‘Hawaii Five-0’: Pick a base

Hawaii Five-0
“Hana Komo Pae”
November 11, 2016

Will Grover is getting ready for the winter formal. He’s shaving? I think? It looks more like his sweet baby face is having an argument with the razor. He’s one stroke away from slicing off most of his right cheek.

Grover gives his son a few shaving tips before offering to teach Will some of his sweet, sweet dance moves. You know what they used to call Grover back in the day?

drum drum drum SUGAR FOOT!

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: Doris is the worst

Hawaii Five-0
“Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane”
November 4, 2016

drum drum drum 150 EPISODES!

Moonlight is hard at work in the McKitchen preparing the perfect dinner and dessert. Y’all, if the writers ever run out of ridiculous ways to kill tourists I would totally watch H50 as a cooking show. He puts on a sports coat, lights the candles, and is just pouring the wine as the doorbell dings. He opens the door for Lynn, who I don’t think we’ve seen since they had that one date last season.

And I’m just going to say it. She looks like she’s cosplaying Pretty Woman. That shade of blonde and those bangs are not cute.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: A little psychological trauma

Hawaii Five-0
“Ka Hale Ho’Okauweli”
October 28, 2016

Honolulu, 1940. Two officers respond to a noise complaint. The camera lingers on the doll sitting on the home’s front porch. Its eyes may or may not move.  The woman who answers the door is sporting two black eyes. She cowers as they ask if she’s okay and if her husband is home. The lead officer insists on coming in and she reluctantly unchains the door.

The officers walk into a home in shambles. Pictures hang askew. Lamps are knocked over. The radio futzes with static. A little girl sits huddled on the floor. She sing-songs to herself, “Go away. Please, go away.” She tells the officer he needs to leave. He’s going to make “him” angry. The front door flies open. A presence seems to enter the house. The mother cries out a frantic warning in Japanese. The other office translates.

She says the house is haunted.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: The stand

Hawaii Five-0
“Ke Ku ‘Ana”
October 21, 2016

Boomer lingers over her toilette, making herself pretty-ier for Adam. At least that’s one person released from a prison he didn’t deserve to be in.


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‘Hawaii Five-0’: Checkmate

Hawaii Five-0
“Hu a’e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile”
October 14, 2016

Alicia comes to on the floor of ADA Serena Southerland’s home. Her hands are duct taped and there’s a GIANT HONKING KITCHEN KNIFE sticking out of her back.

drum drum drum BUMMER OF A BIRTHMARK, HAL.

Rewind to Serena’s office 18 hours earlier. Moonlight plays the interview close to the chest. Alicia all but jumps up and yells DETECTIVE LAU WAS MURDERED! YOU’RE THE SERIAL KILLER!

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: Ready player one

Hawaii Five-0
“He Moho Hou”
October 7, 2016

Retired FBI profiler Alicia Brown wakes up in a pool of blood – but it’s not hers. She jerks upright to reveal a corpse laying in bed next to her. There’s a chess piece in the dead man’s mouth. Alicia is now part of the game.

Dead guy in your bed. Better or worse than a horse’s head?

Five-0’s next call of the morning is to the Akamu residence. The camera pulls back as McG, Caano, and Grover walk to the backyard, and we see the giant honking hole in the home’s roof. Show is all about the artful reveals this episode. The homeowner is dead on the ground with a hole in his chest.

Grover directs their attention to the house. He says a second body – or what’s left of it – is upstairs. Cause of death for DEA Special Agent Frank Evers is blunt force trauma from 10,000 feet. Sadly, the ground did not want to be friends with him.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: From Hawaii, with Love

Hawaii Five-0
“No Ke Ali’i Wahine A Me Ka ‘Aina”
September 30, 2016

Jin starts his morning by braiding little Sarah’s hair and assploding every ovary in a 10 mile radius. She turns her giant doe eyes on him and quietly asks why she has to go live with someone else. She wants to live with him. All of the feels. And, scene.

Moonlight and Caano are at the home of Alicia Brown, retired FBI behavioral analyst and profiler. The Serial Killing Serial Killer was in McG’s home. IT’S PERSONAL NOW. He thinks the chess piece is a taunt, but Alicia disagrees. The piece left behind was a knight, not a pawn like the others. She thinks S2K2 admires McG and sees him as a potentially powerful and dangerous adversary. So Moonlight’s got that going for him.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’: Donor’s remorse

Hawaii Five-0
“Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani”
September 23, 2016

Moonlight wheels himself into Tripler Army Medical Center’s quiet, candle lit chapel.  He contemplates how much closer he came to dying this time than all the other times before.  He hears a noise and realizes he’s not alone.  The camera slowly pushes in on the man seated in the pew.

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