An original ‘Game of Thrones’ pilot script was hiding in plain sight, and wait, the White Walkers talked? But … why?

A Huffington Post reporter headed over to Texas A&M and found what he thinks might be the original pilot script for Game of Thrones — the one used to film the original pilot, 90% of which was scrapped because it was, and I quote, a “piece of shit.” So what are the big differences between the original script and what was finally given to us?

  • The White Walkers talk (but it’s in a different language, and there are no closed captions)
  • Daenerys and Drogo’s first sexual encounter was consensual
  • Jamie and Cersei’s was not
  • Cersei burns the feather that Robert left in the Stark crypt for Lyanna
  • Catelyn wanted Sansa to marry Joffrey and become queen
  • Joffrey was an asshole from the get-go
  • Jon Snow gets plastered at the feast held in Robert’s honor

Unfortunately, the entire script was not uploaded online, so it’s hard to say why this version was such a monumental disaster according to all sources. But, fortunately for those of you who live in Houston, College Station is just down the road, so if you’re curious …

HBO was at the TCAs last Friday. Here’s what we’ve learned:

The only thing that HBO will say about the Game of Thrones finale is that “the guys have done a brilliant job of ending the show in a dramatically satisfying and emotionally satisfying way … fans are going to be really really happy with how it all wraps up.” OH, WE WILL SEE. They are also still being tight-lipped about when a trailer will debut, but I’m sticking with my guess of February 24, ahead of the True Detective season finale.

The head of HBO wants to temper your Game of Thrones expectations while also teasing you with more Game of Thrones. Basically, they aren’t shutting the door on the possibility of more spinoffs, but they aren’t promising them, either.

The folks at Veep promise the series’ ending is “the right ending for America,”< which considering how stupid our country has become could either be construed as a promise or a threat, as in we get what we deserve: President Jonah. The creators also joked about doing spinoff series a la Game of Thrones, but no lie: would watch.

Big Little Lies will not have a third season. Of course, that is what they said about season two until the first season turned out to be a huge hit, so.

Confederate has been delayed because of Star Wars, not because of the huge controversy about it, don’t be silly.

Chernobyl is going to be five hours long and is described as “a horror movie, it will be a war movie, it will be a political thriller and a courtroom drama.” Fun fact: the writer and executive producer was Ted Cruz’s roommate in college and HE HAAAAAAAAATES HIM.

HBO is happy with True Detective‘s third season so far, but they aren’t rushing into season four. Good choice.

It’s unclear if season six will be Silicon Valley‘s last (but I’m guessing prolly).

Room 104, Crashing and High Maintenance haven’t been renewed officially, but it sounds like it’s just a matter of time.

Joss Whedon’s HBO sci-fi project, The Nevers, is just now getting started with writing, so it’s going to be a while before that happens.

And this wasn’t from the TCAs, but Young Man in Black probably won’t be a part of Westworld season 3.

HBO assures that while it is growing and moving to Monday nights with its original programming, it’s not going to go full Netflix.

AMC (and sister companies BBC America, IFC, Sundance, and Shudder) was also at the TCAs this weekend:


I mean, we all knew this was coming. Gurira is a badass movie star and clearly doesn’t have time running around on a zombie show that is well past its prime. But it still hurts as Michonne is one of the best — if not THE best — character on the show. ~sigh~

Interestingly, according to The Hollywood Reporter story: “Under her new deal, Gurira will return in a limited capacity — described as only a handful of episodes — that will be interspersed throughout season 10. The actress, playwright and social activist will then likely segue to the three Walking Dead movies that AMC is planning with former leading man Andrew Lincoln.” So maybe Michonne and Rick will get their happy ending after all.

Also not from the TCAs, but Chandler Riggs’ dad seems like … a lot.

Killing Eve will include another female assassin; Villanelle will continue to have a fabulous wardrobe; and the series will pick up moments after we left season one.

The creators of NOS4A2 explain how Pinocchio inspired the upcoming horror series. The creators also insist that the title is not confusing even though the main monster isn’t technically a vampire vampire. OK.

The second season of The Terror will be called The Terror: Infamy.

Here are some pictures from the upcoming season of Luther.

Shudder’s upcoming reboot of Creepshow will feature stories by the writer of NOS4A2 (who happens to be Stephen King’s kid) and from the author of Bird Box among others.

You can watch Documentary Now!‘s Wild Wild Country spoof right now:

In other TV news:

Grey’s Anatomy will become the longest-running medical drama in television history on February 28.

The Big Bang Theory‘s series finale will be a two-parter that will air on the same night.

Bob Costas lost hosting the Super Bowl because he kept speaking truth about the violence of football and the traumatic brain injury is causes. Which, of course, begs the question that if he does believe that (true thing), why he would want to be associated with the sport in any way.


This is just a very nice list of some of the most important moments in Sesame Street history.


H’oh boy, a second woman has come forward accusing Virginia Lieutenant Governor of raping her, this time in college. He again claims that this was a consensual encounter. Considering how similar her story is to Dr. Tyson’s and that she told people at the time this had happened to her, things aren’t looking great for Fairfax, and I believe strongly he should resign.

A fellow Democrat drafted articles of impeachment but backed off plans to introduce the bill this morning.

Meanwhile, blackface Governor Northam, this goddamned dummy, he went on CBS This Morning where — to Gayle King’s face — he referred to slaves as “indentured servants.” SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN THE SOUTH SHOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SLAVES AND INDENTURED SERVANTS, DAMMIT. WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY ARE ALL OF THEIR BRAINS SO BROKEN? But it seems the allegations against Fairfax — a black man — might be the thing that saves the Governor who is an idiot about race. The irony, it is as thick as shoe polish.

Speaking of blackface and dumb decisions, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Gucci sweater, but have you seen the Katy Perry’s shoe? It’s being pulled. Good lord.

A.J. Calloway has been suspended at Extra! over sexual assault allegations.

Les Moonves, this asshole is trying to come back with something called Moon Rise, a company offering “ventures that are focused on ‘“entertainment services,’ ‘film and television production’ and “’streaming services and distribution.’” Alyssa Milano, for one, is ready to shut this shit down.

Terry Crews has come forward claiming that AMI also targeted him with false stories about prostitutes.

Michelle Rodriguez is sorry for that stupid thing she said about Liam Neeson and kissing.

Michael Jackson’s family might be gearing up for a legal battle over Leaving Neverland. Or maybe they’re just trying to get the fans worked up in a lather, since a dead person can’t be libeled.

Monica Potter is the most recent person to claim Harvey Weinstein derailed her career after she rejected his advances multiple times.

Ted Sarandos claims that The Crown compensation controversy made Netflix adjust talent salaries across the board. Good. I hope so. I also hope that the salaries for non-talent are equal, too.

Gale Anne Hurd, a producer on The Walking Dead, and past victim of gender discrimination herself, supports a new gender-based rebate program that proposes that production, post-production and facilities firms offer a 10% rebate to projects that can demonstrate a gender balance.

I’m not sure that this exactly fits into this category but my blog, I do what I want: Apparently, Chris Pratt has joined Hillsong Church and is going around being preachy on talk shows, but fun fact: Hillsong is openly anti-LGBTQ. Ellen Page is NOT HAVING IT. Go on with your bad self, Ellen Page.

This is a hilarious story about a man on the Twitter who tried to mansplain to women and gynecologists and a news organization the difference between “vagina” and “vulva” — incorrectly — and then tried to mansplain mansplaining, and then tried to claim he wasn’t being rude, and what I’m saying is that it’s quite the ride. PLEASE ENJOY.



In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

There were a TON of date announcements thanks to the TCAs, so buckle in, this might take a while:

  • Knightfall will return on History on March 25.

HBO also announced a whole bunch of documentary dates:


Ron Miller, Former Disney CEO and Walt Disney’s son-in-law

Carmen Argenziano, Actor from Stargate SG-1, House, CSI: NY, among many, many others.

Cadet, Up-and-coming British rapper


Manifest: Michaela meets James Griffin. I’m sure I would know what that means if I were caught up which I most definitely am not. 9 p.m., NBC

The Bachelor: Oh, Onyeka and Nicole are FOR SURE going home in the opening minutes of this episode. 7 p.m., ABC

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood: A documentary about a former Marine who became an escort and pimp for gay stars in Hollywood. SCANDALICIOUS. 8 p.m., Starz

Studio 54: You might want to watch this if you were at Studio 54 back in the day because you FOR SURE don’t remember what happened. 9 p.m., A&E

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Adam Sandler, Stephen Merchant, Metro Boomin featuring Gunna
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Debra Messing, Henry Louis Gates Jr., the Prom
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: John Oliver, BLACKPINK
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Kelsey Grammer, Jay Baruchel, Alessia Cara
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Steve Harvey, Adam Devine, Leon Bridges
  • The Daily Show: Phoebe Robinson
  • Busy Tonight: Daniel Radcliffe
  • Conan: Nikki Glaser
  • Watch What Happens Live: Best of Vanderpump Rules
MON. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
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The Good Doctor
CBS The Neighborhood
Man with a Plan
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The Passage
NBC America’s Got Talent: The Champions


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