‘Married to Medicine: Houston’: Differing degrees

Married to Medicine: Houston
“Raging Dr. Elly”
December 9, 2016

First of all, Happy New Year. Second of all, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Joyous Boxing Day/Feisty Festivus/Glad General Holiday of Your Choosing. Third of all, I am SO SORRY for checking out on these last five episodes of Married to Medicine: Houston. By the time this episode aired, the holidays had the better of me: I was knee-deep in panicked Amazon shopping and wrapping and stress-eating and the next thing I knew the series had its first season finale. How the time flies.

But I leave no show behind!* So we are going to binge-cap these last episodes and then cross our fingers and wait for word on season two. COME ONNNN, ANDY. THESE WOMEN ARE AMAZING.

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Alright, ‘The Walking Dead,’ I’ll bite: what’s the deal with the cantaloupe?

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