Kumail Nanjiani deserved better, ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Saturday Night Live
“Kumail Nanjiani & Pink”
October 14, 2017

Oh, I wanted this episode to be better. I love Kumail Nanjiani as an actor and comedian and was hoping that his input on the show would lift what has been a lackluster season so far. For the most part, Kumail Nanjiani’s debut as Saturday Night Live host was fine, it was OK. Nanjiani himself was quite good and seemed perfectly comfortable working in a live format. But the writing left so much to be desired. Aside from a couple of sketches that were unexpectedly sweet and compassionate, the writing last night was all over the place — sometimes mediocre, other times just plain bad. And one bit left me very angry with everyone involved.

Very. Angry.

Also? Saturday Night Live? Maybe it’s time to hire more women on your writing staff. 8 women out of 32 writers¬†seems embarrassingly low for 2017. (And 6 out of 16 players isn’t too hot, either.)

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