‘Outlander’: Time doesn’t matter

“A. Malcolm”
October 22, 2017

“Creme de Menthe”
October 29, 2017

A fancy French lady adjusts Jamie’s tie, drapes him in a cozy woolen cloak, and sends him off to his day.

At the print shop he gives the sign outside a bit of spit and polish and has a cranky encounter with two of his “business” associates – the kind who can’t be seen coming through the front door. Jamie opens a hidden panel in the wall and pulls out two sheafs of seditious pamphlets. He warns Frick and Frack that they’ll hang if they’re caught with them.

Geordie comes to work and Jamie immediately sends him out again to get more soda ash for the press. Geordie is like NO NO THAT’S FINE I JUST GOT HERE AND COULD HAVE DONE IT ON THE WAY IN IF YOU’D MENTIONED IT LAST NIGHT BUT NO THAT’S FINE.

Geordie seems like a lot.

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