Stephen Colbert tells the scary story of the “Fall of the House of Trumper” and the rest of the scariest of late night

On Halloween, Stephen Colbert terrifies Trump with “Mueller Night”:

The Daily Show shared its own horror story — one that we are all currently living through:

Amber Ruffins of Late Night with Seth Meyers had MANY THINGS TO SAY about John Kelly defending Robert E. Lee and claiming that the Civil War was fought because people couldn’t COMPROMISE ON SLAVERY. We are living in the stupidest of times, you guys.

James Corden comes up with a decent explanation for why John Kelly might defend Robert E. Lee, a defeated general:

Seth Meyers conducts his own press briefing with Sarah Sanders:

Jimmy Kimmel Live! was hosted by Dave Grohl who for Halloween dressed as Santa Claus dressed as Dave Letterman:

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee shared a series of short horror stories:

Finally, Stephen Colbert began last night’s episode on a somber note by addressing yesterday’s terrible terrorist attack in New York City:


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