Damon Lindelof revealed ‘The Watchmen’ won’t be an adaptation of ‘The Watchmen,’ and I, for one, am ON BOARD

Hoo boy. So, Damon Lindelof who has been working on the TV adaptation of The Watchmen just threw everyone a HUGE fucking curveball on Instagram yesterday, announcing that the planned HBO series is not going to be an adaptation of the original comics, nor a sequel, but a new story set in the Watchmen universe taking place in contemporary times. The five-page letter explaining his intentions is deeply personal and absolutely amazing and worth your time to read:

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Day 140.

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Let’s be REAL CLEAR, I am a Lindelof apologist. I think that The Leftovers is one of the best shows of the decade and still believe that the Lost finale worked. (By the way, happy anniversary of the finale, guys.) So when I say that I’m convinced he can pull this off, it probably doesn’t actually mean a whole lot since I drank the Lindelof Kool-Aid 14 years ago and never looked back.

But I would also like to note that I am one of those people that he is trying to convince: in addition to being a fan of Lindelof, I am also a fan of The Watchmen — in fact, I read The Watchmen after I learned that it was such a huge influence in Lindelof’s life and by extension, Lost. And the bottom line is I quite agree with him that we do not need another adaptation of the original graphic novel — the Zack Snyder film ruined it perfectly well on its own and does not need to be replicated — and that the themes of The Watchmen are very relevant to the times we are currently living in. I can’t wait to see how Lindelof explores all of this craziness that we are living in through the prism of The Watchmen.

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Others, understandably, are more skeptical.


Speaking of our dystopian times, at the annual Deadline Club Awards dinner, Leslie Stahl told this charming story about talking with Donald Trump at Trump Tower before he was the Liar-in-Chief:

“I met with him in Trump Tower and he really is the same off camera that he is on camera, exactly the same, at one point he started to attack the press,” said Stahl. “He’s attacking the press, there were no cameras, there was nothing going on and I say, ‘You know that is getting tired. Why are you doing this? You’re doing it over and over it’s boring.’”

“He said, ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you,’” Stahl said. “He said that. So put that in your head for a minute.”

First of all, NO SHIT. No fucking shit, y’all. He has been doing this right in front of our goddamned eyes FOR YEARS NOW. Second, to all the people who are mad at Stahl for only now coming forward with this story instead of ahead of the election: do you honestly think it would have made any difference? His supporters are right now screaming that this whole story is FAKE NEWS. Third, I guess the one bright side is that for those of us who have been wondering, we now know the answer to the question of whether or not he is aware of what he is doing and the damage it creates. He is.

He is, and he attacks the media for the exact same reason he is attacking the Justice Department right this very second: because truth and justice are the only powers that can keep him contained. And he knows to maintain control he must undermine and destroy the institutions that would hold him accountable. It’s terrifying and alarming but the only thing that surprises me at all about this story are how many people seem to be shocked and surprised by it. THIS IS WHO HE IS, Y’ALL. THIS IS WHAT HE HAS BEEN DOING THE ENTIRE TIME. ARE YOU AWAKE YET? BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS SCARY.

But sure, Bill O’Reilly, let’s call the press the real enemy, you are absolutely on the right side of this:

For the sake of complete disclosure, O’Reilly was apparently talking about the North Korea issue here. Nevertheless, attacking the press as the enemy of the people is not only shitty and un-American, it’s downright dangerous.

And irony of ironies: Trump’s defense against Summer Zervos, the former Apprentice contestant who is suing him? She’s a liar.

In Other TV News

Emilia Clarke told Vanity Fair that Daenerys’ final moments on Game of Thrones: “It fucked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is…” WHAT DOES THAT MEEEEEEEEEEEAN?


Julia Louis-Dreyfus will receive the Mark Twain Prize for Humor because she is a comedy goddess.

The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the diversity on TV and behind the scenes, and while it is notable that CBS has increased their diversity significantly, the most notable thing to me is how much ABC has reversed their diversity trend. Meanwhile, everyone sucks at hiring diverse showrunners. Guh.

Here are the new series that critics want to see succeed. (Very predictably, Abby’s and In the Dark are the leading contenders because they are exactly the kind of shows that critics love, and gain a cult audience and everyone else ignores.)

Oh my God, Bachelor in Paradise viewers (and I know y’all are out there, don’t lie): Ashley I. and Jared are finally dating.

Even my cold black heart is warmed by Caleb and Maddie.

The Voice has a winner and The Middle said goodbye.

The showrunner for Roseanne talks about what he hopes to do in season two, and, yeah, I just don’t see George Clooney swinging by. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one, Bruce.

The Parents Television Council is coming for 13 Reasons Why. Took them long enough.

Holly Marie Combs is still mad the Charmed reboot isn’t featuring the original cast.

Here is a New York Times piece in which the reporter has lunch with Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock, a transgender writer and activist with whom Murphy is working with on Pose, and it’s an interesting interview if you can get past the fact that the writer claims Nip/Tuck was Murphy’s first show WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS POPULAR WAS. HEY, MAYBE CHECK IMDB, NEW YORK TIMES.

REMINDER: Fox & Friends are a bunch of uninformed idiots.


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Casting News

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Clint Walker, Star of Cheyenne

Philip Roth, Legendary novelist

Bill Gold, Movie poster designer — this isn’t TV related, but this guy was pretty remarkable. He designed posters for everything from Casablanca to A Clockwork Orange to Dirty Harry and more.


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    1. You mean like ditching Netflix because someone with different political views than you got a contract to develop shows?

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