‘Saturday Night Live’: Alec Baldwin takes his time making fun of Trump

Saturday Night Live
Alec Baldwin & Ed Sheeran
February 12, 2017

As I’m sure you know by now, Alec Baldwin’s appearance as host of Saturday Night Live was his 17th, thereby setting a hosting record. What you might not have known is that it gave Saturday Night Live its highest ratings in six years, besting even Donald Trump’s appearance in 2015. I can’t wait to see our President’s tweet about how he got “swamped” in the ratings by the guy who impersonates him. In fact, I am going to sit here and hold my breath until that happens.


While we all wait for that tweet, let’s discuss the fact that even though one of the reasons so many people tuned in last night was to watch Trump be skewered, Saturday Night Live buried their only Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump sketch in the back end of the episode. It wasn’t a bad sketch — playing off a joke set up in the cold open that Trump would see the 9th Circuit Judges in People’s Court, the bit was as funny if not funnier than a lot of the Baldwin as Trump cold opens. So why put the one thing that everyone tuned in for so late in the episo– oh, wait. I just answered my own question.

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