‘Saturday Night Live’ returns and Ryan Gosling can’t stop laughing.

Saturday Night Live
Ryan Gosling & Jay-Z
September 30, 2017

Ryan Gosling is charming as hell, and watching him crack up over mediocre material is about the only thing that saves this uneven Saturday Night Live season premiere. Well, that and Colin Jost and Michael Che finally deciding that maybe Trump shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt anymore, that bothsidesism is NONSENSE, and finally taking off the gloves and delivering jokes about our Asshole-in-Chief that have some real bite to them. CALL TRUMP A BITCH AGAIN, MICHAEL CHE! DO IT!

But other than that and Jay-Z’s performances (one in which he wore a Colin K jersey) which unfortunately are not embeddable, this was a fairly unmemorable season opener. Was it terrible? No, but it wasn’t one of those episodes that we will look back on as a highlight of this particular era of SNL, either, charm or no charm.

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