An ‘Apprentice’ cast member is suing Trump for defamation. Is being a pathological liar an affirmative defense?

Your daily TV Trump dump:

Summer Zervos, the former The Apprentice contestant that accused Trump of sexually assaulting her, is now suing him for defamation. I hope a couple of things come from this: 1. that her lawyer has already demanded Apprentice recordings from Mark Burnett and MGM– you know, the ones that are rumored to have Trump doing and saying all kinds of despicable things, and that 2. the other women who came forward against Trump with sexual assault allegations consider joining the suit. I don’t know that this case will go anywhere but while it will not keep Donald Trump from becoming ~gag~ our 45th President, it will send a strong message that this behavior will not go unpunished. And it will be a constant sore spot for the Titty-baby-elect, which is always worthwhile.

But — and this is a sincere question — is Trump even aware that he just lies all the time? In his upcoming interview with Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt, he delivers the following two whoppers:

  1. “Many of the celebrities that are saying they were not going, they were never invited. I don’t want the celebrities, I want the people. And we have the biggest celebrities in the world there.”
  2. “Look, I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I could be doing. But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press.”


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And Trump tweeted this morning that the Today Show‘s numbers are down, but are they? SPOILER ALERT: Nope.

But the inauguration, it is still going to happen. Here’s how the networks are planning on covering it.

The New Republic outlines why you shouldn’t watch on Friday: “Trump, like a small child who can’t distinguish between good attention and bad attention, will take your viewership, add it to his total, and brag about the size of his audience. Unless you are a journalist on the Trump beat, you have no obligation to puff up his numbers.”

But Vulture argues that you should watch it — if only to come to terms with it being reality.

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen suggests yoga and deep breathing to help you through Friday. I personally plan on booze and hysterical crying but whatever works for you, right?

Hey, one more thing to hate Donald Trump for: Saturday Night Live and Dave Chappelle had a new Rick James sketch written — but it was only usable if Hillary had won. THANKS, TRUMP.

Trump’s presidency has given other reality TV businessmen political ideas, so that’s just super and not Idiocracy-esque at all.

That Trump-inspired episode of Law & Order SVU might just see the light of day (but I wouldn’t hold my breath).

Bob Beckel is back on The Five on Fox News and he’s coming for Donald Trump.

Speaking of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly will do a pre-Super Bowl interview with Trump, and the only surprising thing here is that Hannity didn’t land the gig after all the water he carried during the campaign.

Was Lady Gaga instructed to not say anything political or about Donald Trump during her Super Bowl performance? MYSTERY.

The creator of The Affair worries for her daughter’s freedom in this essay explaining why she’s joining The Women’s March on Saturday.

Jeff Zucker, a man I can not stand, is to his credit finally standing up to Trump: “It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy. [The Trump administration’s] willingness and inclination to cherry-pick facts, conflate and inflate things, will make covering this administration very challenging. That means our role is more important than ever. We think that CNN has a job to do, which is to hold their feet to the fire. They may not like it, but they should respect it.”

Jorge Ramos on Trump: “I never expected to be thrown out of a press conference, and I never expected … that our correspondents would not be allowed to come into press conferences. But it is the Trump era, and we have to get used to it.”

News channel Fusion TV is planning on doing more shows about social justice in response to the Trump presidency.

Trump plans on overhauling the FCC. Now, reportedly Democrats and Republicans alike have been talking about this for a few years now, so it’s nothing to set your hair on fire about — yet. But it’s worth keeping your eyes on, certainly.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is begging Trump to not remove Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden, but if he doesn’t remove it, where is he going to put his gold-plated KFC?

Here are a bunch of cartoon voice actors who just really hate the shit out of Donald Trump.

If you missed it last night, here’s Seth Meyers’ take on the Republicans’ plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with ??????????

And Jimmy Kimmel reminds us that Americans still don’t know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act ARE THE SAME FUCKING THING.

Though it is not about Trump explicitly, Billy Eichner’s gun-grabbing obstacle course that he makes Keegan-Michael Key is genius. “The more guns you acquire along the way, the safer and more American you become,” which is just the truth, right Betsy DeVos? We have to keep our schoolchildren safe from grizzly bears somehow, amirite?:

The Sherlock/Russia brouhaha continues afoot.

And just one final reminder of where, exactly, we are right now: the owner of the Bunny Ranch in Nevada made a statement disputing Putin’s claims that Russia has the best prostitutes. It has nothing, really, to do with TV or Trump and yet it has everything to do with TV and Trump.

In other TV news:

The Santa Clarita Diet looks like the perfect zombie comedy for our times:

The hilarious reminder that John Oliver will be returning soon, and boy do we need him:

Here’s a trailer for The Discovery, a sci-fi romance in which the afterlife is proven to exist, and people have to be convinced to not kill themselves.

The Walking Dead producers are claiming they are toning down the violence after viewers freaked out at the season premiere. OK. Sure.

So, there’s this new E! show that I am going to watch THE HELL OUT OF called The Arrangement about a famous movie star who is involved in a secretive organization who has a contractual marriage with a struggling actress, and the creators are now trying to be all, “Why, no, this is not about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes or Scientology at all, why would you even say that?” But come on.

Is Megyn Kelly being brought into NBC to replace Matt Lauer? MAYBE.

Like that game show, The Wall? You know, the one with the giant wall? Good news: It’s been picked up for 20 more episodes! That’s so many more episodes than The Good Place!

Abby Lee Miller, the villain from Dance Moms, would like to not go to prison please.

Betty White is “down for” a Golden Girls reboot, but I am begging the TV Gods to not make this happen because it would be just so very depressing.

Reasons why I could never be cast on a show like Game of Thrones: because I’d TOTALLY get drunk and spill everything. That, and I can’t act.

But what if Corinne on The Bachelor is actually an 11-year-old trapped in a 24-year-old’s body in a 13 Going On 30 situation?

Here’s just a whole article about what the people on The Bachelor eat. Fun fact: they don’t actually eat the food on those one-on-one dates.

You know those Matthew McConaughey commercials for Lincoln? Yeah, they are about a man losing his damn mind.

In development news:

Will & Grace is officially returning to NBC for a shortened season.

CBS has ordered a NASA drama, Mission Control, from the guy who wrote The Martian. No word yet on whether it will be set in Houston but probably not.

CBS also ordered to pilot 9J, 9K, 9L, a family comedy that will star that one guy from Royal Pains.

ABC ordered to pilot a legal drama from Shondaland surprising exactly no one.

ABC also is developing an intriguing comedy about a Muslim model from Wanda Sykes’ production company.

USA has picked up to series The Sinner, a drama starring Jessica Biel about a mother who is suddenly overcome by rage and commits a violent crime she can’t explain. It’s called “motherhood,” and we’ve all been there, girl.

Jerry Seinfeld’s series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which I still have never watched, is moving to Netflix, making it more likely that I will, eventually, watch it. Seinfeld also will create new material for Netflix as part of the overall deal.

That Star Trek series on CBS All Access will not be happening in May after all.

CNBC has ordered Back in the Game, some show about Alex Rodriguez, gross.

Ratings update!

Superstore is likely to be renewed by NBC as they seem to be trying to rebuild their comedies. And Emerald City continues to do OK. Not great! But OK for a Friday night show.

Sleepy Hollow didn’t return to great numbers. And Cancel Bear is saying things are grim for Rosewood.

CBS’s Saturday experiment, Ransom, is not working out.

Dr. Ken is an unknowable. It’s not doing great, but it’s on Friday nights, so who can say?

Frequency and No Tomorrow are doomed.

Jimmy Kimmel is not optimistic that the Oscars he will host next month is going to do well: “I will guarantee you that this will be the lowest rated Oscars in the history of the Oscars. And by the way, next year’s Oscars will be even lower rated, and the next year after that will be even lower, because that’s the nature of network television. There are a lot more choices, and because of that, there are going to be fewer and fewer people watching as the years go on.”


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