It Was, In Fact, The Most Dramatic Elimination In Bachelor History.

OK, but this face:


Now that The Bachelorette has premiered, ABC has announced that, as predicted, Chris Harrison is out as the host of all of the Bachelor franchises, forever and ever, amen. And apparently, it truly was the MOST DRAMATIC ELIMINATION IN BACHELOR HISTORY: Harrison didn’t want to go, but ABC was dragging their heels in negotiating with him. So Harrison hired Bryan Freedman, a powerful entertainment attorney who represented both Megan Kelly and Gabrielle Union in their much-publicized departures, and reports are he was paid handsomely to just go away already.

According to Variety‘s sources, Harrison and his team threatened to launch a lawsuit that would dredge up a slew of ugly Bachelor stories including past allegations of domestic violence against Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss. Harrison was also outraged to learn that David Spade, who has complained about cancel culture himself, has been chosen to serve as a guest host of Bachelor in Paradise. But ultimately, it sounds like ABC had made up its mind to dump Harrison and were waiting until after last night’s Bachelorette premiere to make the announcement. Honestly, I’m a little surprised by the decision — I thought there was a solid 50-50 chance they were going to bring Harrison back for The Bachelor in January.

Harrison, to his credit, kept it classy on Instagram:

As part of Netflix’s “Geeked Week,” Neil Gaiman walks around the set of The Sandman and it looks pretty cool:

Also as part of “Geeked Week,” Netflix released some Behind The Scenes footage of Vikings: Vallhalla:

And a sneak preview of Lupin:

Meanwhile, Amazon also wants to geek out with some assistance from Jensen Ackles:

Bob Odenkirk has some theories about the fate of Jimmy and Kim on Better Call Saul.

Meanwhile, Justin Theroux regrets sharing his theory about the finale of The Leftovers. (Which, honestly, is a very good, lovely theory.)

Own a Samsung TV? You can stream Peacock on it now.

America’s Got Talent is becoming a Las Vegas show at The Luxor, which … what took them so long? Also, Canada’s Got Talent is returning after being canceled 10 years ago. Alright.

Did you take my advice and watch Bo Burnham: Inside yet? (It’s so great, guys.) Well, good news, it’s being released as an album this week:

MediasTouch, a liberal political action committee, made a $184,854 TV buy” with Fox News with a commercial about January 6, which “included testimony and interviews from responding officers who described how supporters of former president Donald Trump engaged in ‘the most brutal, savage hand-to-hand combat’ and swung weapons, used chemical sprays on officers and called the respondents ‘traitors’ for fighting back.” Fox News refused to air the commercial, so Brian Williams aired it:


Drake Bell has been charged with attempted child endangerment and disseminating material harmful to children, stemming from an incident in 2017 when he was communicating inappropriately with a 15-year-old girl. Gross.

Gross human being and Girls Gone Wild creep Joe Francis was arrested for domestic violence in Mexico. According to The Sun:

The court papers stated Joe’s victim – whom The Sun has decided not to identify – claimed he tested positive for Covid the day before the altercation. On August 1, he allegedly asked her to inject him with vitamins. When she refused to get too close to him, the situation apparently escalated.

The Mexican documents, translated to English, stated: “He began to scream at her that she was an ‘evil bitch’ and he hopes she rots, and called her a ‘whore.’ She hid in the closet and, closed the door. He began to shake the door. She opened it and ran into another bedroom in fear. He told her he was kicking her out. He grabbed her right arm, turned her toward him, grabbed her by the neck, and then spit in her face. He said she doesn’t care about him, and now she’ll care because she’s infected [with Covid] as well.

”The woman then attempted to call the security team for the home when Joe allegedly intercepted. She claimed Joe ran to her, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor.

He then allegedly stepped on her head, and put all of his weight on her body. The documents continued: “He then put his hands around her neck and spit on her face again, and then told her to leave the house. They both got up, and he grabbed her by the hair again. He threw her on the floor and dragged her down the hallway. While he was pulling her, he was shaking her hair and making her head hit the floor.”

The victim required hospitalization and two weeks to heal, but Francis was released after she “issued her forgiveness.” 

Chrissy Teigen is dropping out of a voiceover in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever after being accused of bullying Courtney Stodden some years back.

Chris Matthews has decided a year was long enough for his cultural time out and made the talk show circuit rounds last week hawking his new book. To his credit, Matthews’ first stop was on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, The Reid Out, which is the show that replaced Matthew’s own show Hardball, and in his appearance, he admitted he left MSNBC because he “did something wrong.”

Matt Gaetz is now being investigated for obstruction of justice in this weird sex crimes case against him. He’s so toxic, even Newsmax doesn’t want him.

Disney was hit with a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit by Joel Hopkins, a current executive at ABC Signature.

Of course Christina Hendricks had to field gross questions about her bras when she was on Mad Men. Obviously.

Nathalie Emmanuel says that because she agreed to do nude scenes in Game of Thrones, others have assumed that she’s “open to do anything because I did it on that one show.” Yo, guys, just because she agreed to do nude scenes for one role that she felt required it, doesn’t mean she’s going to do every nude scene offered to her. She owes you nothing.

The creator of How I Met Your Mother has a regret or three, and wishes he could go back and recut some things. Oh really? Like what, exactly? Maybe having one character threaten to release sex tapes of another? I mean, it’s not entirely fair to judge shows and movies from the past with today’s standards, but on the other hand, I don’t know when revenge porn was ever OK?

Keira Knightly talks about institutionalized misogyny and how every woman she knows has been harassed in some way.

In Her Own Words, a new documentary about NDAs and how they are part of a system that protects abusers will feature Gretchen Carlson.

Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan are going to star as the reporters that took Harvey Weinstein down in the new movie She Said.

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke are confused by Mischa Barton’s claims that she was bullied on The O.C. and Bilson disputes Barton’s claim that she was brought on the series at the last minute, so make of all that what you will. Meanwhile, an anonymous source has turned to Page Six to claim Barton was a “nightmare” on set, pointing to the fact that she was often late on set. OK.

Ray Fry, also known as Widow Von’Du from RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been arrested for domestic violence.

Wait, KATT WILLIAMS has a thoughtful comment about cancel culture? THAT Katt Williams?

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