Thanks to the horrific allegations against Kevin Spacey, ‘House of Cards’ is falling like … well … you know.

Following Kevin Spacey’s half-apologetic acknowledgment that he — at the very least — acted inappropriately with a minor, Netflix announced that the upcoming season of House of Cards will be its last. But then today, Netflix went a step further and suspended filming indefinitely.

Netflix faced something of a backlash yesterday after making the cancellation notice when people pointed out that Netflix had decided months ago that the sixth season was going to be their last and that their cancellation had nothing to do with Spacey despite their announcement sounding like it did.

The series had only started filming two weeks ago so it will be interesting to see what Netflix ends up doing with the series long-term. 

Meanwhile, Netflix is considering House of Cards spinoffs, including one that would focus on Doug Stamper.

As for Spacey, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has revoked the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award they were going to give him.

Meanwhile, Family Guy made a pedophilia joke about Kevin Spacey years ago. Seth MacFarlane hasn’t commented yet, but as Gawker founder Nick Denton pointed out, these stories have been open secrets for a long time now.

Elsewhere, a former Bachelorette producer has sued Warner Brothers and show producers for sexual harassment.

Hamilton Fish of liberal publication The Nation is out over sexual harassment allegations.

The only surprising thing about this Andy Dick sexual harassment story is how long it took Andy Dick to get dragged into this.

Harvey Weinstein — whose sexual assault allegations now stretch back to the 1970s —  is out of the Producers Guild of America. UK cops have expanded the investigation into Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations.

Jimmy Kimmel is promising to address Weinstein during the Oscars but knows that he has to do so sensitively: “It’s not really a laugh­ing matter. There’ll be a lot of people in that room who maybe have been through experiences with him, and that’s not something I want them to relive on the night they get their Oscar.” IS THAT SO HARD?

Hey, It’s Halloween!

The morning shows love Halloween sooooo much. Here’s what everyone wore today. And did Megyn Kelly know Shania Twain was going to be a guest on the show? Maybe not!

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams overheated in her costume and passed out on her show. She’s OK.

Twin Peaks costumes! It’s too late for this year, but there’s always next year. Or 25 years from now. You know what? What year is it?

If you’re not going to be watching Game 6 tonight — and if not, why not? — has some suggestions of the best Halloween episodes you can stream right now.

And this is an EXCELLENT list of scary movies you can stream.

Nene Leakes might have won Halloween with this reference to her feud with Kim Z.

Here are some of TV’s best Halloween costumes from this year.

Here are a bunch of celebrities in costumes from this weekend if that’s something you need to see. Oh, wait, here are more.

Here’s Sarah Paulson screaming her way through an American Horror Story-themed haunted house:

In Other TV News

It’s too late for this Halloween, but this Eleven candleholder is BLOODY AMAZING and I NEED IT.

Middle school Buffy is going to be a comic book, you guys!

Mark Frost hasn’t decided about a fourth season of Twin Peaks — but it’s not been ruled out, either. Oh, and if you were wondering what happened to Audrey in Twin Peaks, Mark Frost’s new book clears things up. (A little.)

Expect it to get really Christmasy up in your TVs soon.

Teresa Giudice — who is married to an illegal immigrant — has the nerve to talk shit about other immigrants.

Right-Wing Media Watch

Hey, how did right-wing media handle the indictment and arrest news related to the Mueller investigation? NOT GREAT, BOB.

Confirming what Hillary said earlier, Sean Hannity is pretty sure she’s president right now. We all wish, Sean.

John Kelly had quite the interview with Laura Ingraham last night, in which he refused to apologize to Congresswoman Wilson, said that Robert E. Lee was a good dude, and claimed that the Civil War was fought because people couldn’t compromise. ONCE AGAIN FOR THE BACK ROW: NAZIS ARE BAD. SLAVERY IS BAD.


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