Apparently, we’re not done with this Jemele Hill story yet, and neither is our Tweeter-in-Chief

H’oh boy. ESPN’s Jemele Hill tweeted the following on Sunday in response to Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’ announcement that he would bench players who didn’t stand during the National Anthem:

In response, ESPN benched her for two weeks. Jemele Hill’s co-anchor, Michael Smith, sat out last night’s broadcast in solidarity, but will be back tonight.

And of course our Culture Warrior-in-Chief couldn’t let this go, trolling Hill this morning with this tweet:

So, just so we get this straight: when Trump tells people to boycott the NFL, all good, man. When Jemele Hill urges people to boycott the NFL, she should be punished, maybe lose her job. 

the offie eyeroll

Look, ESPN has the right to discipline their employees however they see fit. And it’s not surprising in the least that after the earlier controversy they would take action against Hill for wading into these political waters — particularly as they impact specific NFL teams. But, again, it’s at the very least alarming, at worst possibly illegal for the President of the United States to be advocating for the firing of a private citizen for expressing her political beliefs. Whether or not you agree with Hill or think that ESPN’s decision, you should still be alarmed by Trump’s behavior.

Meanwhile, Trump also tweeted the following this morning:

  1. The NFL stopped being a tax-exempt non-profit in 2015. However, the NFL, like many other sports leagues, often takes advantage of tax-free municipal bonds to build their stadiums, costing the government billions of dollars in lost taxes. These sorts of deals have proven to not boost the local economies in any significant measure, and it means citizens of Nebraska are paying for stadiums in Los Angeles — and non-fans like myself are paying for billionaires to own teams.
  2. ~squints at tweet, makes an edit~
    trump tweet nfl tax
    Oh my God, Trump has finally tweeted something I don’t entirely disagree with. I need to go lie down.

In Other TV News

Harvey Weinstein’s name is going to be scrubbed from all The Weinstein Company’s TV series from here on out, starting with this week’s Project Runway. OK.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has lost its showrunner and head writer, Jo Miller, but no one seems to know why.

Here are people on Game of Thrones whining about how hard it was to make one zombie. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is laughing its ass off right about now.

They also talk a bit about the death of Littlefinger in this clip:

The chaos inside Trump’s administration had ramifications for last Sunday’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Amazon’s new anthology series whose trailer I posted here, is threatening to adapt the same short stories multiple times. This will either be very cool or a mastabatory exercise for the creators.

Looks like we have to wait until July for Cinemax’s supremely creepy series Outcast to return.

Oh, Nene, no.


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