‘Timeless’: The final countdown

“The World’s Columbian Exposition”
January 16, 2017

He got Lucy.”

Wyatt climbs out of the Omni and marches towards Jiya’s desk. She pulls up the tracking on the Heart of Gold and says it’s jumping all over the place. Luka stopped off in present day San Francisco for an hour to drop off Lucy and then went back to 1780 New York to fix the mess that he angrily says she created. He spits that he couldn’t get anywhere near the Ritten house. So his family is still dead and Rittenhouse survived. He is vexed. VEXED!

He wants Lucy to find John Rittenhouse in history, but she insists that there’s no record of him anywhere. Luka growls that if he can’t do it the easy way he’ll do it the hard way – one member at a time, for as long as it takes.

The next jump takes them to Illinois, May 30, 1893 and the Chicago World’s Fair. Luka points out the very first Ferris wheel, but reassures Lucy that he’s not planning to burn it down. Instead, he plans to crash a very important meeting taking place the next day, and murder Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and J.P. Morgan.

He says Lucy is going to help him. Just like it says in her journal … unless Luka was wrong about the journal. Unless he was wrong about her, and they’re not meant to be a team after all. And if that’s true, then Lucy is expendable.

Four hours for the Omni to recharge. As they wait, Holy Wayne questions Rufus about the recorder and why there isn’t anything on it. Rufus says he erased it … because if Rittenhouse heard it, they would know the Time Trio helped Luka kill their founder, so.

Holy Wayne says Rufus needs to run. As he babbles about new identities and passports and off-shore accounts, Rufus watches Wyatt pace around the Omni. He tells Holy Wayne he’s not going anywhere until they find Lucy. He joins Wyatt and gives him the bullet. He says a lot of new inventions were introduced at the fair – Cream of Wheat, Hershey’s chocolate, Aunt Jemima …

“How is that still a thing, by the way?”

… and a number of notables attended. Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller …

“Not that I think Luka’s going to ‘take out’ Helen Keller.”

The rings spin up and deliver them to the Windy City.  Wyatt soon spots one of Luka’s henchmen in the crowd loitering in Teddy Roosevelt’s general vicinity. Roosevelt is only eight years away from the presidency and Wyatt thinks he’s as likely a target as any.

Wyatt and Rufus follow henchie away from the fair and into the World’s Fair Hotel.


Luka and Lucy are having some morning refreshment. The waitress brings them two bottles of beer. She says it’s called Pabst and if just won a blue ribbon at the fair!

Henchie joins them and tells Luka that Wyatt and Rufus went right for Roosevelt, as expected. Luka muses that the term “serial killer” hadn’t even been coined yet when the hotel’s owner, H.H. Holmes was arrested. But Lucy knows all this. So the sooner she helps Luka, the sooner she can rescue her friends from Holmes’ “murder castle”.

All he needs her to do is find someone who can get into a heavily secured room without getting caught. Lucy knows just the person. She says Harry Houdini might not be famous yet, but there’s still no one better at getting in and out of tight spots.

She and Luka sit in the sparse crowd at Houdini’s show. Lucy eagerly raises her hand with the magician asks for a volunteer. She is delighted by his escaping from a locked trunk trick.

illusion trick arrested development

Wyatt and Rufus search the hotel for Lucy but soon find themselves gassed and trapped in a brick-lined, sound-proofed room. Two other victims are in the room with them, George Henry and Sophia Hayden. She warns that the room is also air-tight, so they should conserve their oxygen. Wyatt concludes that they’re in a murder hotel. George wonders who would do that.

“Serial killer?”

Lucy waits for Henry after the show and lures him into Luka’s clutches. She apologizes and explains why she had no choice. Henry blames himself for believing she was really a fan. Lucy assures him that she is. She says what he does is amazing.

She tells him she was trapped underwater once and it was the most terrifying moment of her life (which considering what’s she’s been through so far this season is saying a lot). Harry lets her in on the real trick –

“Fear isn’t real”

He says fear isn’t what’s actually happening, it’s just your reaction to it.

Dune Fear is the mind killer

So during an act Harry clears his head and thinks one single thought. “Escape.”

Lucy says there’s another trick of his that she loves, the cutpurse. Maybe he could teach it to her some time. Harry casts a quick glance to Luka and the henchie walking close behind them. He could do that.

They arrive at the meeting location and Harry quickly picks the lock to the building’s service entrance. He follows Luka in while henchie waits outside with Lucy. The door to the room itself poses a greater challenge. So Harry just shimmies his way through the air duct and unlocks the door from the inside. Ta-da!

Arrested Development final Countdown

Edison, Ford, and Morgan walk into the room while Luka is looking for a place to hide his bomb. “I guess the meeting wasn’t at 4:00 after all.” Luka falls back to Plan B, shooting them all in the face. He reaches into his coat, but his holster is empty. Harry draws down on him. Ta-da!

“It’s a sleight of hand. It’s called the cutpurse.”


Luka is also now handcuffed to a safe. Harry takes the bomb from his hand and summons the guards. With a flourish, he announces to the men that they’ve just been saved by the Great Harry Houdini. “See my show if you can.”

In the alley, he circles around behind henchie and clubs him with a pipe. Harry compliments Lucy on the cutpurse hint. He wonders how she knew he could do it. Lucy tells him he’s the best in the world in getting out of tight spots, so.

Harry wishes he could say this has all been fun, but he would be lying. Lucy stops him before he leaves. She still needs his help freeing Wyatt and Rufus. She tells him she can’t go to the police – they’ll think she’s crazy. Harry’s like, and I won’t? Lucy says crazy is part of his job, right?

SPN_Sam crazy is relative

Wyatt works on the door in the murder room. Rufus sits on the floor and notices the deep gouges in the wall by his shoulder. Evidence of past victims trying to claw their way out. The oil lamp sputters out as the oxygen grows thin. George says his heart is pounding. He asks Rufus if he’s scared.

“Yeah, it’s becoming a daily thing with me.”

George despairs of ever hearing his son’s laugh again. Sophia thinks about her father, waiting for her to come home and tell him about her big trip. She says she designed the fair’s Woman’s Pavilion. She’s an MIT-trained architect – the first woman to graduate from the program.

Rufus is surprised and delighted. He says he went to MIT, too. Sophia takes him for Robert Robinson Taylor, the first African-American student enrolled at MIT. Rufus says no, he’s the other black guy.

“There were two?”

Wyatt finally gives up on the door and the reality of their situation crashes down on Sophia. She says they’re going to die there. Her father will never know what happened to her. It will just be like she dropped off the face of the Earth. Wyatt says he knows what that feels like – the wondering and not knowing – and he’s not going to let that happen. But he needs her help.

Sophia examines the room and discovers one compromised concrete brick. She pulls a pin from her dress and Wyatt works it through the brick, creating a small hole. He shouts through the opening as Lucy and Harry are searching through the halls of the hotel.

Lucy hears his cry coming from behind a bookcase. Harry is like, really? Obvious much? Lucy slides it to the side revealing a hidden passage in the wall. Harry picks the lock and there is hugging. Yay! Hugging!

Wyatt immediately collars the creepy caretaker who’s been creeping around the hotel like a creeper. The man squeaks that he’s not Holmes, he’s Pat Quinlan. Wyatt marches Quinlan off to Holmes’ office on the third floor and tells Lucy to call the police.

The minute Wyatt is out of earshot, Lucy discovers that George is actually H.H. Holmes. When she comes to, she’s in a very small box.

Dune put your hand in the pain box.gif

She reacts as one would when trapped in a murder hotel and kidnapped by a serial killer. Holmes listen to her scream and struggle before pounding on the box and telling her to be quiet.

Lucy clears her mind and whispers a single word. Escape.

Holmes says if he’s going to burn in Hell, she’s going to burn with him. He reaches for the gas valve, but Lucy stops him. She firmly says she wouldn’t do that if she were him. She calls Holmes by his given name, Herman Mudgett.

“I’m not like the other women.”

Lucy says she knows a lot of things about Herman. She’s a psychic. He’s a spiritualist, so she knows he believes. Well, believe that she has seen his past and she knows his future. A tear slips down Lucy’s face as she calmly recounts the facts of Herman’s life. Her disembodied voice echoes in the basement abattoir. Lucy promises that if Holmes frees her, she will help him gain great wealth and power and live a long and happy life. Isn’t that what he wants?

Lucy distracts him long enough for Quinlan to lead Wyatt and Rufus to the basement. Rufus frees Lucy while Wyatt questions Holmes. Why would he pretend to be his own victim?

“Because it amuses me to watch your fear. I was born with the devil in me.

Holmes says he’ll confess to everything. Every life he’s taken and every body he’s buried. The families don’t have to live wondering what happened to their loved ones. Wyatt fact checks with Lucy. She says Holmes will lie about everything and sell his story for profit. Wyatt shoots him.

The Time Trio say their goodbyes to Sophia and Harry. He tries to persuade Lucy to join him as his assistant. He says they make a great team. Lucy tells him he’ll find a better one soon. He should keep a lookout for a Bess. They’ll go on to do amazing things together. She can’t tell him why she’s so certain of his future.

“A magician never reveals her secrets.”

Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus that, for the record, she knew they would save her. Wyatt says that technically, she saved them. so. Lucy concedes the point and says it’s not bad for a civilian. They all smile and Rufus announces they’ve got the team back. YAY TEAM TIME TRIO!

When they return, Rufus records a message to the Affable Man. He says he’ll do one job – pilot the Omni. And if Rittenhouse has a problem with that, they can just find another pilot. He reminds them that he’s all they’ve got, and snarls that they can just back the hell off. Rufus out.

He hands the recorder to Holy Wayne, who inwardly sighs. Rufus says that after what he’s seen today, he’s not scared of Rittenhouse. Before he leaves, Rufus says he’s picked a side. He suggests Holy One pick one, too.

Wyatt gets a call from an unknown number. Luka congratulates him on checking out of the Murder Hotel alive and killing America’s first serial killer. That must have felt great! And then he gets to business. Luka promised Wyatt the name of his wife’s killer and he’s a man of his word. He says that the man Wyatt is looking for is currently serving time in San Quentin for two other murders. His name is Wes Gilliam.

Luka reminds Wyatt that he can’t go back to a time when Wes already exists. No, he’s going to have to go back further and murder one or both of Wes’ parents. So what’s he going to do?

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