‘Timeless’: The last ride

Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde
December 5, 2016

MAY 22, 1934

Breadcrumbs Luka has dropped along the way point the Time Trio to a bank in Arkansas and something called the “Rittenhouse Key.”  Agent Christopher says she’s been looking into Rittenhouse and has come up with a big nothing. She asks Lucy if Luka has said anything more about it since first mentioning it during the Hindenburg.


nothing to see here please dispearse nope

As they sift through 1930’s wardrobe, Lucy bemoans the terrible first date (for her) she just had with bizarro fiancé Noah. Wyatt tells her to cut him loose. Whatever Noah was to her before – he’s not now. Let him be with who he’s meant to be with.

Meanwhile, Jiya straightens Rufus’s collar, tells him to come back in one piece, and kisses him goodbye.

The team drive into town in a freshly boosted autovoiture. Lucy supposes they’re hardened car thieves now. Wyatt thinks if people don’t want their cars borrowed, they shouldn’t leave the keys in them.

It’s all just banter for the recorder. Wyatt gives Rufus the “cut” signal and they discuss telling Christopher what they know about Rittenhouse. Wyatt argues that they’re coming to a point when they’ll need all the help they can get from someone they can trust.

Rufus says he trusts Jiya. Wyatt is like yeah you do. In her pantaloons. Lucy is delighted! Rufus and Jiya is happening? She told Wyatt it was going to happen!

Rufus keeps watch outside while Wyatt and Lucy check out the bank. Lucy is wearing a cunning salmon pink day dress and cloche hat. She twinkles at the bank manager that she’s thinking of opening an account. He asks her if she has her husband or father’s permission to do so. A shot rings out and YES! DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY! BURN IT ALL DOWN!

Burn this mother down.gif

But, no. It’s just your run of the mill stick up job being committed by noted outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. Bonnie is wearing the Rittenhouse Key on a chain around her neck.

Outside, Rufus watches as a car full of lawmen arrives. They take up ambush positions opposite the bank entrance. Luka is among them.

Bonnie and Clyde bid the frightened bank patrons a good day and leave with a satchel full of folding money. Lucy and Wyatt exit close behind them. Rufus shouts a warning just as the shooting starts. Clyde and Wyatt return fire.

SHOOTING SHOOTING SHOOTING. Lucy calls out to Bonnie.  She’s like, hey, we’re totally wanted by the cops, too. We’ve got a car across the street. Want to make a run for it?

Indeed they do. The foursome arrives at a cabin hideout and Lucy convinces Bonnie and Clyde that she and Wyatt are also bank robbers who have used the Barrow Gang’s infamy as cover for their own jobs. She says they scored 25,000 smackers off banks in Kansas City and Natchez. They would cut the other couple in, but they spent all the money. “On hooch.”

Fun alcohol.gif

When they’re alone, Lucy and Wyatt quickly discuss a plan. Wyatt is keen to snatch and grab, but Lucy suggests they gather intel first. If the key is this important to both Luka and Rittenhouse, they need to know as much as they can about it … before 9 a.m. the following morning when Bonnie and Clyde are going to be ambushed on a road in Bienville Parish, Louisiana and die in a hail of bullets.

Meanwhile, Rufus is being held at the bank for questioning after being seen with Lucy and Wyatt before the shooting started. Rufus tells the officer – respectfully – that he’d have to be out of his mind to be in a bank robbing trio with a couple of white folks. “That’s just … conspicuous, don’t you think?” No more so than dropping 25 cent words on 10 cent good ol’ boys.

Rufus wonders how much worse his day could get. And then Luka walks into the bank.

He points Rufus out to Captain Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger in charge of the posse. Rufus shows Hamer his driver’s license. His name is Wesley Snipes and this is all a mistake. Luka insists it’s a fake, but Hamer is like whaaat? It’s got a stamp and everything. You can’t forge that! Luka asks Hamer to look the other way – just give him three minutes alone with Rufus – but that’s not how this Ranger rolls.

Barrow gang member Henry Methvin confirms that Rufus isn’t part of their group. Hamer reminds Henry of their agreement – Bonnie and Clyde in exchange for clemency in the murder of two highway patrolmen in Grapevine, Texas. Methvin gives up the location of the hideout. Hamer tells Rufus he’s free to go.

At the hideout, Bonnie notices Lucy noticing the key around her neck. She gushes and giggles that Clyde stole it for her when they got engaged. Stole it from Henry Ford himself! Clyde notes that she’s still married to another man, so an engagement ring didn’t seem to make much sense. Bonnie asks Lucy how Wyatt proposed to her. Lucy is like, what in the who now? OH, YOU MEAN THIS GIANT HONKING RING I’M WEARING FROM MY BIZARRO FIANCE.

Lucy hesitates, trying to come up with a story on the spot, but Wyatt cuts in. He tells Bonnie and Clyde about an oak at sunset on a hill in west Texas. He says he kissed her for the first time under that tree. He was holding the box upside down and the ring fell into the grass. Wyatt couldn’t find it anywhere. He says she finally got down on a knee with him and just said, “Yes.” And then Jessica gave him a kiss that Wyatt says he will never forget.

Silence settles over the two couples. And then Wyatt reaches out and pulls Lucy into a kiss.


Lucy pulls Wyatt aside later after getting a look at the key. She tells him it’s inscribed in Latin and reads, “The key to the beginning of all time, and the key to the end of all time.” Wyatt thinks that’s not disturbing at all.

Later still. “I thought you said they’d pass out.” Lucy and Wyatt lay in bed together, ramrod straight, staring at the ceiling. Bonnie and Clyde giggle and tussle on the other side of the thin curtain that separates the two beds.

Lucy wonders about meant to bes and only ones. Wyatt teases that she’s all about fate and destiny except when it comes to love. She says she’s seen chemistry and attraction, but never the lightning bolt from the heavens.

Wyatt whispers that he’s seen it. it happened to him.

Lucy says if you lose your only one, it doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life without anyone else. “You … we … anyone … has to be open to possibilities.” They share a look fraught with meaning and possibility …

And then Clyde starts to snore.

They quickly dress and Wyatt is about the lift the key from Bonnie’s neck when there’s a pounding at the door. It’s Methvin. Rufus follows him to the hideout and the Time Trio soon find themselves on the wrong side of the Barrow Gang’s guns. Rufus fingers Methvin as a turncoat – and has the conversation with Hamer on his digital recorder as proof. Clyde shoot Henry as the posse closes in.

Wyatt turns the tables and says they just want the necklace. Bonnie says over her dead body. The posse opens fire.

Bonnie and Clyde take off out the back. Hamer shoots Clyde while Luka grabs Bonnie and snatches the key from her. She crouches down next to Clyde’s body and points his gun at Hamer. The Time Trio hear the shot and we see Bonnie crumpled next to Clyde.

Some day they’ll go down together
And they’ll bury them side by side
To few it’ll be grief, to the law a relief
But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

Back at the hangar, Wyatt chalks their failure up to being outgunned. He says they were lucky to get out alive. Later in the wardrobe room he’s like, soooo.  That kiss. Lucy is like, yup, you were in the moment, playing a role. And then they’re both all weird and awkward with the unresolved sexual tension.

Luka is in a museum after hours. He manipulates the dials on a mantel clock and inserts Bonnie’s key. The clock whirs to life. The lid raises to reveal the gears of its inner workings. A sealed scroll is nestled inside. He breaks the seal and appears troubled by the contents of the letter. Dun-DUN!

Rufus is just trying to enjoy his sashimi when Agent Christopher slides into the booth opposite him. She has questions about Holy Wayne, specifically where he might have gotten 2.5 billion in funding after declaring bankruptcy. And then she shows him a surveillance photo of Benjamin Cahill – Lucy’s father, the Affable Man. Was it his money?

Christopher tells Rufus that before she was a government agent she was just a cop. And at heart, she still is. It’s how she knows Rufus is a good guy, and that Holy Wayne is hiding something. She pleads with him to trust her. She says she’s just trying to do the right thing. Rufus tells her a man named Hamer said the exact same thing to him today. Christopher holds up the photo of Cahill again and Rufus tells her to stop.

Rufus leans across the table. He warns Christopher that if there is anyone in this world that she loves, she will stop. He begs her, please. Christopher tells him to let her worry about her own. She didn’t take this job because she’s afraid. Rufus considers and then says he’ll tell her everything. Not about Holy Wayne – about Rittenhouse.

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