Trust me, you’re going to need a Silkwood shower after reading this Rudy Giuliani lawsuit

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Here’s what you’ll be watching on NBC this fall

There is no such thing as a traditional Upfront season anymore. Last year, very briefly, it felt like the Upfronts — the events when the networks announce their upcoming fall schedules and new series — were back following the pandemic and the steady decline of network television in general. But now with a writers’ strike that could very well stretch through the summer, and potential strikes by the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild on the horizon, the networks are having to play the upcoming fall season entirely by ear. With some networks, this looks like loading up on reality content; with others, it looks like they are moving forward with their scripted material and hoping for the best.

NBC seems to be confident this writers’ strike won’t last long enough to disrupt their fall schedule as it is chock full of scripted series with the one exception of The Voice. That said, you’ll note that no premiere dates have been announced. Also, there are two new reality competitions and a docuseries that they ostensibly might be saving for the midseason that they could press into service in the fall if the strike goes on longer than they hope. One is a reimagining of Deal or No Deal, the other an as-of-yet-determined spinoff of America’s Got Talent.

NBC has only added three new scripted series to their fall schedule, two safe procedural dramas, and one family sitcom. But the small number of new shows is more of a comment on the decline of the profitability of network TV than anything to do with the strike.

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