In between calling the free press “the enemy of the people” again, President Xenophobic Cheeto attacked late night hosts and bragged about the TVs on Air Force One

Your president went to a rally in South Carolina yesterday to support Governor McMaster, but spent more time talking about late night hosts and his hair. He called Stephen Colbert — a native South Carolinian — a “lowlife,” and regarding Fallon with whom he’s been in the middle of a fight:

He seemed most fixated on Fallon, who recently apologized for tussling Trump’s hair in a segment that was seen by some Trump critics as too friendly.

“The guy screws up my hair, going back and forth. He was so disappointed to find out it was real, he couldn’t believe. Well, that’s one of the great things I got,” Trump said.

President Broken Brain also spent time at the rally attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings, taking credit for Olympic ticket sales and bragging about the number of TVs he has on Air Force One. He also mentioned David Lynch saying that he could turn out to be “one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted things so much,” which, of course, he also tweeted about.

I would give Donald Trump a break for the entire year if he could name one David Lynch movie. Just one.

Covering the rally was CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was screamed at by the crowds:

Although some in the crowd asked to take selfies with him after yelling at him to go home:

And all of this is empowered by the Asshole-in-Chief:

I will never stop being shocked at the President calling the free press “the enemy of the people,” y’all. It will never stop being horrifying to me. And on a morning like this one, with the Supreme Court decision that the President can discriminate against groups of people for “national security” purposes (a decision on which my husband and his firm was on the losing side), Trump’s plan to do away with due process, with children being used as hostages to get their parents to agree to self-deport, with Trump supporters feeling so emboldened that they call strangers “rapists” to their faces simply because they are Hispanic, it’s hard to not feel despondent. I don’t know, guys, I might just go back to bed.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon responded to Trump’s weekend tweet about him in his monologue with some mild jabs:

David Bossie has been suspended at Fox News for two weeks for his “cotton-picking” comment. Good.

In Other TV News

In which Nikolaj Coster-Waldau essentially suggests that Jaime isn’t done with Cersei after all while comparing his own wife to one of the worst villainesses in TV history. Boy, you’re going to be in trouble.

Game of Thrones was determined as hell to not let season 8 leak, and used everything from self-destructing scripts to earpieces to make sure it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, Coster-Waldau over here is just giving things away.

In the past two weeks, we have learned that one Bachelorette contestant was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman and one Proposal contestant was accused of facilitating the rape of a woman and Mike Fleiss’s response is “I mean, what am I supposed to do about it?” Seriously, dude, what the fuck is going on over at The Bachelor offices? Have you guys ever heard of background checks? What are y’all doing over there all day?

In more positive Bachelor news, hey, remember Kenny Pretty Boy Pitbull from last year’s Bachelorette? He’s promoting some sort of wrestling on-demand subscription here, but it sounds like he’s doing well!

Here’s your schedule of the TV shows that will be participating at San Diego Comic-Con. Prepare accordingly.

Chandler Riggs revealed who Negan killed in the fake Walking Dead scenes filmed to throw people off the scent.

Sara Gilbert is “excited” about The Conners spinoff. Because, what, she’s going to say she’s not excited about it?

This is a very long piece from The New York Times about the value of receipts in reality television. I love it.

GLOW, one of my favorite shows of 2017, is returning on Friday, hooray! Here’s a handy refresher of season one.

And just in time for the GLOW season two premiere, Reebok has made these throwback shoes available:

Kenan and Kel are going to reunite for an episode of Double Dare to give you a double dose of 90s nostalgia.

Dan Harmon gave everyone a heart attack on Twitter yesterday when he cryptically tweeted out “sorry about everything bye for a long time I love you” YEAH, NOT COOL, DAN, NOT AFTER KATE SPADE AND ANTHONY BOURDAIN, DUDE. He deleted the tweet and replaced it:

This maybe taking a World Cup loss a little hard.

Heather Locklear, get well soon.

In Development

Casting News

  • Sam Jaeger is going to star in CBS All Access’ Tell Me a Story.
  • Tomer Capon is joining Amazon’s The Boys.

Mark Your Calendars

  • Better Call Saul returns on AMC on August 6.


Deanna Lund, Actress on Land of the Giants, Batman, One Life to Live, General Hospital among many other series

Carlos Lopez Jr., Operation Repo star


Chopped: Season premiere. 8 p.m., Food

W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro: The host of the CNN series, United Shades of America, goes back to his stand-up roots. Netflix

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Shaquille O’Neal, Jenna Dewan, Keith Urban Late Night with Seth Meyers: Nick Kroll, Stacey Abrams, Katie Stevens The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Hugh Grant, Kyrie Irving, Margaret Hoover The Daily Show: Bill Clinton, James Patterson The Opposition with Jordan Klepper: Lauren Duca Watch What Happens Live: Rachel Zoe, Conrad Empson

TUES. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC The Middle
The Middle
The Last Defense
48 Hours: NCIS
CW The Flash
The 100
FOX Beat Shazam
Love Connection
NBC America’s Got Talent
World of Dance

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  1. “The guy screws up my hair, going back and forth. He was so disappointed to find out it was real, he couldn’t believe. Well, that’s one of the great things I got”

    Yeah, Rogaine is great stuff.

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