What are we going to have to sacrifice for a second season of ‘American Gods?’ (Because it’s not looking great.)

Starz had their day at the TCAs this weekend

There seems to be some confusion as to who will be running American Gods next season — if there is a next season, which based on the following statements seems increasingly unlikely. Trying to stave off worries about the series’ fate following the departure of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, the CEO of Starz, Chris Albrecht, had this to say about the second season: “Neil Gaiman will be taking more of a central role and moving forward into a more traditional showrunner function. And we’re looking for a partner for him who can ensure that the television part of this gets appropriate attention.”

Neil Gaiman had this to say about being a showrunner on the second season of American Gods: “Da Fuq?”

Albrecht also claimed that Fuller and Green were going to continue working on the series, as “they were not fired, nor did they quit.” Um, you guys, who is going to tell him?

But hey, while Gillian Anderson isn’t returning, Kristen Chenoweth will stick around! Maybe! There’s a chance!

Hey, at least Outlander is doing well and will stick around for many more seasons. And fans of the books will recognize the importance of the sneak preview Starz released for season four.

Sounds like the Sweetbitter panel didn’t go well, as critics basically accused it of glamorizing sexual harassment.

Starz’s new Latino drama, Vida, will be tackling Latino-on-Latino gentrification, which: who knew?

Starz canceled Survivor’s Remorse because. Just … because.

Hulu TCA News

The Handmaid’s Tale showrunner admits that the influence of Trump and #MeToo cannot be avoided. Also, the second season will expand the original universe and explore the colonies, and the origins os Gilead.

Hulu landed all 300+ episodes of ER, George Clooney’s Catch-22 series, the second National Treasure and a sequel to March of the Penguins.

Hulu will stream the final season of Casual all at once, Netflix-style. (PSST, GUYS, DO THAT WITH ALL OF YOUR SERIES, COME ON.)

New apocalyptic series Hard Sun was inspired by David Bowie’s song “Five Years,” which is about an Earth that is destined to be destroyed in five years. They are hoping to have five seasons. As for why apocalypses are so big right now, creator Neil Cross has a theory: “I think all apocalyptic dramas are essentially reassuring, they’re not really about destruction. We always assume that we’re the ones who survive and these stories are more transformational than destructive. They afford us an opportunity to imagine ourselves stripped of the day-to-day responsibilities; they allow us to imagine our essential selves, that in facing this enormity we will find ourselves brave and able. We’re Rick, we’re not the zombies.”

Jeff Daniels and author Lawrence Wright spoke about The Looming Tower and the counter-terrorist agent whose job had been to take out Osama Bin Laden who, ironically, became the head of security at the World Trade Center and died in 9/11.

AMC TCA news

The Walking Dead has replaced their showrunner. The new showrunner, Angela Kang, has been a writer who has written some of the biggest episodes of the series, including the most recent mid-season finale. Scott Gimple is being promoted and will oversee the entire Walking Dead universe. Also, AMC is always looking for it’s next Walking Dead. YOU DON’T SAY.

McMafia is going to be your new crime story obsession And bonus! The Russians hate it, which is even more reason to watch.

The Terror was not actually filmed in the Northern Passage because that would be insane.

National Geographic at the TCAs

The creators of Genius hope to find a female subject for season three. My dudes, just do it. Also, I’m sure he’s good in it, but Antonio Banderas looks nothing like Picasso.

Darren Aronofsky basically admitted that his new nature series, One Strange Rock, is basically for stoners.

Phil Keoghan is taking over hosting duties on Explorer.

In other TV News

Also at the TCAs:

Rise is already on the defensive for turning a gay character straight, and it hasn’t debuted yet. As one friend posted on social media, “doesn’t this just make it Glee?” FAIR QUESTION.

Reminder: Shameless is actually based on a British series. Here’s how the two shows have diverged.

Some TV history 101: reality television actually began on PBS in 1973.

If you are a Harry Potter fan in Atlanta, Boston, and Denver, you’re in luck.

Viacom and CBS want to merge, after having split up a decade ago. OK.

It’s hard out there for a syndicated daytime TV show.

Stop asking Arya to put you on her list. Also, Maise Williams promises the end of Game of Thrones “is gonna surprise people, but it’s just different to what you think it’s gonna be.” Huh.

Look, as much as I love Game of Thrones, I can barely stand the cold Texas is being hit with right now, ain’t no way I’m staying here.

Daniel Day-Lewis loves Naked and Afraid, and, you know, why not.

It has been a rough few days for network censors.

Nicole Wallace is not fucking around.

Stranger Things‘ David Harbour continues to be awesome.

Another day, another disappointing man

Oh, Aziz. In a lengthy piece, a woman accused Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct on a date and ignoring cues that she was uncomfortable. This is a very messy situation that sounds like it came down to some unfortunate miscommunication, as the woman did admit to consenting to some acts — but under pressure. But I think a good rule of thumb for men to start thinking about doing is that if a woman does not appear to be enjoying herself when she is with you, maybe you should stop what you are doing and ask her if she’s comfortable. It just doesn’t seem that hard to have some basic emotional awareness and empathy.

Eliza Dushku has accused the stunt coordinator on True Lies of sexual assault when she was 12 years old. Even more horribly, after an adult she confided in confronted him, her ribs were broken in a “stunt that went wrong.” Also, people close to Dukshu at the time claim that they protested to people in charge and nothing was done. Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a post admitting that she has known about this for years, and demands better protections for young actors and actresses.

Unlike Ansari, this guy is denying everything.  James Cameron said all the right things when asked about it at the TCAs, but then went and spoiled it by saying, “Had I known about it, there would have been no mercy. Now especially that  I have daughters there would really have been no mercy.” Why does it always have to be about your daughters? WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE EMPATHY FOR WOMEN WITHOUT HAVING A DAUGHTER? Grrrrrr…

Chris Matthews made a joke about bringing a “Bill Cosby pill” to an interview with Hillary Clinton and now he’s very very sorry. Reminder: just last month news broke that MSNBC paid off a former employee who accused him of sexual harassment.

Robert Knepper is not returning to iZombie. Good.

TLC host Carter Oosterhouse has been accused of sexual harassment by a makeup artist, but TLC is standing by him.

Rebecca Hall is donating her salary from a Woody Allen movie I’ve never heard of to Time’s Up.

Katie Couric says that gropey, rapey Matt Lauer isn’t “the Matt we knew.” And that she felt “borderline bullied” into making a statement about him. Girl, come the fuck on.

Lifetime’s showrunners are all female, and they have some thoughts on this issue: “We have been thinking before we speak for a really long f–ing time, so maybe it’s your turn?”




In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

Hulu premiere dates:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale will return on April 25.
  • Casual’s final season will debut on July 31.

Starz premiere dates:

  • Howard’s End will premiere on April 8.
  • Vida will premiere on May 6.
  • Sweetbitter will premiere on May 6.

AMC premiere dates:

  • Fear the Walking Dead will return on April 15.
  • Into the Badlands returns April 22.
  • McMafia premieres on March 26.
  • AMC’s Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction debuts on April 30.

Sundance premiere dates:

  • Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders will debut on January 18.
  • Baroness Von Sketch Show premieres on January 25.
  • The System with Joe Berlinger debuts on February 8.
  • This Close debuts on February 14.
  • Kim Kong premieres March 8.
  • Liberation Day debuts March 8.
  • Innocent will debut in Winter 2018.

A&E premiere dates:

  • Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 will debut on March 29.
  • Grace vs. Abrams will debut on March 29.

National Geographic premiere dates:

  • Chain of Command will debut on January 15.
  • Jane will premiere on March 12.
  • One Strange Rock will premiere on March 26.
  • America Inside and Out with Katie Couric will debut on April 11.

Nat Geo Wild premiere dates:

  • The Incredible Dr. Pol will return on March 10.
  • Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue will return on March 10.
  • The Supervet will premiere on March 11.
  • Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER will debut on March 18.
  • Buckeye Bottoms will debut on April 7.
  • Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet will premiere in April.
  • Zoo Life will premiere in June.
  • Symphony for our World will air on April 22.



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  1. I’ve watched the first handful episodes of Rise and it’s so much more compelling than Glee. Radnor is earnest and sincere and great in the lead role (And I hated Ted Mosby on HIMYM and so he had to sell me). They have two LGBT storylines simmering and the backdrop student production in show is filled with topical conversations to be had. All wrapped up in Jason Katims’ sensibility that FNL had, I think Rise is a show to keep an eye on this Spring.

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