Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ castmember calls the show’s normalization of that fucko Trump “shameful” and he’s not wrong

Taran Killam called Trump hosting Saturday Night Live “embarrassing” and “shameful” in an interview with NPR, and he’s not wrong. Asked about Saturday Night Live becoming a voice of opposition to Trump, Killam added:

It certainly feels like there’s some hypocrisy there. I guess you could say, “Oh, they’re righting wrongs.” And I don’t even think it’s righting wrongs. I think the show tries to — and in particular, Lorne’s outlook is — play to both sides. Play to the masses, play to whatever the popular opinion is. But, boy, they could definitely mine some comedy out of owning up to it, huh?

And they could! That would have actually been the correct thing to do sometime last season, but it’s never too late to address it, Lorne.

Ryan Lizza, New Yorker writer, and CNN contributor, has had enough: “This president, on a daily basis, he just makes sh– up. He lies.’”

Meanwhile, the NFL just handed Trump an embarrassing loss, because they decided they weren’t interested in trampling on their players’ first amendment rights to placate an infantile president. Good.

Related: Tomi Lahren is an idiot.

Let’s talk more sexual harassment in the industry:

Ilana Glazer has fired dudes for sexual harassment which should not be notable but it is:

Bob Weinstein is now being accused of sexual harassment by a Mist showrunner to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE’S SURPRISE.

Don’t fuck with Cersei Lannister, Harvey.

Molly Ringwald wrote about the “Harveys” of her career in this New Yorker piece.

Writer Janis Hirsch writes about Brad Grey forcing her to quit It’s Garry Shandling’s Show after an actor — in front of Shandling and the other male writers — pulled out his penis and placed it on her shoulder. I’m so disappointed by so many men in this horrific story.

Roy Price has quit Amazon. By the way, this asshole asked if the Big Little Lies stars would “show their tits” when the miniseries was being shopped around. TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE’S SURPRISE.

Chris Savino, the creator of Nickelodeon’s The Loud House, has been suspended by the network after multiple sexual harassment complaints. Which is good, but how following Ilana Glazer’s example and just firing his ass?

And this isn’t a sexual harassment complaint, but David Cross and Charlyne Yi are embroiled in a he-said/she-said spat about race. (Sounds like someone had a little bit too much to drinky-drinky.)

In other TV news

“Why Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Went as Jon Snow to a Costume Party.” Because it’s hilarious. Next question?

Kit Harington is totally done with Game of Thrones, btw.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, and TV Guide would like you to know that if you need to catch up, season 7 is now on Netflix. As your friend, I urge you, skip season 7. You can read my recaps here and save yourself the pain.

Dave Erickson, Fear the Walking Dead‘s showrunner, is leaving the show, and on his way out, he revealed his vision for the show’s endgame. Hey, just because he’s gone doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen.

A Dennis-less season of It’s Always Sunny will never happen. COME BACK, GLENN.

Freeform is expanding original programming to four nights a week, so say goodbye to those endless Harry Potter marathons.

Oh, God, House of Cards is currently on lockdown because of an active shooter in a nearby office park. Five people have been shot, three have died, enough of this madness.

Netflix news:

Netflix is going to release 80 new movies next year. 80! That’s a new movie every 4.5 days which might be too many movies. Dustin Rowles tries to argue that it’s a trap for viewers, but WE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR OWN DESTINIES, DUSTIN.

Netflix has also revealed a few ratings numbers. Kinda. They revealed the 20 series that people binged within 24 hours of being released, and let’s just say they are going to do whatever they can for another season of Gilmore Girls.

On the one hand, Netflix helped people discover Riverdale. On the other hand, now people think Riverdale is a Netflix show. Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away.

Netflix has a real Punisher problem on its hands. Will there ever be a good time for Netflix to release a series about a mass shooter who is a “hero”?


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