‘Outlander’: Time doesn’t matter

“A. Malcolm”
October 22, 2017

“Creme de Menthe”
October 29, 2017

A fancy French lady adjusts Jamie’s tie, drapes him in a cozy woolen cloak, and sends him off to his day.

At the print shop he gives the sign outside a bit of spit and polish and has a cranky encounter with two of his “business” associates – the kind who can’t be seen coming through the front door. Jamie opens a hidden panel in the wall and pulls out two sheafs of seditious pamphlets. He warns Frick and Frack that they’ll hang if they’re caught with them.

Geordie comes to work and Jamie immediately sends him out again to get more soda ash for the press. Geordie is like NO NO THAT’S FINE I JUST GOT HERE AND COULD HAVE DONE IT ON THE WAY IN IF YOU’D MENTIONED IT LAST NIGHT BUT NO THAT’S FINE.

Geordie seems like a lot.

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‘Outlander’: Freedom & whisky

“Freedom & Whisky”
October 8, 2017


A big yellow taxi pulls to a stop, a shockingly vivid pop of color on an otherwise gray and listless street. Handsome Roger steps out of the cab. I assume his balls will be delivered by truck later, because it takes a massive pair to fly 3,000 miles and show up unannounced and unexpected on someone’s doorstep.

At Christmas.

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‘Outlander’: Of lost things

“Of Lost Things”
October 1, 2017


Claire’s timeline has caught up to the present and converged with the events from Season 2’s finale. Claire and Brianna were visiting family in England when they learned of the death of old friend Rev. Wakefield.

They traveled to Inverness where Brianna stumbled upon news accounts of Claire’s disappearance. She did the math and realized Frank couldn’t be her biological father, but rejected Claire’s story of sexy time travel.

Until Brianna witnessed another woman, Gillian Edgars, go through the stones at Craigh na Dun.

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‘Timeless’: Who’s to say

“The Murder of Jesse James”
January 23, 2018

Wyatt is at San Quinton sitting across from Wes Gilliam. The convicted double murderer eventually admits that yeah, he knows who Wyatt is and he knows who Jessica was. And if he could change things, he would, but he can’t. Neither of them can.

Wyatt says quietly, barely a whisper, “Not unless I had a time machine.”

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‘Timeless’: The final countdown

“The World’s Columbian Exposition”
January 16, 2017

He got Lucy.”

Wyatt climbs out of the Omni and marches towards Jiya’s desk. She pulls up the tracking on the Heart of Gold and says it’s jumping all over the place. Luka stopped off in present day San Francisco for an hour to drop off Lucy and then went back to 1780 New York to fix the mess that he angrily says she created. He spits that he couldn’t get anywhere near the Ritten house. So his family is still dead and Rittenhouse survived. He is vexed. VEXED!

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