Have you watched ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ yet? Great! Let’s talk about it. No? Go watch ‘The Haunting of Hill House.’

Hi! How was your weekend? Did you have big plans to do the laundry and clean the house and yell at your high school senior to write his college application essays already but instead spent it gorging on Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House? Hey! Me too! Well, like me, you might now have some questions. Let’s see if we can answer them. WARNING: All of these links contain tons of spoilers. Do not click until you’ve watched all 10 episodes:

  1. Will there be a season two? Well, maybe. Netflix hasn’t renewed it yet, but the creators and actors swear that despite the series feeling like a closed book, there are “easter eggs” in the series that could provide a narrative for another season. Whether or not this would involve the same characters or a whole new set of characters is up in the air, but there are several threads they could explore, including the original Hill family, or they could go back to the source material, Shirley Jackson’s novel, to explore that plot.
  2. How did the series differ from the novel, by the way? The biggest change is that the novel is not about a family, but rather a team of paranormal investigators who stay at the house to find scientific evidence of the supernatural. The creator of the show explains here why he made the changes that he did.
  3. But since the series is loosely based on the novel, I’m not sure that references to the book count as easter eggs, or if it is just interpreting the book?
  4. And no wonder I enjoyed the series so much: it was inspired in large part by Lost. (And in a way that Manifest should have been inspired by Lost.) Also, the creator reveals a detail he almost included in one of the final scenes, but decided it would be “too cruel.”

Now that you’ve finished The Haunting of Hill House, here are 12 other horror series you can stream if you are looking for more frights. And don’t forget, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts on October 26.

As for those of you who have not yet watched The Haunting of Hill House, if you like horror — or are a Lost fan — I highly recommend it. That said, it is at times melodramatic, it doesn’t have much of a sense of humor about itself or anything else honestly, and the final episode feels a little pat. But compared to other horror series that I watch and review, this series is much more character-driven, serious and focused. It delivers both scares and emotional gut punches. Also, there are suggestions of time wonkery, and if you know me, you know I love a little time wonkery. All in all, it’s worth the investment.

The upcoming Murder House episode of American Horror Story is going to be extra long, guys. Jessica Lange needs all of scenery to chew.

This is an aggressively misleading headline. Jennifer Garner did not say that an Alias reboot is happening, she said that she “heard” that an Alias reboot was happening, but that no one has spoken to her about it.

Transparent is getting its own musical episode.

Aretha might be the subject of the next season of National Geographic’s Genius.

Yeah, Lady Liberty has plenty of things to cry about these days, but I don’t think Joe Giudice being deported is one of them, Tre.

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If you saw something on Shark Tank that you need, you can now buy it on Amazon’s Shark Tank store.

The White House is really mad at Yvette Nicole Brown for saying on The View that Melania was one of Trump’s mistresses. To be fair to Melania, it was his second wife, Marla, who was the mistress that he married.

Hey, remember when the White House got all huffy when they were asked whether or not Melania’s “I Don’t Really Care Do U?” jacket was intended to send a message and insisted that it wasn’t? Maggie Haberman does.

Hey, remember when Trump promised to write a $1 million check if Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test and it proved she had Native American ancestry? Elizabeth Warren does. (Even if Trump doesn’t.)

Here’s a gallery of a bunch of British actors that you probably don’t know who have been on Doctor Who. Alright.

Speaking of Brits, congratulations, Meghan and Harry!

Love is dead.

Oh, Antonella Barba, what are you doing, girl?

BREAKING NEWS: Man shaves.


Donald Trump when asked about mocking Dr. Ford at a rally: “We won. It doesn’t matter. We won.”


Bryan Singer is preemptively denouncing an upcoming Esquire piece about him, claiming they are all “false accusations” and seems to claim that it’s a way to attack Bohemian Rhapsody. He seems like an asshole.

The case against Harvey Weinstein — at least in the New York City courts — could be in danger thanks to a stupid cop.

Moira Donegan, the woman who created The Shitty Media Men list, is being sued for defamation in the most predictable turn of events ever.

At Variety’s Power of Women event, Natalie Portman urged women to “gossip well,” explaining: “Stop the rhetoric that a woman is crazy or difficult. If a man says to you that a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him, ‘What bad thing did you do to her?’ That’s a code word. He is trying to discredit her reputation.” AMEN.

At the same event, the wonderful Jenifer Lewis spoke for women: We, as women, do not apologize to Kavanaugh. Let that go on the record.” PREACH.



  • Lethal Weapon has been given two more episodes on Fox — with Damon Wayans.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

  • The Kominsky Method will debut on Netflix on November 16.
  • Counterpart will return on Starz on December 9.


Carol Hall, Composer


Manifest: One of the “callings” goes wrong. 9 p.m., NBC

Arrow: Oliver is in prison. Season premiere. 7 p.m., The CW

Constantine: The Legend Continues: An animated special featuring the demon hunter whose show was canceled over on NBC. 8 p.m., The CW

The Sentence: This documentary explores the story of a woman who, thanks to mandatory sentencing, was sent to prison for 15 years and the devastating effect it had on her family. 7 p.m., HBO

Late Night: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Melissa McCarthy, Phoebe Robinson The Late Late Show with James Corden: Jon Hamm, Judy Greer Jimmy Kimmel Live: Adam Sandler, Eminem The Daily Show: Amandla Stenberg Watch What Happens Live: Heather Dubrow, Anthony Atamanuik


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  1. I loved this adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House. Could not stop watching. I would be interested to see what they would do with a season 2, but part of me hopes they leave well enough alone with the story being pretty tied up.

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