. Say this is all Castiel’s fault. What can he do about it? Cas says he can find Amelia.

Dean is on board. Disappearing while searching for an angel could be their kind of thing. Sam is skeptical, but it’s close enough for Dean. “Come on, give me something to punch already.” Sam and Cas give Dean VERY CONCERNED looks. Dean blandly says he’s kidding, he’s fine. He’s fine. They go back to Claire’s room, but she’s done a runner. Dean checks her chart and notes that maybe the concussion will slow her down.

Dean and Cas drive back to the bar. Dean says that Cas is doing a good thing helping Claire, but where does it end? “The truth is, you’re not a dad. In fact, you’re not anything to her except a constant reminder of someone that’s gone.” Cas sees it differently. He says he’s responsible for everything that has happened to her.

Dean’s not ready to concede the point. He thinks Claire has done okay surviving on her own, “partly because she doesn’t have anybody to answer to. There’s nobody holding her back …” Castiel is like, yeah no. We just found her in a hospital. Is Dean saying she’s better off on her own?

“I’m saying she might be stronger on her own.”

Wait, what? What even is this scene? Didn’t Dean say JUST LAST EPISODE that the Universe was trying to tell them they were STRONGER TOGETHER? I’ll let Robert Berens and Robbie Thompson off the hook, because the writers write in a bubble to some degree, but isn’t there a script supervisor who’s supposed to catch this kind of thing? Does Show have an opening, because y’all, I remember this stuff. Like when Dean told Sam way back in Season 5 that they keep each other human.


At the bar, Ronnie takes one look at Dean and makes a break for the back door. He’s not fast enough. Dean shoves him back into the booth and slides in next to him. “What’s the rush? Heading out to beat down another teenager?”

Dean leans into Ronnie with a tight, Deanmony smile. Ronnie is outraged at the implication! Claire attacked him! He compounds his mistake by calling her a bitch. Dean slams his face into the table. “Poor choice of words, pal.”

Castiel casts a nervous glance around the bar. Dean asks Ronnie where Amelia is. Ronnie pretends not to know who that is. His face hits the table again. Cas tries to warn Dean off, but Dean says he could do this all day.

Ronnie is not willing to put that statement to the test. He says he met Amelia but swears she was the last one. Ronnie explains he worked for a faith healer, Peter Holloway. He was the real deal. Ronnie was blind; Holloway restored his sight. In exchange, Ronnie recruited candidates for him. Some people he healed. Others, who were young and lost and wouldn’t be missed, he didn’t.

Ronnie says he saw it once. Holloway tied one of them up and was cutting on them. He says after that, he was done. He quit and hasn’t heard from Holloway since.

Ronnie steps out into the alley and watches as Dean and Cas drive off. He places a call and suddenly Holloway – the man from Amelia’s cot – is standing behind him. Holloway appreciates the heads up … although he wouldn’t have needed it if Ronnie kept his mouth shut. “Don’t you see that?” Holloway places two gentle fingers on Ronnie’s forehead and takes his sight.

Claire returns to the motel to find Sam in her room, waiting. He holds up the postcard she left behind. The one Amelia sent from the same motel. “Also, you checked in under the name ‘Claire Novak’. A little pro tip – use an alias.” It’s Claire’s quiet, “Okay” – translation: ‘Really? You’re critiquing my stealth technique?’ – that makes the moment sing.

Sam gestures to her baby wall of crazy. He tells her it’s good and asks how she got the information. Claire tosses Amelia’s diary to him. She says the motel manager sent Amelia’s things to her last known address after she disappeared. Eventually the diary found its way to Claire in one of her foster homes. She tells Sam it’s mostly empty promises and regret, but there were enough bread crumbs for her to follow.

So Claire came all this way just to tell her mother off? Claire asks if Sam always gets along with his mom. Sam says he never got the chance to find out. His mother burned to death on the ceiling died when he was a baby. Claire stammers out an apology. She didn’t know. Sam quickly tells her it’s okay. “I got to know her later in life. And, yeah. I suppose we got along okay.” Claire gapes at him. Come again, now?

“In this line of work, death isn’t always goodbye.”

Claire tells him it’s different with her and Amelia. Abandonment issues, so. Sam reads Amelia’s note from the postcard. It doesn’t sound like someone who wanted to abandon her daughter. He asks if Claire checked Amelia’s credit cards. When she says they wouldn’t send her the records, Sam offers to teach her how to hack the system. It will help her get a lead on Amelia – and keep her from running, at least for a little while.

A few keystrokes and Sam has Amelia’s information. Claire is suitably impressed. Sam says he can also show her how to set up fake credit cards. “Hunting monsters doesn’t exactly pay the bills.” Claire takes a challenging tone, wondering why he does it then. Sam shrugs with his face. “To help people. To make a difference.” Claire is taken aback. Really? That’s it?

“That’s not enough?”

Dean and Cas rejoin them. While Dean brings Sam up to speed, Castiel wishes Claire a happy birthday and hands her a gift bag. She pulls out a plush Grumpy Cat toy.

“I got it at the Hot Topical.”

The Hot.  Topical.

Claire wisely chooses to let that one go. Sam looks at Dean. Dean eyebrows back. His expression says, ‘Dude. He made me drive him to the mall. The mall’. The awkward not!father/daughter moment is brought to a close by a police crime alert. Ronnie’s body was just found outside of the bar.

Claire glares at Dean. He was just supposed to talk to Ronnie! What did he do to him? Dean full body McNultys. What did he do? He says he didn’t lay a hand on Ronnie. Castiel au contraires that isn’t exactly true. Dean clarifies that he didn’t kill the guy. Come on, he was with Cas at the Hot Topicals!

VERY CONCERNED looks are exchanged.

Dean ignores them all and says he’ll get suited up and head back to the bar. Cas and Claire both announce they’re coming with. Dean sits with that a minute. He looks at Sam. Does he want to get in on this, too? Sam says he’ll hang back and research Holloway.

Dean walks out of the room in a cloud of annoyance with Claire hot on his heels. Sam calls Cas back and asks what happened at the bar. Castiel says Dean snapped. “He’s getting worse.” Uh, no. Dean was fully in control in the bar. He let up and backed down the minute Ronnie started talking. Snapped is the massacre that happened in Randy’s house. There’s a difference.

Agents Clapton and Page check in with the lead officer on scene. And Claire? “Oh, yeah. It’s ‘Bring your Daughter to Work’ day at the Bureau.” Sheriff Coltrane tells Dean that Ronnie was stabbed clean through. The wound is a small perfect triangle. Dean notes the smaller red marks below and to each side of the point of entry. Cas says it looks like a gladius, but the blade is wider. He can’t explain the marks. Claire snarks that it’s the best birthday ever.

Back at the motel, Sam has found a farmhouse about 40 miles away owned by Holloway. Amelia’s credit cards had been used at gas stations and Biggersons all around the area. It’s a solid enough lead for Claire. She’s ready to go. Castiel dads that Claire isn’t going. It’s too dangerous. He can’t let anything happen to her. “Anything else, you mean.”

Dean backs up Cas – who tells him he isn’t going either. Sam says Cas is right. They need to keep the Mark in check. Dean is caught flatfooted. So … after telling Dean he should get back into the game for his own good, now they want to bench him? Dean is hurt that they don’t trust him, but he reluctantly agrees to stay behind and babysit. Castiel says if anything happens they’ll call him. He turns to leave with a warning of, “No fighting.” Dean scoffs. “Yeah, tell her that.”

Both of you.”

Cas and Sam blah blah Claire blah. Sam says going it alone is no way to live. Cas being there for Claire is good for both of them. Even if she says she doesn’t want it. BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO THE THING THAT THE PERSON SAID NOT TO DO IF IT’S FOR THEIR OWN GOOD IN THE END. RIGHT SAM?

Dean props up his feet and cracks a malty beverage. He looks at Claire and shakes his head all like, ‘Keep the Mark in check? Sure, leave me with an angry teenage girl who hates me. No way that goes sideways’.

Claire asks if she can have a beer. Dean gives her the, ‘Do I even need to answer that’ look. Also the ‘I am going to need every one of these to get through the evening’ look … but then decides not even sweet, sweet healing booze will keep him from losing his mind while cooped up with Claire. “Spoiler alert. You already have.”

Dean settles on a solution: Putt-Putt! He banks a perfect hole-in-one. It’s a Cinderella story! Out of nowhere!

SPN Dean its in the hole

Claire registers no awareness of the reference. Bill Murray? Caddyshack?

“Never seen it. Not a fan.”

“How dare you!”

Claire asks if Dean is done. He says he is. “Done with your whole generation.” Claire sets her ball and drops it in the cup – with only one bank to Dean’s two. “Did you … did you see that? Did that go in the hole? I wasn’t watching. Did the ball go in the hole?”

Happy Gilmore. Well played.”

Hee! Okay, I like this Claire. This Claire can stay. I’d watch a whole spin-off just of Claire and Dean having outings together and snarking at each other.

Claire takes her next turn and wonders if this is what Sam and Dean do. Stay at cheap motels. Steal credit cards. Play mini golf. Dean says he and Sam haven’t played mini golf in a while, but she’s pretty well summed it up.

They also help people. “At least we try to.”

Claire bitterly asks if they help people like Castiel helped Jimmy. Dean says he’s sorry for what happened to her father, but his sacrifice was not meaningless. “He gave up his body – his vessel – and because he did that, Cas was able to save the world. The world. Your father’s a hero. He did not die in vain.”

Dean’s words have an effect, but Claire isn’t quite ready to deal with those emotions yet. Instead, she keeps playing the game. She taps her ball into the final hole. There’s a hollow thunk as it funnels away to be collected. She illustrates how it works by dropping her putter into the hole. Dean suddenly shifts into hunter mode. He presses the head of the putter into the astroturf. It leaves indented depressions on either side of the hole. He hands Claire the putter and tells her she’s a genius.

Claire is less enthused by the other side of hunting – homework. Dean says Ronnie was killed by something similar to, but larger than, a gladius. An angelic sword would explain the size of the wound; the red marks could have been caused by the sword’s hilt. Claire gawps. He got all that from a putter? Yes, Claire. Yes, he did.

WOOT! Smart!Dean two weeks in a row! Is it Christmas? Is it my birthday??

hamster hedgehog birthday party.gif

They work the research together. Claire points to a photo in the book she’s paging through. Ironically (foreshadowingly?) it’s a painting of Michael trampling Lucifer by Guido Reni (1636) and illustrates a chapter on Grigori, the Watcher angels. Dean says there’s lore for Grigori being both good and bad, and tells Claire to keep digging.

Cas and Sam arrive at the abandoned looking farm and split up. Cas takes the barn and immediately discovers Amelia. In her dream, she comes down the stairs, but Jimmy isn’t there. She’s alone. She slowly slips outs of the Heavenly vision. Her eyes go wide when she sees Castiel. She lashes out, fighting and screaming that he took her husband. Castiel holds on to her as she’s wracked by sobs.

He tries to heal the cuts and scars, but the wounds that Holloway have inflicted on her resist his grace. Now that she’s fully awake and alert, Amelia can tell that Jimmy is gone. Cas breaks the news to her that Jimmy is in Heaven.

“I promised to protect your family. And I failed.”

Amelia’s only thoughts now are for Claire. She’s all that matters. Cas tells her that Claire is alive. And that she’s grown up to be a very “strong-willed” young woman. Amelia breaks down again. She says she should never have left Claire. She just wanted to make everything right for her family.

Castiel checks the other victims who lay trapped in their own personal Heavens. His attention is fully on them. When Amelia asks how long she was asleep, Cas doesn’t think. He just answers. Two years. He realizes too late the impact of his words. You can see the weight of that lost time pressing down on Amelia.

Sam’s phone buzzes with an update from Dean just as Holloway clubs him over the head. Down goes the Moose. When Cas doesn’t answer his phone, Dean grabs the weapons bag. Claire pouts, guessing that Dean wants her to stay behind. Dean gives her a long look, considers it, and reaches back into the bag. She’s eighteen and she’s come this far. He’ll let her decide if she sees the job through to the end. He hands her a snub-nosed revolver.

“Happy birthday. Don’t shoot me.”

Sam comes to cuffed to a chair in the farm house’s kitchen. Aaaaand, drink! Holloway walks into the room. He says he’s used that name for the last 50 years or so, but his real name is Tamiel and he’s a Watcher angel.

Sam asks the same question Claire did – since when do angels feed on humans? Tamiel tells him it has always been so. Human souls are like little slices of Heaven that can provide years worth of delicious meals. Sam tells him he’s not an angel. He’s a monster.

Tamiel chuckles and gives Sam a good-natured clap on the shoulder. Then he draws his sword and holds it inches from Sam’s face. Tamiel says the Grigori were a brotherhood of perfectly crafted beings sent to protect humanity. “Pathetic, bottom feeding, disasters.”

Dean meets Cas coming out of the barn. Claire hurries past them. When Amelia sees her, she reaches for her daughter, apologizing over and over again. Claire breaks into tears and rushes into her mother’s arms. There is hugging. YAY! HUGGING!

Dean looks around the barn, clearly stunned by what he sees. He bends down next to Claire and puts a steadying hand on her shoulder. He tells her to stay in the barn while he and Cas look for Sam. As he stands, Claire reaches out and grabs his arm. She says thank you.

So, Tamiel apparently just leaves Sam sitting in the kitchen? Alone? Long enough to use the loose nail he pulled out of the chair to unlock the handcuffs? And then Sam wanders around the house looking for Tamiel instead of getting backup from Cas and/or calling Dean? What? This scene really makes no sense. Like, makes no sense to the point that I was sure Tamiel had somehow taken Sam as a vessel, because why would he just leave him alive? Details. I know. It’ll drive you nuts. Moving on.

Amelia is beginning to fade. Claire gets her on her feet and helps her outside. Tamiel is waiting. He says there’s no fixing her. Amelia crumples to the ground. Claire pulls the revolver and stands the angel down. She fires, aiming for the chest just like Dean told her to.

She methodically pulls the trigger until the gun clicks. Tamiel stalks towards her, sword drawn. With a cry, Amelia throws herself between them. The blade goes right through her.

Hey!  We’re going to reunite this sad, broken girl with the mom who didn’t really abandon her.  Oh, wait! No, we’re not! HAH-HAH. YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE NICE THINGS.


Did Walt Disney write this episode from the grave? That is some killing Bambi’s mom level cold right there.

Tamiel raises his sword to deliver the final, killing blow. He’s tackled from behind by Castiel. Fight fight struggle fight. Has Cas always been this bad at hand-to-hand? I feel like he was a much more effective fighter in Seasons 4 and 5. Maybe a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent can only get blown up and reassembled so many times before his skill sets begin to suffer.

Anyhoo, Sam and Dean join the fray. They work pretty efficiently together. Dean, in particular, gets in some solid blows, but eventually, Tamiel takes all three of them to the ground.

Tamiel laughs in triumph … and explodes with grace as the end of his own sword erupts through his chest. Claire throws the blade to the ground and gathers her mother in her arms. Amelia is already gone.

The front door opens and Amelia walks into the house she shared with Jimmy. He meets her at the bottom of the stairs. Kudos to Misha for slipping so seamlessly back into the character. Jimmy says he’s waited for her for so long. He asks about Claire. Amelia smiles and says she’s beautiful and strong.

Let’s not ruin the moment by wondering when Heaven reopened to souls, and if that includes all the souls who were trapped in limbo post Fall, and what that might mean for Kevin. No, let’s just appreciate that Amelia and Jimmy are finally together for all time and I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Morning at the motel. Claire isn’t quite sold on the boys’ plan for her immediate care and custody. She asks Sam if they’re sending her to some halfway house for wayward girls. Sam says no, not all.

“Jody Mills is good people.”

SPN Jody Mills Kim Rhodes

hooray hell yeah brooklyn nine nine

SPN_Wayward Daughters Academy
And Krissy. Can we have Krissy too?


Dean reaches into the car and pulls out a wrapped gift. A gift. That he wrapped. For Claire. Bless his heart.

He says he felt bad about taking the gun back, so. In exchange, he gives her a book, The Enochian Myth by C. Storey (GEDDIT? Because the angels have been the C storyline all season), and a copy of Caddyshack. She keeps the DVD and gives him back the book.

Claire says she’s not interested in any more homework. Dean takes the book without comment, but then bends down to unzip her duffle. He pulls out Tamiel’s sword. Did she really think Dean didn’t see her take it? He puts the sword back under Grumpy Cat and gives her the stink eye. He goes ahead and tucks the book in, too.

Dean tells Claire she’s gotten her revenge. He warns that if she goes down their path, “it’s not a long life.” Claire isn’t so sure about that. “You seem pretty old.” Hee! Claire turns serious and apologizes for setting Dean up in “The Hunter Games“. Dean shrugs it off and tells her it’s in the past. They take a minute to let that water flow under the bridge.

She asks if he’s going to be okay. Dean shakes his head and says he’s always okay tells her he doesn’t know. “But, I will keep fighting. I’ll keep swinging until I’ve got nothing left.”

Claire looks over at Castiel and asks Dean to keep an eye on him. She says he’s been through enough. “So have you.” Dean gives her one final caution to do her homework before she does anything stupid. And to call them anytime if she needs them. How much do I love the rapport Dean has with young children and teen girls? SO MUCH!

Claire’s cab pulls up. Castiel awkwardly tries to tell her if she ever needs anything, ever … Claire throws her arms around him in a hug. Castiel hugs her back. YAY! HUGGING!  She turns and climbs into the cab as “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” begins to play.

Castiel asks someone to tell him she’s going to be okay. Sam says she will. “So will you.” The boys get in the car, but Castiel stands and watches as the taxi drives away. The driver asks Claire if she’s going home or leaving home. She says she just going.

“You said sometimes death isn’t always goodbye, right? So goodbyes aren’t always forever.”

SPN Claire taxi.gif

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