Let’s listen to that song from ‘This is Us’ and cry all over again.

I still can’t quite get over that gorgeous soul song from this week’s devastating episode of This is Us. According to the songwriter, the only instruction he was given by the show runners was that it should be a Motown tune and ‘Just write the greatest song of all time.’ Not enough wonderful things can be said about Brian Tyree Henry — otherwise known as Paper Boi on Atlanta and who is a goddamn bona fide star — and his performance on this song. You can download both versions (the one performed by Henry, and the one played over the credits) here.

Let’s not overlook the performance by young William, Jermel Nakia, who beautifully captured the soul of old William, played by the wonderful Ron Cephas Jones.

“The first thing that I said was, ‘I’m so happy that you’re you, so that I can be you.’ And we laughed a little bit and had a light tears situation because we both knew the impact of what this role would be, or believed it would be.”


April is shaping up to be a busy month for quality television: Fargo’s third season is set to debut on April 19th. If you haven’t watched Fargo’s second season, do yourself a favor and get on it.

The Oscars are on Sunday, and if you want to stream the ceremony, I hope you have a cable subscription.

Speaking of the Oscars, don’t let anyone tell you different: Letterman was one of the best hosts of all time, and that is a hill I am willing to die on.


Louis C.K. will have two stand-up specials on Netflix.

And they’re talking about making a Suits spinoff starring Gina Torres and her side eye.

Here are some Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes you should watch to refresh your memory on just how funny it was.

Ian McShane says that Game of Thrones fans “should get out a little more.” I WILL DO NO SUCH THING, SIR.

Hey! Congratulations, Amber Tamblyn and David Cross!

Ugh, let’s talk about politics and TV.

Sean Spicer claims that Trump will not be watching the Oscars this weekend looking for a “Meryl Streep moment.” LOL SURE OK

Hmmmm … where has Kellyanne been lately? She claims that she has been “being a mom” and house hunting. LOL SURE OK

The Trump Administration wants to defund PBS of the whopping $446 million it receives from the federal government. Nevermind the fact that Trump’s weekends to Mar-a-Lago cost of $3 million a pop, defending Trump Tower is costing somewhere around $1 million A DAY and that we are paying for secret service for the Trump boys to do business around the world. Just nevermind those facts. ANYWAY, here’s what defunding PBS would mean and look like.

Trump also recently pulled back transgender protections — which is just a super cool, super important thing to do — and people aren’t happy about it, including Jackie Evancho, inauguration performer whose sister happens to be transgender. DAMMIT, WE TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, JACKIE.

Oh, lordt, that flaming asshole James O’Keefe is has released tapes “exposing CNN” at CPAC.


The times we live in: Jason Alexander recently found himself in a twitter fight with people about General McMaster and Seinfeld.

Late night takes

Seth Meyers has some choice words for Trump’s immigration policies, including how they will affect us here in Texas:

Stephen Colbert also addressed Trump’s immigration problems and that fucking nutjob Alex Jones:

Colbert also had some interesting footage from the recent town halls:

And it looks like Jimmy Fallon has learned that political humor is playing these days:


Fox just renewed Lethal Weapon and Star for second seasons which is no surprise as they are two of their biggest new hits.

Casting News

R.I.P. Alan Colmes, Fox News co-host of Hannity and Colmes.


How to Get Away With Murder: In the two-hour finale, we will learn who killed Wes, which I still kinda can’t believe actually happened, and I half-expect some sort of soap opera twist where he will turn up alive after all. Season finale. 8 p.m., ABC

The Blacklist: Red is poisoned in the season finale, on at a special time so as to introduce the spinoff, The Blacklist: Redemption, see below. 8 p.m., NBC

The Blacklist: Redemption: Hey look! It’s that Blacklist spinoff I was telling you about! Series premiere. 9 p.m., NBC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Susan Sarandon, Elijah Wood, Little Big Town, Charlie Wilson Late Night with Seth Meyers: Allison Williams, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, Paul Beatty, Andres Forero The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Aubrey Plaza, Bradley Whitford, Lupe Fiasco The Late Late Show with James Corden: Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Ryan Adams The Daily Show: Trevor finds out how President Trump’s first 100 days in office are unfolding. Watch What Happens Live: Dale Earnhardt Jr., David Duchovny

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