The World Series — which is going to kill me — is claiming TV victims, too

In an effort to kill me via anxiety attack, the Astros lost Game 6 last night, sending the World Series to Game 7. And even CBS’s typically bulletproof programming knows better than to go up against what has been the most amazing World Series in recent memory — maybe ever. So don’t be looking for new episodes of Criminal Minds and SEAL Team tonight. They’re sitting this one out.


Here’s another round-up of celebrity Halloween costumes, but my favorite is Neil Patrick Harris’ family’s American Horror Story tribute:

Wondering what happened to Matthew Modine’s character Dr. Brenner on Stranger Things? Spoilery, you’ve been warned.

More information about that Twin Peaks novel has come out: 1. it helps explain the series finale, and 2. it drags Trump into it. That Trump story makes as much sense as anything, guys.

LOL: Fox News employees hate their jobs.

A set decorator on Days of Our Lives is suing the show for dropping 400 pounds of lights on her head.

Surprising no one, Judge Judy remains the most popular of your teevee judges.

Black writers make up only 4.8% of TV writers’ rooms, and most of those who are in the business tend to be on Black-helmed shows.  That’s not good, y’all.

Meanwhile, in Peru, the contestants in the Miss Peru pageants are badasses to the nth degree. Typically in their introductions, they are supposed to give their name, the area they represent and their measurements. THEIR MEASUREMENTS. I KNOW. However, this year, instead of their measurements, the contestants recited statistics on gender crime in Peru. BRAVO, LADIES. THIS IS HOW SHIT GETS DONE.

Harass Morass

Actress Ariana Bellamar has accused Jeremy Piven of groping her on multiple occasions. Piven is denying it, CBS is looking into it, while also ordering three more scripts of Wisdom of the Crowd. They haven’t committed to producing them, though. It will be interesting to see what happens here — the show is underproducing but is not an outright failure. If more women come forward and the ratings diminish, you can expect this series to be 13 and done.

CBS has also been hit with a harassment lawsuit from an employee on Hawaii Five-0 who claims a location scout and a manager on the series had been repeatedly abusive.

A reference to Kevin Spacey was removed from last night’s episode of This Is Us. Apparently, it was going to be in a flashback from when Kevin was a young actor, and his roommate was cast in a Spacey movie. The roommate then invites Kevin to a party at Kevin Spacey’s house.

jim the office wow disappointed

The Old Vic, Kevin Spacey’s theater in London, has set up a confidential tip line for people to report inappropriate behavior. And Spacey’s videos have been removed from MasterClass. Meanwhile, the creator of the original House of Cards is “heartbroken” over the show’s cancellation.

Six women have come forward to accuse director Brett Ratner of sexually assaulting and harassing them, including Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, Jaime Ray Newman who have horrific stories about his behavior. Warner Brothers is now investigating.

OH JESUS, NOW DUSTIN HOFFMAN? I am not surprised by Brett Ratner and Jeremy Piven but DUSTIN HOFFMAN? Come ON.

NPR’s Senior Vice President of News/Editorial Director Michael Oreskes has been put on leave in the wake of allegations against him.

Caterina Scorsone is the latest woman to accuse James Toback of harassment. She’s one of more than 300 women.

Beverly Hills cops are now investigating Harvey Weinstein and James Toback, while Alec Baldwin is furiously trying to distance himself from the latter. OK, Baldwin.

Meanwhile, Sinclair Broadcasting is claiming they will not be the ones to put that rapey turd Bill O’Reilly back on the air, thankyouverymuch.

A group of showrunners discussed the harassment issue:

Kenya Barris: “”It doesn’t help that we have a president who came out as being in this group, and he was still elected. The idea of being a guy has to change. That’s not being a guy.”

Issa Rae: “We’re a female-heavy writers room. Every single woman has a story. And, as women, we’re so used to sweeping things under the rug. We’re used to feeling like we’re overreacting. So we’re asking, ‘Why is the onus always on us to speak out about it or feel like we have to make a statement?'”

Alan Yang:  “We need to work towards solving [harassment]. Let’s believe people who are accusing people and, honestly, we need more women in positions of power — that’s gonna help solve the issue. Even on this panel we only have one woman. Let’s get to the point where it’s half and half. That’s just one of the ways start changing. It’s the same people who have been in power — it’s been this way for so long. That’s how this stuff keeps rotting.”


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