Horror TV is the best TV and as a Halloween treat for you, I made a big beautiful gallery celebrating TV’s scariest scares

I love horror — and I especially love horror TV, if you hadn’t noticed by now. Because Halloween is next week, I made a gallery of TV’s scariest shows and where you can watch them right now. And to the commenter who mocked me for including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, bitch needs to go watch “Hush” and get back to me.

Kit Harington says he’s read the final script and the ending of Game of Thrones made him cry. THEY BETTER NOT KILL OFF ANY MORE DAMNED DRAGONS.

Yes, Justin Timberlake is going to be your Super Bowl halftime performer because I guess we’re finally over that whole Janet Jackson fashion malfunction? Is she no longer banned from the Super Bowl or did I miss something?

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to keep the whole NFL controversy alive.

And I don’t even want to talk about Trump calling the Gold Star widow a liar this morning.

Just look at those two tweets, which were posted roughly thirty minutes apart: “YOU’RE NOT PATRIOTING RIGHT!” followed by “MILITARY WIDOW LADY IS A LYING LIAR!” Someone is disrespecting our flag and country, but it’s not the NFL players or Mrs. Johnson.

Mark Cuban and Ron Perlman are lining up to challenge Trump in 2020. GOOD.

Meanwhile, CNN launched a great new ad that seems to be referencing someone … can’t put my finger on who …

And Chris Wallace thinks his Fox News colleagues bashing the media is some straight-up bullshit.

This is an excellent and thoughtful piece about how the portrayal of Beth and Randall’s family on This is Us is a game-changer for television.

Bigger than This is Us? Wow, folks are really liking The Good Doctor.

This is interesting: not many people are watching Great News (which is a shame — it’s not 30 Rock, but it is zippy), but those who do watch it, watch it intently.


Hey, Rick and Morty fans, want to eat some Chicken McNuggets with Szechuan Sauce and do some DVD commentary with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland?

Oh, that’s right, David Fincher was going to remake Utopia for HBO. What happened?

Speaking of remakes, if The Dark Tower series happens, it’ll require a complete reboot from the disaster that was the movie released earlier this year, according to Stephen King. Oh, and King still hates Kubrick’s The Shining, in case you were wondering. Meanwhile, the twins from The Shining thought Stephen King’s dumb miniseries remake was crap.

Let’s check in on what is going on over on Gotham. Huh. OK.

Meanwhile, Arrow just name-checked Bruce Wayne; is there going to be some sort of crossover? Considering the shows are on completely different networks, it’s doubtful.

Yes, Marvel’s Inhumans is still, somehow, on the air. (They’ll air all the episodes, there are only 8 of them, but it won’t be renewed.)

AMC and Hulu have beef.

I get what she’s saying here, but you’ll pry serialized TV from my cold dead hands.

Bethenny Frankel’s divorce nightmare continues afoot.

Jason Aldean’s performance of “Won’t Back Down” on Saturday Night Live will be used to raise funds for shooting victims.

Netflix is going to spend a FORTUNE on content next year — 7 to 8 billion — and we now know that some 200,000 people watch Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning EACH MONTH on the platform. Whoa.

This is just very sweet. Kick cancer’s ass, JLD.

Your Daily Harassment Roundup

So, let me get this right, Bill O’Reilly paid a woman $32 million to settle sexual harassment allegations that included “repeated harassment, a nonconsensual sexual relationship and the sending of gay pornography and other sexually explicit material to her” (nonconsensual sexual relationship, i.e. rape), and Fox News KNEW ABOUT IT and they opened contract negotiations with him ANYWAY? $32 million! O.J.’s victims were awarded $33.5 million AND HE KILLED TWO PEOPLE. Anyway, Bill O’Reilly’s fee-fees are hurt.

Megyn Kelly calls bullshit on Bill O’Reilly’s claims that no one complained about his behavior in this savage takedown. 

Erika Rosenbaum, Jill Scott, Zoë Brock and 10 other fashion models, Sean Young, Heather Kerr.

Meanwhile, 38 women have come forward to accused writer and director James Toback of sexual harassment, and Hollywood reacted.

217 women and gender nonconforming people in animation have written a letter to studios demanding an end to sexual harassment in the industry.

Paul Haggis asks out loud the thing that many people have been whispering about: is Hollywood covering up for pedophiles, too?

Speaking of, Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard and The Descendants Cameron Boyce both left their agency after two former child actors came forward to accuse their agent of assaulting them. The agent, Tyler Grasham, was then fired from the agency, APA.

A California woman has come forward to accuse Roman Polanski of molesting her when she was 10 years old, to no one’s surprise. It’s long past time to boot him from the Academy, you guys. (And I know that this and the Toback story are more movie-related, but all these stories are connected.)

If it feels like a lot more people are coming forward and talking about this issue, you’re not wrong, and according to Janice Min, it’s Donald Fucking Trump’s fault.


In Development

Casting News


Brent Briscoe, Actor in Twin Peaks and Parks and Recreation among many other roles

Ben Bates, Stunt double


The Real Housewives of Dallas: Mark confronts LeeAnne 9 p.m., Bravo

Scared Famous: Ten reality stars move into a “haunted” house and try to outlast one another for a $100,000 prize for charity in this new series which will definitely be cast with a bunch of people you’ve never heard of. I’m liking the idea, just wish I could cast it myself. Series premiere. 8 p.m., VH1

The Untitled Action Bronson Show: Late night’s newest host is rapper and chef Action Bronson. Series premiere. 10:30, Viceland

Halloween marathon: Look, there is no rhyme or reason to AMC’s order of the Halloween movies: it goes from 1 to 4 to 5 to 6 to H20 to 2 back to 1 again. 3 isn’t even involved. Just tune in whenever to get your Michael Meyers fix, basically. 8 a.m. AMC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Clive Owen, Colleen Ballinger, Julia Michaels Late Night with Seth Meyers: Mariska Hargitay, John Cho, ZZ Ward featuring Fantastic Negrito, Sonny Emory The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Anna Faris, Amy Sedaris, Tyminski The Late Late Show with James Corden: Gabrielle Union, Method Man, Sabrina Claudio Jimmy Kimmel Live: George Clooney, Norman Reedus, Niall Horan Conan: “Weird Al” Yankovic, Taran Killam, Solomon Georgio The Daily Show: Khizr Khan The Opposition with Jordan Klepper : Matt Taibbi Watch What Happens Live: Leeanne Locken, Kelly Dodd


MON. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC Dancing with the Stars
The Good Doctor
CBS The Big Bang Theory
Kevin Can Wait
Me, Myself & I
CW Supergirl
FOX Lucifer
The Gifted
NBC The Voice
The Brave



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