Jessica Chastain is very good. Last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ wasn’t.

Saturday Night Live
Jessica Chastain & Troye Sivan
January 20, 2018

There is an expression Dan Savage coined to represent good qualities in a sexual partner: “GGG,” which stands for “good, giving and game.” It turns out those same qualities are what is required in a good Saturday Night Live host: good at acting, giving in their exchanges with the cast mates and game for anything, including making themselves look foolish. And to the beautiful Jessica Chastain’s credit, she is quite GGG!

However, it doesn’t much matter how GGG any host is unless the material they are given is actually worthy of their goodness, giving and gameness. Last night’s sketches weren’t. With a couple of exceptions, the writers let Chastain down last night with overly broad bits and sketches that lacked a point. I don’t know who wrote which sketches, but it sure felt like last night was a wasted opportunity to give the few women in the writers’ room a chance to write sketches for an actress known for her strength and outspokenness. HIRE MORE WOMEN, LORNE.

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