Late night hereby declares Trump to be unhinged

Jimmy Kimmel is impressed by Trump obstructing justice while tweeting about how he didn’t obstruct justice, and notes that Trump doesn’t know his own wife’s name:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s most recent unhinged Twitter rant, the newest Donny Trash Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting, and Trump’s insane new conspiracy theory about spies in his campaign. I’m exhausted.:

Stephen Colbert can’t stop himself from making the pee jokes. IT’S JUST RIGHT THERE:

Seth Meyers has Mueller’s timeline for the investigation:

James Corden notes that they didn’t say “I hereby demand” even at the royal wedding (which he attended):

Jimmy Fallon explains the Queen’s wedding outfit choice:

In honor of the American Idol season finale, Jimmy Kimmel staged an all-star American Idol contestant reunion, and it’s actually really sweet:

Last Week Tonight did a deep dive on the dangerous scam that rehabs are:

Finally, on Friday, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the horrible Santa Fe shooting, and the politicians who do nothing other than wait for the outrage to pass. Kimmel then begs viewers to vote for someone who will pass sensible gun laws. Listen to Jimmy, kids:

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